Thursday, February 25, 2010

~ Happy Chinese New Year!! ~

I know that it's a lil too late but hey, it's still chinese new year, right? :p

Celebrating chinese new year in singapore was pretty bored as most of the shops were closed.. for a few days.. the whole of takashimaya was closed for a couple of days hence i didn't get to shop much :( BUT i got my valentine's pressie!! ;)

Speaking of valentine's day, how did you guys celebrate it?

Well obviously we were in singapore.. so on 13th feb, we went out for dinner @ billy bombers which is near to our hotel..








After dinner, we walked to the cathay and watched 'the wolfman'.. which is a LOUSY movie.. trailer was good but movie suck BIG time.. DO NOT watch it.. don't say i didn't warn ya ;)

On valentine's day itself, we went to Botak Jones (this will be the 2nd time i'm blogging about botak jones).. here are some mouth watering food pics :-







I had the cajun hotdog and my bb had the kobe (crossbred between Wagyu with Angus cattle) beef.. yummy.. as soft and tender as a tenderloin :D

We then walked across to cathay cineplex to watch 'valentine's day'.. my bb thinks the movie is too complicated as everyone is connected to everyone.. not in 1 way but a few ways.. which makes it confusing.. FOR HIM :p

Now, it's time to show you what i got this year :)

This is why i asked my bb NOT to buy me a BIG bunch of roses.. although he remembers what i said, he still bought me a stalk of rose.. awwww and it cost SGD10! =.="

AND it died!! :'(

Okay, on the happier side, i got something else other than the rose :D




At the mean time, this is my fav bag (brea pm in pomme d amour).. my bb thinks it suits me well.. i don't look old with it.. haha..


What else can i ask for more? 

My bb was with me (the most important person), we had yummy dinner, we watched movie, i got a rose and a pressie.. and oh yea, we had sex ;) *blushing*

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is my second piece of item from agatha paris.. first was a bracelet which my bb bought for me a few years ago..

Yes, it's a hair clip.. isn't it cute? :) my bb helped me to choose the color and design.. with blings or without.. hehe.. he does have good taste ;)

Anyway, as we were window shopping at mandarin gallery @ maritius mandarin hotel, sg, we came across this outlet.. i was so excited and the cute lil clip doggies caught my eye..

For those who wants to know how much it is, well...

It's SGD46 - 10% discount + 7% GST = SGD41.40

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

surprise surprise!

I got myself a NEW blog template :D

Red is my new fav color now.. just like our home :) plus it's CNY now ;)


ps: what do you think about it? :p

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

any difference?

Monday, February 08, 2010

mac vs pc?

Can you spot how many laptops are there in the picture below?

Yes.. 5 laptops.. the most laptops that's ever been on the dining table.. haha

3 macs, 2 PCs and 1 wireless


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

nissan skyline GTR?

As we were driving along the damansara highway, we came across this :-

The skyline G35 has become a skyline GTR.. haha..