Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chinoz on the park?

Yesterday after paying for my car insurance which would be due on 4th june 2007, me and my bb went to klcc.. it was quite late.. think about 4.30pm.. the nearest place to grab a bite was klcc.. we headed to Chinoz for our lunch.. i managed to take some pictures with my lousy 1.3MP camera phone :-

Chinoz on the park @ KLCC

Complimentary bre
ad and butter

My bb's cappuccino..

My 'Sweet Kisses' (strawberry and vanilla syrup AND soda)

This is my bb's chicken, leek and mushroom pie *yummy*

And my fettuccine marinara

Overall, there's nothing much to shout about.. since they renovated the restaurant, they changed their menu a lil.. there's not much food on the menu BUT they do have a long list of drinks for you to choose from.. if you were to ask me if i'd go there again, well.... maybe much much later in the future :p

Monday, May 28, 2007

~ my bb is sick ~

This morning when i woke up to use the bathroom, my bb was awake.. he asked me for a panadol and told me he's sick.. i felt his forehead and he's having a fever!! i quickly went to the kitchen to take 2 tablets Panadol ActivFast for him.. he was shivering under the blanket.. my poor bb.. i felt so helpless.. after an hour or so, his fever went down a bit..

But at 10.30am, i went out with my mum and took
boi boi along.. we went to buy some food back home.. as i was driving, i was worried about my bb sleeping at home alone AND feeling sick.. i went to a pharmacy and got him some medicines before going home :-

This is the anti
biotic which i got.. he has to take 1 twice a day for 3 days

And i got him some fever/headache tablets

I hope it's not dengue fever *praying*.. my bb got this fever last night after having dinner with my family.. here's some pictures that i took :-

Unique Fisherman is the place we went y
esterday.. if i'm not mistaken, they have another outlet at PJ

We had a table outside
as it was full inside

A round table for 8

A BIG HUGE aquarium for ALL the different kind of seafood

My bowl of sharkfin with scallop and crabmeat *yummy*

Deep fried fish.. my bb's
fav way to cook a fish :)

Fried prawns with soy sauce

Claypot seafood beancurd/tofu

The restaurant pork specialty.. chef recommendation..

Stir fried kai lan

Last but not least, my bb's fav dish.. the sweet and sour pork!

ps: gonna go and check on my bb now..

Sunday, May 27, 2007

how short?

Just a few days ago, as my bb were driving home.. we spotted this :-

This porsche was driven by a lady :)

And today my bb went for his 2nd haircut ever since he got back offshore a month ago.. and i secretly took pictures of it.. hehehe.

First she put the cloth around my bb and then she sprayed water to his hair..

Now she's cutting it! this time, his hair is shorter than the previous times he had it cut.. my bb wants to be Jack Bauer, 24.. anyhow, my bb still looks good! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

4 in the morning?

I really love this song by gwen stefani.. been repeating it on my laptop for an hour now.. in case you do not know what song, here it is :-

And here is the video.. ENJOY!! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

make up on me?

I just stole this picture from my bb's blog.. nyek nyek nyek.. this is the 1st picture of me with my bb in a formal attire :-

I've NEVER attended a prom before during my school days or college days.. so i had my 1st ever dance with my bb during his cousin's wedding.. definately A NIGHT TO REMEMBER

Monday, May 21, 2007


Today is my LUCKIEST day EVER!!!! my hubby FINALLY got what i've always wanted... yeap! a DOGGIE!!! although to most people that it's not a BIG deal but to me, it is.. my mum was always afraid of dogs.. she'd jump onto a table if a dog tries to be friendly with her and lick her..

I didn't intend to buy a doggie today.. even my bb said we should get it when he's offshore BUT when we were at the pet shop, there was this SUPER CUTE doggie.. he's born on 26th March 2007 so that makes him less than 2 months old.. oh yea, he's a shih tzu :)

I'm officially a mummy now.. hehe.. my mum is getting attach with this cutesy doggie.. she cleans after him and she likes holding him.. oh yea, we haven't name the lil cutesy doggie yet.. help needed!!!!

ps: no tony, we won't name him PORNO!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............ pictures update soon.. be patient! ;)


Ta dah! isn't he SUPER DUPER CUTE??!!! my precious lil doggie.. i hope rusty won't be too jealous.. haha.. for more pictures, click here and i promise more new pictures coming soon!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

S500i as MY belated b'day present?

Me and my bb has been browsing phones in penang.. he almost bought me the Sony Ericsson W880i coz i want a slimmer phone.. but then i decided not to buy coz as much as i want a new phone, i don't really fancy the W880i THAT much-ie..

