Friday, December 02, 2011

favorite cars?

As all of you know, i'm a car lover myself.. i only love a few cars up to date and it so happens that it's ALL Japanese! :-

1) Nissan Skyline R34
2) Nissan GTR-35
3) Nissan Fairlady Z
4) Subaru Impreza WRX

My 1st love would always be the one and only Nissan Skyline R34.. i still remember when i first saw and heard the R34.. it sounded AMAZING.. it was my mum's neighbour friend who drove it..

Then i was lucky enough to meet and to drive 'JHM 35'.. it's a MONSTER car to me.. had so much memories of it and i intend to keep it with me forever.. it's NOT just a car, okay? =.=

After installing a Tomei 2.8 kit, HKS Turbos, Tein Absorbers and a Nismo manifold :-

I miss the car tremendously T_T

Then again i was lucky that 'someone' got me my dream car.. and yes, i am STILL driving it

Okay, besides the R34 i love the Subaru Impreza WRX as well.. why?  isn't it obvious? the boxer engine @ flat engine sound!

Almost a year ago, i met a Subaru Impreza WRX.. love love love the car but it would be better IF it's single scroll with blitz exhaust! ;) haha..

Hopefully the owner won't sell the car off so soon! ~

Hmmm.. now i wonder.. when will i be able to meet my other 'love'? maybe in another 2 years?

I gotta start saving the money and work hard for it! :D


hahahaha said...

lol funny! he dumped u rite.y u still driving the car he bought? tak malu ka? lol..n NONE of the cars u mentioned r yours..lmfao