Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Finally my baby bought a home theater system (BOSE Lifestyle® 48 Home Entertainment System and DVD Player Surround Sound System) for our lovely condo.. yay! hehe.. it does costed my baby a bomb BUT it's ALL worth it :)

Thanks justin, for the full demo at your place yesterday night ANd you've to stay back late for us.. but then it was a nice surprise to see -Fatality- there as well..

Here's a picture of what my baby bought :-

Isn't it nice? the speakers are so cute.. hehe.. can't wait to install it at our lovely place :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Okay okay, i MUST admit that my baby takes better pictures than me :p with his more expensive camera.. lol.. so, this post is totally dedicated to my baby's toys.. yup, BIG boys with BIG and expensive toys!

Here's some pictures of my baby's toys :-

I took this while my baby was busy cleaning his car's engine.. it was so dirrrrrrrrrty *yuckie*

Yup, it's an ipod nano.. it's black and it's 8G.. matching color with my future 80G ipod video.. hehe..

Ta dah! my baby's LG chocolate phone AND the ipod with the FM transmitter.. notice the wallpapers? hehe.. one is my baby's GTR AND one is us! :)

Lastly, this is my baby's remote controlled chopper.. hehe.. been trying to fly it but it's been raining this few dayz or either it's too hot and sunny.. my poor baby.. can't play with it..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

am i happy?

On 18th Oct, my baby FINALLY got off from his ship.. 6 weeks stuck on the ship with ALL the guys.. phew! he got off the ship by chopper around afternoon.. by 12midnight, he was already back in penang, Malaysia.. haha.. took a shower and rested for awhile.. by 2am-ish, he was already driving down to KL to meet me! i couldn't sleep while waiting for my baby to arrive.. it took him bout 3 blardy long hours to arrive KL..

When i heard my baby's car around the corner of my block, i quickly un-locked the door and went to the window to see him.. 6 weeks seems like 6 BLARDY years to us.. he parked his car and came up to my place.. i thought i'd cry when i see him BUT i was too happy to say or do anything.. he dropped his bag and we hugged and kissed! it was so surreal.. to see my baby again and to hug him after for so long.. i almost forgot how good looking my baby is.. hehe..

Anyway, my baby took me shopping and watched ALL the movies i've ever wanted to watch.. okay okay.. just 2 movies for now.. Open Season and Operation Undercover (his first EVER chinese movie he watched on his entire life!).. we gonna watch The Prestige one day.. hehe.. i think it would be a nice movie.. oh oh.. my baby booked a black 80G Ipod for me when we were at 1Utama 2 dayz ago! wohoooo! now i can store ALL my mp3s and pictures of us on the ipod.. my baby bought Adidas shoes for him AND me as well! hehe..

Here's a picture of our Adidas shoes:-

The black one is my baby's shoe.. with bits and pieces of carbon fiber here and there.. hehe.. and mine is obviously the white one..

Okay, here's a close up of the cf on the back of the shoe.. can you see it?

Here's another one at the side.. still can't see it? click on the pictures to enlarge it, DUH! lol...

And we've trip plans soon.. to JB (Johor), SG (Singapore), Penang, Genting and maybe Aussie (if there's time, before my baby going off... again!).. so much to do, so little time.. sigh......... time passes by so fast when my baby's around.. it's been 6 days already he's here.. just a blink of an eye..

I'm just so HAPPY being with him.. and he'd take me anywhere, do anything and would buy me anything that i want.. but of course, when we do actually go shopping, i can't find anything nice i'd want to buy! lol.. i guess one of the reason my baby loves me so much coz i hardly splash on something TOTALLY un-necessary.. like bags, facial products, make-ups and so on.. oh oh, finally my baby saw the jewelleries i bought at Tous.. the small box is a pair of diamond earring and the bigger box is a necklace with a diamond teddy pendent.. both of it costed me rm 6k+.. yeah.. my savings had gone most of it.. haha but then it's ALL worth it.. i feel satisfied.. spending my own money on something i LOVE!

Okay, i gotta go and wake my baby up.. he's still zzzzzzz-ing and it's 2.05pm! late lunch again.. would blog more when i have time AND more pictures :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

do you like the e-card, baby?

