Thursday, July 30, 2009

special preview?

Owning a car and being in a car club, does give us some privileges.. we were supposed to attend the last Japan GT event but we were in london.. there was a BIG convoy, special parking at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC), photo session with the Japan GT drivers and etc.. we missed all that.. but oh well, next year then..

Yesterday, me and russ attended a media special preview.. organized by Nissan.. besides us, there were about 20 more people there from the car club..

We gathered at the Shell petrol station at BU at 7.15pm.. when we reached there, there were more than 10 cars parked at the petrol station!

The event was at Long Bar, One World hotel.. so the convoy was pretty short.. The Nissan people allocated special premium parking for all of us!

Now, all of you must be wondering what's the special preview.. well, it's a special preview of the NEW 370Z and Murano!! all the press people were there and we, the fairlady club members were ALL invited!

Of course there were free flow of drinks and food.. AND not to forget the CARS! i was kinda relieve that there were NO typical stick thin girls with short shorts or skirts posing with the cars.. well done Nissan! :) coz i reckon it'd wreck the whole event :p

We registered ourselves upon arrival and was given a lil 'Z' pin as souvenirs (all the way from Japan) and 2 brochures..

Then a girl approached us, asking our names and asked if we could pose for a picture.. the photographer took our picture and i asked which press she's from.. guess what, she's from Malaysia Tatler! she took my number so that she could inform me when our picture will be published :)

Okay, back to the event.. Tan Chong Executive Director gave a short speech and we were shown the 370Z TVC.. after the TVC, the curtains were up and voila! the new 370Z was right in front of us!

All of us were invited out for a up close and personal look of the cars.. photographers were busy taking pictures of the CEO of Tan Chong

First, let's take a look at the 370Z

If i'm not mistaken, the white and yellow were sold.. the owners were there as well.. OTR (on the road) price is rm370,000.. much more lesser than the 350Z when it first came out..

Now, have a look at the new improved Murano

As you can see, we really like this white Murano.. the starting price is rm318,000 as you can see from above.. the interior is so much nicer and better than the B class Mercedes, i reckon.. so it's worth the money :)

After the event, we adjourned to Ministry of Sound (MOS), sunway.. seven parking slots were allocated for us at the jockey and we got 2 booked tables..

Yesterday was my 4th time at Euphoria, MOS but it was russ's first time there.. he likes the club the same reason why i like it too! it's a none smoking club! :)

We left the club at about 1am and we saw this parked outside.. greeting us :-

We still love the 350Z.. although the 370Z has a new look, new lights design, improved upgraded interior, a 3.7litre engine and etc, we still think the 350Z is better looking :p

As for my personal opinion, what i like and don't like about the 370Z :-

- VQ37VHR engine with 333hp
- 19" rays forged alloy
- push button ignition and intelligent key
- 7 speed AT with manual mode and paddle shifters

- no reverse camera
- no monitor
- shorter overall dimension
- head and rear lights
- side mirror
- big head rest
- no brembo

So, what do you think?

ps: for the price of the 370Z, i'd prefer the murano instead ;)

pps: i know that i owe you guys the london pictures.. and yes, i'm a lazy ass but pls do be patient.. tq

Sunday, July 05, 2009

london shopping spree!

As you all know, we just came back from london not too long ago.. the weather was good.. cool and breezy.. the food was so-so.. fish and chips tasted almost the same as the ones we have here.. all i can say is the shopping was GOOD! XD

We went there with a medium luggage trolly bag and a small hand carry bag and came back the same too.. so, yeah i guess i'm NOT a shopaholic :p everywhere was having sales and it was like more than 50% off some of the items..

I ended up with a few things.. hehehe...

3 pair of heels

Rolando 120 crepe satin in grey

Bow T dorcet 100 crepe satin in shocking pink (bought this on our last day in london before we boarded the train to heathrow airport)

My christian louboutin collection (is GROWING!)

Besides the christian louboutin, i got another cheaper pair of heels which is made in brazil from selfridges.. altho it's cheaper than a louboutin but it still cost £85 =.=

Btw, have anyone came across NARS before? it's like MAC or bobbi brown.. it's not on our shores yet so i bought a blusher just for tryout :)

The lipstick and the bronzer aren't mine.. so, evie o evie.. when you wanna take your stuff??

On our 1st day in london, we went to harrods at knightsbridge.. there i bought this for like £2, IF i'm not mistaken :-

And before we left london, i did some last minute shopping at heathrow's duty free shop.. hehehe..

Victoria secret's lip gloss and lip plumper

DKNY perfume (£30)

And oh yea.. not forgetting the blu rays that we bought at HMV

The blu rays are so cheap! damn the taxes in malaysia =.="

Anyway, stay tune for more pictures of our london trip ;)