Friday, October 25, 2013

doing what you love?

Not many people is fortunate enough to love what they are doing.. especially with their job.. i hate the fact that i have to drag myself up to work everyday and brave through the horrendous traffic to get to the office..

I used to work with an event agency and after a year i decided to quit.. couldn't go through the stress of doing things last minute and working late nights.. sometimes without any sleep at all..

As my passion has always been on cars and motorsports, i am quite fortunate enough to land on my current job.. i've always HATE to do sales but this job requires me to sell also.. not much as mostly i have to PR with the car dealers and they will sell our company's product to the customers..

My current office is a car workshop! and what else is better than waking up, coming to work and get greeted in the morning by all those SUPERCARS.. plus every morning i get to hear them 'roaring'..

It is too early to tell how long i will be working here BUT coz of my passion for cars, i've never once dreaded to go to work or even to the car dealers.. which is a good sign, hahaha!

And thanks to my boss i get to 'test' drive my dream car

I fell in LOVE instantly!

So you may be wondering about my job.. well i am working at IMS Motorsports Sdn Bhd which is located in Sunway, ALMOST directly opposite to Motorsport Playground, who is own by Remus.. my boss Mr Chin came up with Wheelguard, car warranty 3 years ago..

We do mostly re-conditioned of luxury & super cars.. car owners pay a fee and we cover ALMOST everything in a car (excluded wear & tear)

Electrical System
Drive Train
Cooling System
Body Interior
Brakes System
Air Conditioner
Fuel System

Our claim is UNLIMITED and we only replace parts with OEM parts

So if anyone of you who are interested, please do not hesitate to email me at for enquiries

At the same time you can browse our website too,

Monday, October 14, 2013

eye candy?

This post will be filled with 'eye candy' pictures! be prepared to drool! ~

That's all for now! :D