Wednesday, May 20, 2015

stay tune..

Uh uh.. been slacking on my blog post lately.. feeling excited this week as i FINALLY can get my hands on my baby Z.. yea, she has been 'admitted'.. but it's all for the better ;)

So, stay tune.. for the photos as i will be doing a photoshoot with 'her' AND also, there will be a JDM meet up real soon.. can't wait..

Ta! *for now*

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2 years and counting...

I bought my 1st place in late 2012 and only moved in in 2013.. for 2 years i did not have any open house OR hardly any of my friends come visiting (except for a few ones).. coz it was still very messy and i was on a limited budget.. just had to reno whatever which was necessary..

Finally after 2 years, my place is a little tidier.. got some new storage cupboards, got some decors, painted a feature wall, got a bed for my guest room, done up my walk in wardrobe room and most importantly got a new sofa! no thanks to my mum..

I am very pleased with what i had done/achieved.. a place which i could live comfortably and call my own..

I have a few more items to get and do before i am really satisfied :P

Monday, April 13, 2015

zth Time To Attack rd1 2015..

Sunday was a good day.. i met many familiar faces, had some good laughs, got sunburnt and most importantly i spent some time with the boyf.. although he was busy prepping his car, attending driver's briefing and getting his run

Anyways, i arrived quite early.. was already at Sepang International Circuit by 8.30am..

Transponders were ready for the cars

And so were the stickers

The boyf putting stickers on Barney

The 'tofu' car

Kok Jin tracking his monster

Double trouble from ST Powered

Caught PocketRocket red-handed!

The X-bow

Hugo with his own monster

Coming out to 'play'

As we all were having lunch and chilling, the Liberty Walk R35 arrived on a flatbed

Barney was on its way out to the circuit

The famous Liberty Walk Nissan GTR35

A selfie with Philip, the owner of a white R35

Getting the tyre pressure just right

Taking a selfie sitting on the boyf's toolbox

The boyf's BEST lap 2:34:648 but here is 2:34:773

By 4pm, i had to leave before the boyf could finish his session :(

Saying goodbye to him was the hardest; with a heavy heart T_T

ps: photos credit to the photogs