Monday, June 27, 2011

japan GT?

The first/last time i went to the Japan GT was in 2008.. i took part in the Japan GT cars lookalike contest.. i still wonder how the hell my car was in the finalist category.. haha..

Anyway, this year i went again for the tan! haha... well, actually my friend's were going.. hence i joined in the fun.. it was super hot that day and i got my tan back!

I went with the subaru group this time.. they had a convoy of like 30 cars together with the Evo cars and there was police escort! it was awesome! ok ok, it wasn't my 1st time being escorted by the police.. but still....

This is me when i arrived

And this is me after standing under the hot blazing queuing up for food and after the race.. rosy cheeks :D

Ok, time for cars photos

This is the toyota race

While the toyota cars were racing, the GT cars were in their respective garage doing some final tuning

Before the race starts, as usual there'll be a parade of the girls

Cars took their position

When all the cars started their engine, it was loud and deafening BUT it was music to my ears :P

The winner for the GT 500 which is no more than 500bhp was No. 1 Weider HSV-010 (Takashi Kogure/Loic Duval)

And the winner of the GT 300 which is no more than 300bhp was No. 4 HATSUNEMIKU GOODSMILE BMW (Nobuteru Taniguchi/Taku Bamba)

I think i might go again next year.. but only if i'm not going alone :P

ps: photo credit to woay chee

Thursday, June 16, 2011


While i am sitting down here in front of my computer enjoying a packet of nasi lemak, i was browsing through my photos on faceBook.. oh gosh, time flies and i just realized i've been on fb since 24th oct 2007.. it has been more than 3 freaking years!

Anyway, i saw the difference in me on the photos as time went by.. i look much more older, hair gotten shorter and i make up! hahaha..

I used to pay minimum attention of how i look.. coz my ex told me he loved me the way i was.. dressed down, natural with no make up.. in fact he fell in love with me when i was in my shorts and slipper..

I looked like this when i was with my ex :-

Looking back at those photos, brings back memories.. i was once young with no make up.. but now as i grow older, at least i'll put on my eyeliner and blusher when i go out.. does that mean i'm trying to hide the fact that i'm getting old? not exactly.. in fact, i think i look a little better as i grow older ;)

As most people would say, as you grow up you tend to change.. mentally and physically.. coz as you get older, you'll gain some hardship, good and bad experiences, break ups, new friendships and etc along the way..

The other day while i was talking to 1 of my friends, he said 'why am i teaching you the fundamental basics of a relationship? you're supposed to know all these as you've been through so much'

Yes, i may have dated before and even got into a couple of serious relationships, but none of them actually pointed out to my flaws.. teach me or guide me towards a healthy relationship.. i NEVER knew what was my problem.. what i did wrong.. what do i have to change and compromise to make the relationship works..

For them, they just walked away when they no longer could see themselves committing in the relationship.. do they really think that i could figure out myself what was the problem while they just keep quiet? i do admit that i was VERY stubborn.. but that doesn't mean they can't knock some sense into my head.. no one likes someone to point out their flaws, they can't accept it.. same goes to me.. you tend to get angry and defensive..

Someone tried to point out my flaws and my mistakes after i got out from my failed relationship.. at first i was angry but slowly, it made sense to me.. i tend to see things from another perspective.. which was why i apologized to him, my ex..

It takes time for someone to mature and i guess i'm doing quite well at it.. what do you think?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

the hill, new revamped menu?

Yes, the Hill at damansara heights had revamped their menu.. there are new items popping up on their new menu and the MHB had a chance to try out their food once again!

The last time i was at the Hill was for a bloggers gathering with mimi.. so this time was my 2nd time.. to be honest, the Hill has an excellent ambiance for a chill out night with your friends.. the 1st floor is an open air dining area while the 2nd and 3rd floor are air conditioned..

Here are a few pictures i took of the Hill during my 1st visit at the open air area :-

And this is the 2nd floor :-

Let's start with the food pictures! as usual, our photographer, andy kho were hard at work taking these beautiful mouth watering food pictures for us :) thanks andy!

First up were the appetizers but before that, we started off the night with....

 Soft shell crab with wafu dressing- rm18

Review : i swear i could just finish this by myself! the crab was so well fried, so crunchy and the wafu dressing goes superb with the salad

Chili clams in venetian style chili wine broth, zucchini & tomatoes served with toasted baguette - rm28

Review : i am a clam/vongole lover.. these clams were so fresh, the broth is a little spicy and... *speechless* i could eat this all by myself too!

Nachos - rm25

Review : due to my religion, i can't eat beef.. but what the heck! i tried some and it's really yummy

Deep fried salted egg calamari served with salsa sauce - rm14

Review : this was so delicious that i only had 1 piece! everyone wanted a piece of it!

Our main courses

The Hill 'cheese fire roll' wrapped with soft shell crab, cucumber, unagi and topped with grilled cheese - rm32

Smoked duck in creamy tomato sauce - rm30

Review : the sauce is really creamy!

Fish and chips - rm25

The Hill signature pan fried salmon wrapped in special house sauce batter served with a side of sauteed spinach - rm38

Review : the salmon was gone in 60 seconds.. yes, it's true.. didn't have a chance to really savour it.. just got a tiny bite BUT it's good enough for me to say that... yes, it's delicious

The green monster - juicy lamb patty, fried onion rings with green goo (mint based) - rm28

Brontosaurus beef ribs with wedges - rm78

Review : you can't walk-in and order this as you gotta make reservation for it earlier

Aglio olio jumbo prawns tossed in extra virgin olive oil and chili flakes - rm48

Review : honestly, this was one of the best aglio olio i've tried.. the pasta was al dente, the sauce was just nice, a little spicy

Now, the desserts.. i'm NOT a dessert person BUT these desserts did make me crave for more!!

Chocolate brownie with chocolate fudge and a scoop of vanilla ice cream - rm13

Cheese cake with cherry brandy - rm13

Review : the cheese cake was so cheesy, creamy and smooth.. excellent! it's cake of the day so if you come on that lucky day, you might want to order this

Pavlova - rm13

'Pavlova is made by beating egg whites (and sometimes salt) to a very stiff consistency before folding in caster sugar, white vinegar, cornstarch, and sometimes vanilla essence, and slow-baking the mixture, similarly to meringue'

Review : dessert of the day.. the crust just melted in my mouth.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet~ i could really finish this piece alone BUT as i took 2 bite of it, i felt guilty.. it was so utterly sinful AND i can't resist it!

Coconut panna cotta with cherry reduction - rm18

Banoffee (banana toffee) pie with fresh cream - rm13

French apple tart with vanilla ice cream - rm13

Here's mei sze with her french apple tart, all for herself

Okay, done are the food and desserts pictures.. now it's our MHB pictures! :D

Tim and naomi with their brontosaurus beef ribs

Bell with her cider

Helenness, bell and a friend

Jane, bell, helenness and naomi with the pineapple cocktail

Sarah, me, steph, erica and mei sze with the watermelon slush (vodka + lychee liqueur + watermelon) - rm40

We celebrated steph's belated b'day

The MHB with the owner of the Hill, roen

And as usual, a picture of me by andy

We went upstairs for a few shots (as requested by tim)

The Hill is really a nice place to hang out, not only that the food is superbly tasty.. have a dinner or a drink, there are varieties of liquor for you to choose :)

Head over to :-

The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6012-2952 225
ps: for more pictures, click here