So, i'm back in KL surfing the net while my bb is catching up on his sleep.. i came across a 'OMIGOSH' phone from Sony Ericsson.. SE really kick a
ss on the design of their phones.. i'm completely in love with this new phone, S500i.. it's such a beauty.. somemore, it matches the color scheme of my blog! how cool is that?!

This is the W880i.. too bad there's no autofocus :(

But this is a stylo mylo phone, S500i :)

But no doubt that the W880i is much more slimmer and lighter than the S500i.. it's approximately 23g lighter.. both has memory card slot AND 2MP camera.. but for style, i'd prefer the S500i.. so, what do you think?

in KL?

Yeap!! i'm B-A-C-K in KL.. hoooooooooooooooray!! in fact, me, my bb and my in-laws arrived yesterday in the evening.. phew! almost 5 hours of driving.. my poor bb.. and my 2 brother in-laws were sleeping in the car.. here's the proof :-

This is Randall.. he was in Hitz Blast Off a couple of years ago..

And this is Ramsey.. just got off from National Service..

Anyways, i just got back from a church wedding at puchong.. my bb's cousin, aaron got married.. later me, my bb and my mum would adjourn to the wedding dinner at 10pm.. i'm kinda nervous as this will be the 1st time my mum meeting my bb's family.. hope everything goes well *fingers crossed*

ps: i'm back in KL also for a shopping spree!! my bb promised that i can buy anything for my belated b'day present.. i just have to swipe my card and he'd pay for it *grinning*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

what have i been doing?

I HOPE you guys do actually miss me since i've been MIA (Missing In Action) for quite a long time.. erm... do you??

Anyways, i'm doing fine here.. it's been almost 5 days now since i came to penang with my hubby.. the first few days was the BESTEST days for this penang trip.. coz we drove here with tony and lovegoddess.. we shop eat shop eat shop eat AND swim.. we HAD an excellent time.. but too bad they have to leave so soon :'( they spent 3 days 2 nights with us (me & russ).. we rented an apartment ala hotel @ Paradise Sandy Bay and we got 70% discount off from it (thanks to my mum in-law).. every night we'd hang out at the living hall to chat and laughed at steewpid jokes made by tony :p~

Btw, me and my bb will be heading back to KL tomorrow together with his family coz we have a wedding to attend on saturday.. i won't be able to upload any pictures til i'm back home online using my MacBook.. sorry ya..

But do drop by once awhile for new updates!! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today, 10th May 2007 has been 6 months since i've been legally and officially married to a kind, wonderful, loving, sweet, good looking man.. his name is Russell Westwood.. we celebrated it yesterday night.. he took me to my FAVORITE pasta place, Dave's @ 1Utama and bought tickets for us to watch 'Wild Hogs'..

I'm just ever-so-lucky to be married to my bb.. and to be hs wife, taking care of him means so much to me.. okay, think i'd stop here coz i know i'd be carried away talking about my precious bb.. too mushy mushy for you guys :p~

Anyway, i'd like to wish my bb "HAPPY 6 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY!!"

ps: as i'm typing this my bb is still sleeping.. he's sooooooooooooooooo cute when he's asleep :)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

thursday, friday, saturday and sunday?

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog as frequent as i used to.. hehe.. (people are demanding for updates already)

Anyways, on thursday me and my bb went for the Spiderman 3 show at 1Utama.. we bought tickets for the 3 o'clock show.. i completely forgot that my bb had my camera in his pocket til he took it out and snapped some pictures in the cinema! *a slap on my forehead*

That's me on the comfy GOLD class sofa :)

My legs and my bb's legs on the right.. hehe..

And as most people knew, me and my bb went to have lunch with lovegodess and justin on friday.. think i won't blog much about that as you could read it here.. but i do have an album for that lovely lunch here

There we were at italiannies, 1Utama having a good time :)

After the lunch, we followed justin back to his office and he demonstrated the home theater system to us even tho we already bought it! hehe..

As for saturday, we didn't do much.. me and my bb just stayed at home watching 24.. haha.. think we went to SS2 to buy prison break :p we're turning into tv series addicts!!

For sunday, we spent half of the day at home.. my bb polished my car headlights for me :) it was in a pretty bad shape condition.. took him a few hours to polished both lights.. here are the before and after pictures :-

The polished headlight.. it's supposed to be like this.. not like...


Can see the difference?? i've to thank my bb for taking his time to polished it for me *muacks*

Thursday, May 03, 2007

setting a date and venue?


