Friday, October 29, 2010

~ thank you ~

All this while, i thought my life is a bed of roses.. but that's what i thought.. it wasn't.. i've been through ups and downs.. it does help me to grow up..

Anyway, i've been at the lowest point in my life a couple of months back.. i was at rock bottom.. BUT thanks to my supportive friends, they brought me up back to my feet once again..

Although some of them might NOT be here for me, but they will call me every now and then to check on me.. some would email me as well.. AND one particular friend of mine would take me out whenever he's free..

I do appreciate what he's doing for me.. took me out for lunch, dinner, play pool, movie, shopping and etc.. it really took my mind off on some certain things.. he never fails to put a smile to my face and makes me laugh.. plus he gives me very good advice, made me see things in a different perspective and was there when i needed a shoulder to cry on..

He made me realize that things aren't that bad.. eventually one day, someone out there will appreciate me and not take me for granted.. someone who will be contented with me, not find fault with me and accept who i truly am..

I am truly blessed for having friends like them.. thank you so much.. you know who you are ;)

kings & queen of comedy asia?

On 23rd oct, i traded the booze at Hennesy Artistry for some laughters at plenary hall, KLCC.. and i'm not regretting it! HA happen every year but this, it doesn't..

Here's a picture of us (cas & her hubby, me, mimi & her hubby who was the photographer)

We just ❤ kumar

The plenary hall

First up was 2 guys rapping/singing

Kumar, singapore was the host of the night

Next up was douglas lim, malaysia.. he is hilarious.. especially with the 'babi' song..

Then it was vir das, india to make us literally ROFL *roll on floor laughing* with him making fun of the indians

In between the comedians, kumar came out to entertain us

After a 20mins break, hung le, vietnam came and cracked us up

Last but not least, harith iskandar, malaysia.. the KFC's colonel sanders

The show ended at midnight.. wish it could be longer BUT we all had a GREAT time laughing our asses off.. literally!

Now, where is Russell Peters???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fashion meets music?

I was lucky to be invited to the Belvedere DKNY Fashion Meet Music Party on the 22nd Oct.. we missed the fashion show... SO we went for the booze instead, the after party! :D

The models

The stage

The crowded bar with freeflow of vodka

Joey G was in the house!

The free flow of belvedere vodka

And now, the pictures all of you guys waiting for... the pretty chicks!

Felt a pinch and when i looked around, there he was! darkchild @ leonard

After that we all adjourned to phuture, zouk

Had a great fun night eventhough i was sick and drinking coke, sprite and water throughout the night.. dancing with andy kho was awesome! haha..

ps: next event: Smirnoff Vodka Night @ Sanctuary, food tasting @ skewer's and tim's b'day @ ecoba!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Food review

I went for my 1st food tasting as MHB at Muse restaurant & bar, jaya 1 and i'm honored to meet the owner/chef, jo vin lee :D

I hardly frequent jaya 1.. the only place which i went were old town and duck king BUT i do know that there's a few italian restaurants around..

Anyway, this is how Muse look like :-

The menu

We (tim chew, andy koh, erica ting and me) were served a 5 course meal :)

First up was the pizzas!

Salmon pizza

Review : it's a tad salty but other than that, it's YUMMY!!

Terriyaki pizza

Review : something new for your taste buds ;)

Then came the ravioli (a type of filled pasta composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough).. according to erica, it looks like our chinese dumpling.. haha..

Review : the cream sauce is absolutely *drool* niceeeeeeeeeee and creamy

The dishes just came one after another.. the soft shell crab pasta

Review : mind you, it's not the usual marinara sauce :P and it's a lil' spicy for me

And we all got fooled when jo vin said that we gonna have 'the ultimate' burger.. tim thought it would be SUPER huge BUT, it's just a tiny one :D

Review : the size is JUST right.. for us ladies especially :) you can find this dish under 'light snacks'.. AND they make their own patties!!

I thought we were done BUT since jo vin knows that i love pasta, especially the aglio olio.. he asked his chef to make one for me.. awwwww, ain't that sweet.. apparently it's their best seller for lunch..

Review : the lunch portion is just right.. the angel hair was al dente.. BUT, i forgot to ask them not to sprinkle some cheese :P coz i'm not a really big fan of parmesan cheese

After filling our tummy up with food, the camwhoring session started :-

Erica with the menu

The celebrity photographer, andy kho

Tim and jo vin lee, the owner of muse

Tim and erica

Me with my cosmopolitan

Overall we had a great time :) i'd like to thank jo vin for having us over at his restaurant :D