Friday, January 30, 2015

me and the lady

If you've been following my blog, you should've know that i am a car girl.. i might not be the one who take part in competition or even track the Zed but i am very much interested in cars..

I've almost stop posting about my baby Zed on my blog coz of what happened to the R34.. it doesn't mean that i've sold her off :P i am still driving her everyday for... 8 years now..

Still look the same.. stock standard, no modification.. except the bodykit had more chips

I don't think i would have the heart to sell her.. she has sentimental value to me.. it's really not JUST a car

Thursday, January 29, 2015

reflecting the past year...

My first post in 2015

It's 2.23am and i am sitting in front of my lappie, unable to sleep as there's just too much things going on in my head.. reflecting back to almost a year ago since i blogged, so many things had happened.. i went through joy, laughters, heartache, tears, disappointment, love, breakup and etc.. so much pain inflicted to my fragile heart.. BUT i don't wish that all these never happened coz whatever that happened, made me who i am today..

For the past year, i've gained some new friends and lost an old friend.. i found love but lost it after 6 months.. maybe we're just not meant to be.. it really shattered my fragile heart.. for the past 1 month i lost weight and dropped a dress size.. either i wasn't eating right OR not eating at all.. friends were concerned/worried.. cried to sleep almost everyday.. but eventually i snapped out from it with the help of my friends and mum.. i was hitting the gym almost everyday, dieting and started to take care of myself.. i got my confident back and picking up the pieces.. started to plan an online business.. doing research and etc.. found someone who would be interested to be my partner..

I got involved once again in motorsports.. attending car events, car clubs gathering and organising gathering for my own Fairlady Z club.. i met new people and soon we became friends.. i am the 'that one girl that always hangs out with the boys coz its less drama'.. the boys accepted me well in their group even i don't drive the same car as them :P oh well.. perhaps coz i am a girl! the perks of being the fairer sex.. haha

Then i met 'someone' during one of the car gathering.. that someone made me smile again.. not the normal smile, but the silly smile that i thought had once long gone.. things happened very naturally and i begin having butterflies in my tummy each time we met.. as i got to know him better, i realise our path crossed many times.. fate perhaps?

Soon it will be new year, the year of goat and i will be getting older by another year.. another year, wiser me? i do hope so..

*fingers crossed*