We've been mentioning and talking about a get-to-know-each-other gathering for some time now SO now i'd like to know if anyone can make it.. to those who are not in KL, i'm sorry if you want to come but can't make it.. we'd definately have another chance to meet up BUT to those who are in KL and interested, please do help me to set up a date AND venue..

My bb will be leaving off for work soon.. like end of the month.. and we are going back to penang like next week or the week after.. we might drive off to there on either 10th or 11th.. so, when do you guys want the gathering? before we go off to penang OR after? we also have a wedding to attend on the 19th in KL.. so, we'd be free after that..

Plus, we need to set up a venue.. i think we should have lunch or dinner.. nothing fancy BUT you can take as much pictures as you want!! lol..

Suggestions PLEASE... we REALLY want this gathering to work out.. please do co-operate with us.. a million thanks~ :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Today me and my bb went for 'bak kut teh' at klang.. we met up with my bb's friend, justin.. my bb's high school friend.. below are some pictures my bb took :-

That's justin making the tea for us.. gurls, he's not bad looking... right? *hinting*

It's such a teeny weeny small lil tea cup..

I hardly eat pork so it's enough for them to munch it down.. i just drank the soup and ate mushrooms.. hehe

After eating, we went to sunway to see my bb's 'monster'.. the tein suspension is already there and the rest of the stuff would be arriving soon on friday.. so by then we'd take pictures of it.. so be patient, ya? :)

We then headed to 1Utama to try to get some movie tickets but the queue was damn long due to the public holiday today.. so we ended up buying 2 tickets for tomorrow's spidey show.. we got the GOLD class tickets :p

Yea.. RM40 each but i think it's worth it for the Spiderman 3 show.. don't you think so?

Btw, we got another gathering with lovegoddess, tony and justin on friday at 1Utama.. we're going for pasta! *yummy* and also i've discuss with my bb for a gathering.. a BIG one i hope.. for ALL the other fellow bloggers AND readers.. come on, people (zewt & jules, jane & douglas, joe, maxine) let's have a paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!! to whoever who wants to crash the gathering, feel free to do so :)


Okay.. here are the pictures that i got from lovegoddess :-

That's me, my bb, lovegoddess's friend AND tony

Lovegoddess and her friend with me and my bb :)

For more pictures, click here

And the pictures below is from my bb's camera.. took it during the street tuners carnival.. enjoy!

Me and tony at the entrance of the carnival :)

Me and jesz @ Miss TXN AND the zonda at the background.. hehe..

Do not judge a book by its cover.. this is NOT a BMW.. it's just a proton.. don't believe? you better do..

Ta-dah! how could i forget... justin's ride!!

For more pictures of the cars, please proceed to here
.. i'd upload more pictures once my bb is awake as i do not know where he keeps his files pictures.. hehe..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

~ sorry ~

To all my readers, i'm sorry for MIA for the past 2 days.. well, you know.. my bb is back and we got so much 'catching up' to do.. hehehe..

Anyways, me, my bb and tony met up with lovegoddess at the Curve.. we went to Marche for lunch.. we really did had a good time.. lovegodess is just so hyper, friendly and bubbly.. she told me that i look younger than my pictures and i look thinner too! haha.. thanks gurl.. you're so sweet.. she also said my bb looks younger too AND tony looks cute in real life! :) we did snapped pictures during the lunch meeting.. will post it up soon once lovegoddess email me the pictures as she used her camera yesterday..

Oh yea, before we came out from the curve, me and my bb spotted a nicely done up 350z!! the front looks like a Aston Martin DB9.. OMIGOSH!!! we went one round at the parking to snap the picture.. lol..

What a beauty!! don't you think so?

After that, me, my bb and tony went to sunway.. thinking of seeing my bb's 'monster' BUT the workshop was not open! too bad.. so about 4pm ish, we went to bkt jalil for the street tuners carnival.. there i met jesz and took a picture with her.. we saw a few 'wannabes' skyline, a heavy modified proton wira (converted to a BMW), justin's car, remus's car (zth) and etc.. promise will post the pictures up asap!! :)

We were there for almost 4 hours and my bb drove us home for a shower coz we were sweating at the carnival.. about 11pm, we went to subang ss15 for our 'yam cha' session with tony, justin, fatality and eugene (justin's friend).. we called the night off about 1am.. what a day, man!!

It's 12.17pm now and we just woke up.. hehe.. my feet hurts for walking too much yesterday *sigh* okies, i gotta stop here now.. gonna brush my teeth and etc.. ta!

ps: thanks lovegoddess for the pressie!! you're just too sweet and kind :) and i'd post the pictures up asap so do check on my multiply for it! :)