Monday, June 10, 2013

does 'it' still exist?

I heard this over the radio the other

'What does a girl really want?
To find 1 guy who would prove to her that not all guys are the same'

I started dating when i was 18.. i started late coz my mum had been trying to protect me for the longest time.. especially when i was in secondary school.. she put me in an all girl's school and restricted me from having guy friends.. i had to be back home right after school or tuition and i can't go out during weekends with friends as she knew there will be boys.. my mum warned me about boys, that they will break my heart if i am not careful.. i didn't understand that time, why would she do that? i felt like a prisoner.. no freedom and no social life.. how i envied my friends having the freedom to go out..

When i started college, i had a crush on a guy.. i confessed to him AND thank god, he didn't run away from me! hahaha.. we're still friends til this very day :D

What i am trying to say that, i've seen, heard and went through too much.. now i am doubting, is there really true love out there? is there such thing as loyalty and faithfulness anymore?

As all you know, my heart had been broken way many times before.. got married, divorced, dated again and dumped.. from my own experience, the guys i've been with.. even they were attached to me, they would still flirt.. and some, they didn't even tell me that they had a gf besides me!

Now, i could feel that i no longer can trust a guy or someone.. i don't know if i can love again.. i've started to build walls around me.. even my friend said that it is so hard to get me to let her know what i am feeling.. i don't tend to easily open up anymore.. all my emotions i just lock it up.. i tried to cry inside, not letting anyone see.. especially my mum.. i feel that no one could understand me and what can they do? how are they gonna help me? will they judge me? criticise me? backstabbing behind my back and tell other people about my story, adding some 'spice' to it?

Recently i've came across so many stories.. not only guys cheated but girls as well.. 

For instance, a married woman cheated her husband with a MARRIED man; married men having mistresses; guys with gf flirts; women having toy boys; and etc..

Do love, loyalty and faithfulness still EXIST out there?

Friday, June 07, 2013


I was SUPER excited when Victoria Secret landed in Malaysia.. BUT to my disappointment, they don't sell BRA! argh!!

Anyways, i absolutely love their lacey panties and yes.. now you know i wear em'! :P

My ex SIL loves Victoria Secret's body mist.. i bought her her first bottle and now she's wants the second bottle after she finished hers..

I used to buy her perfumes.. whenever i traveled to SG especially coz i get it from the duty free shop (DFS) at Scott's Rd..

So, she asked me to help her buy as there's no Victoria Secret in Penang (according to her).. i went a lil overboard :P

I know she will love the set i got her :-

The set comes with a body lotion (100ml) + body wash (100ml) + body mist (100ml) in a bright pink clutch

And i added another extra 250ml body mist..

I, myself love the clutch.. love the bright pink colour.. the SA said they don't sell it separately :((

Too bad for me...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I was NEVER a fan of exercise.. i was never ever been athletic in school.. that is why i am never in a good shape..

Russ tried to make me exercise last time.. he made me play basketball with him and jogged with him.. AND i dreaded to go each time :P

I always thought that i can go on a diet.. no fast food, no cola.. during the period when russ left me, i was in depression.. i could go on in 2 days in a row of not eating.. then i tried to work out at home.. with the aerobics programme on astro and the dumbell.. i was 55kg..

After that i slacked BIG time! now my weight is 66kg!! argh!!! yea, in 4 years i gained 11kg.. dammit!

Now i am determine to shed it.. so when i moved to my new place, i make it a habit to at least exercise alternate days OR everyday for 6 days and rest 1 day..

I am not doing some crazy cardio or something.. i am just doing some treadmill, cycling and weightlifting.. not trying to get muscle but to just tone my body up

My gym is really nice.. overlooking the swimming pool..

Some dumbells

And of course some exercise machines

When i first started, i almost died.. i was only able to burn 200cals in an hour.. which means 30mins 100cals.. now on the treadmill, i can burn 100cals in 15mins.. for me i think it is not too bad considering that i NEVER exercise..

Also yesterday i burnt 100cals in 9mins on the bike..

I know that this all doesn't sound much compare to what other people is doing.. but i think it is a good thing for me.. at least i exercise now! hahahahaha...

Now i am cutting down on my fav food.. McD's fries! it is SUPER hard.. also, when i was doign my grocery, the junk food section is a section i find it hard to just pass by.. 

Anyways, my mum said my thighs got a lil smaller now.. so i am happy :D

Saturday, June 01, 2013

the singapore shopping?

Like i said on my previous post, of course i went shopping while i was in SG.. it is now the BIG sale in SG! :D

Anyways, this is the first trip which i went to SG alone :D but exploring Orchard Rd isn't my first time.. it was nice to be able to walk Orchard Rd again and reminisce the good ol' times..

This time around, i didn't get any designer items.. yes, you heard me right :P instead i got things which aren't for me!

Example, these cute lil paper clips.. the dolphin ones is for nikie while the cat ones is for cheryl (their fav animal)

Key clip is for me! as i always have a problem finding my keys in my bag.. a few times i felt my heart skipped a beat when i couldn't find my keys.. thought i lost it.. hehe :P

Bought some things for the house too..

A scent diffuser for my bathroom.. lemongrass fragrance <3 a="" bkk="" lot..="" me="" of="" p="" reminds="">

Some cord clips as well.. to organise the electrical cords

And some fake white calla lilies..

My all time fav flower.. told my friends before that if i ever get married, i'd want a bouquet of it :D

Ok ok, back to my post...

I also bought some baby stuff for my Angeli, my ex sister in-law

Yes, she's preggie and i am sooooooo excited for her.. the baby didn't want to show his/her gender hence we all don't know what baby clothes to buy and colour.. and since i know many people would buy those normal baby essentials, so i got her items which she'd never though of! hahaha..

Okay, so far overall i spent a good trip to SG.. can't wait to go there again soon :)

*fingers crossed*