Friday, October 31, 2008


I've been coughing since the last 2 weeks.. er... i think.. and then on wednesday, my throat felt itchy.. then came the flu.. i took clarinese but still it's not getting any better.. as i do not want my mum and boboie to get the virus from me hence i stay at home.. ALONE.. but...

Thanks to my friends, they are EVER so kind, they came over to my place to visit me :)

Yesterday nikie (ex-collegemate) came with grey.. they bought me mineral water, panadol and strepsils.. also they made porridge, steam fish, steam broccoli and fried egg for me.. they stayed over after dinner to accompany me too *muacks muacks*

And now, a friend whom i met through a blog.. yea.. i met ONLINE is on her way to my house with her hubby now to buy me food and also medicine at this hour! a BIG and sincere THANK YOU to evie and calvin who are coming over here from kepong *teary eye*

You guys and girls are the GREATEST friends EVER!! thank you for taking pity on me..

ps: i'm so lucky to have found great friends :) *ahem* pardon me for being so emo as i'm SICK~ :P oh oh, btw.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! *aaaaaaaaaah chooooo!* *cough cough*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

pasta de gohan?

Have you heard of it before? i doubt so BUT maybe if you frequent sunway pyramid then you should know :) it's just a few shops away from J.Co donuts..

What attracted me to there was the W I D E variety of pastas! i'm a pasta lover and i'm NOT ashamed to admit it :P *bluek* luckily evie also a pasta lover :) hence pasta de gohan.. hehehehe.. it's a fusion between japanese and italian food.. just like pasta zanmai ;)

Look at the MANY MANY fake food displayed there!!

I KNOW! it looks SO real right??

Here's the menu :-

They have different types of sauces for the pasta (wafu, tomato, tomato cream, white cream, soup), pizza, fried rice, lasagna, curry and etc.. even the drinks also, such a long list.. decisions decisions decisions =.="

After a few minutes looking through the menu, discussing and finally making up our minds, we were ready to order :P~

My lemon squash

My spaghetti alle vongole with wafu sauce (added pepper is a MUST)

Evie's spaghetti vongole with tomato sauce

Our prawn and scallop pizza (added salt to the scallop is a MUST)

Evie's chicken & kimchee with japanese style chige soup

When calv came, he ordered :-

Demi-glace hamburg steak with wafu demi glace sauce

And puri ebi (shrimp) deep fried with cheese sauce

I don't know about the both of them BUT i'd definitely would go back there again to try other food.. er.. i mean pasta :P~

ps: gosh, i think i've put on weight!!! argh!!!! oh wait, is it coz it's the time of the month?? hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bubba gump?

I bet ALMOST everyone has tried bubba gump, the curve.. do you know that it is based on the movie 'Forrest Gump'? DUH~~ which i've NOT watched yet =.=" i've always been pestering my bb to take me to try out the food at bubba gump.. so he took me there >.<

In this month ALONE.. *ahem* rephrase.. in this ONE WEEK alone, i've ate there THREE times already.. hahaha.. i'm a sucker for shrimp @ seafood :P~

1st time try out with my bb (12/10/08)

The menu

The deco & the cam whoring

Our food & drinks :-

Our cajun shrimp @ appetizer

My mango sparkler (lemonade + mango juice)

My bb's alabama sweet smoothie (peanut butter + chocolate + vanilla)

My "...... of course we have scampi" (shrimp sauteed with capers in lemon garlic butter)

My bb's bourbon street baramundi (charbroiled cajun spiced baramundi with bourbon street sauce)

2nd time try out with my bb (15/10/08)

This time we ordered different food BUT same appetizer and drinks! :P

My bb's "mama's southern fried chicken"

And my "bucket of boat trash" (deep fried shrimp, baramundi, lobster tail and fries)

3rd try out with evie, bernice, maegan and jade (19/10/08)

Basically they ordered mostly the same thing.. but i ordered a sandwich instead this time.. four of us and look! our table was FULL with food, drinks and a clam chowder :P~

I think i found heaven.. for shrimp!! hahahaha... anyone wants to go to bubba gump with me?? :D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

another photoshoot?

Yeap! i had another photoshoot just now but it was not with the Z this time :) my photographer for this batch of pictures is none other than my bb! hehehe..

Well since there are comments saying that some people like the pictures from my 1st photoshoot attempt coz it look more natural, then what about this batch? ;)

This time the photoshoot is different from the rest coz 'my' photographer chose the outfit, shoes, helping me with the poses and facial expressions :P

Honest feedback welcomed :)