Happy 2nd Month Anniversary baby! *jumping with joy* i hope you like the e-card i sent to you by Hallmark.. hehe..

It's just a simple card but i think it's meaningful :) with the message i wrote there for you.. I LOVE YOU!! *muacks muacks*

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yeah, it's DAMN contradicting for sure! during this festive month, mostly people are flocking home.. either by public transportations (bus, KTM, plane) OR CAR!

I thought our government has always been encouraging us, the people to car pool or take public transportation.. coz they seems like wanted to help to reduce traffics.. so what they did? they provided MORE buses! more buses means more traffic.. what were they thinking? yea we do have more highways.. shorten our journeys BUT is it sufficient and effective enough? no i don't think so.. our government is cashing in on ALL the tolls.. oh, and with paying less than RM300 for a Proton, i'm sure the traffics will be 'reduced' *sarcastic* as you can see, some families have more cars than they ever needed.. example my neighbour.. he owns 2 volks and 1 van for himself.. then his son has an old nissan and his daughter a kenari.. WTF!

All i'm saying is, our government wants us to car pool or take more public transportation BUT why do they ALSO encourage people to buy Protons or Nazas OR Peroduas? yeah i know it's NATIONAL cars but do they have to lower the price so low til ALMOST everyone could afford a car or even more than 1 car and just abandon the public transports? why not just take the buses off the road?! i think it's better as the buses are making the jams worse.. and to even make it even more worse, those bus drivers are CRAZY! PSYCHO! endangering the passengers AND other people on the road..

Okay, i feel so much better now letting this issue off my chest.. it's been awhile.. just ignore my grumbling if it pisses you off.. hahaha!

Friday, October 13, 2006

was it summertime when we fell in love?

To my baby,

I think it was summertime when we fell in love.. it was 06.19am, 16th August 2006 when i received a sms from you telling me that you're in love with me and i replied back to you saying that i felt the same way too..

Here i'd like to dedicate a verse and a chorus to my baby from a song :-

Summertime - Beyonce feat P. Diddy

I wanted more than just a man (a man)
I needed a friend (a friend)
Someone i could talk to
someone who really listened
When you touched my hand
the sun got brighter then
Trusting you i closed my eyes
and felt i was in..

It was the summertime
when we fell in love
It was the summertime
when heaven shined on us
It was the summertime
baby there is nothing like the summertime

When i hold ya
i know that God
set you aside for me
and now
you are my prize
Wanna grow old wit cha
Fill a house wit ya pictures
Have a son for you
a little girl for me
together we'll raise a family

Saturday, October 07, 2006

tous again?

YEAP! tous again.. i just love their teddy bear collection.. oh man, it's simply cute, elegant and pretty.. so today, i bought more things from them BUT this time it's with MY own savings.. yup, u heard me.. MY savings.. not my baby's money.. it's MY hard earn money.. i bought 2 items there.. i was there yesterday and asked them to reserve that 2 items, so today i went there and bought it! keke.. together with my mum..

It's all wrapped up nicely in 2 seperate boxes and it comes together with 3 certs.. hehe.. i can't reveal what they are and how
much it cost as my baby isn't here.. i want to give him a surprise of what i bought.. BUT i can say that it's NOT cheap, okay? kekeke..

Here's some photos i took :-

I bought these 2 items today.. the BIG box and the small box.. hehe..

Here's the complete 3 items from tous.. the golden box is the ring.. so can you guess what's in the other 2 boxes, baby? yeah, all items comes with certs :P

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Today, after been staying at home for days i'm FINALLY out of my house.. yay! keke..went to Sg. Wang to shop with my aunty.. i think we spent like 3 hours there.. that 3 hours included lunch, shopping and dinner.. hehe..

Okay, as usual i took some self-potraits :p so if anyone dislike my pictures, pls do not scroll down.. you're welcome to just close this window :)

Here's a couple of pictures.. just a couple which means T-W-O only! hehe..

Yeap! it's a white skirt.. bought it at the PDI shop.. it was on SALE! 50% off.. keke.. and yea... i wore slipper to shop :p it's only sg wang, so what the heck.. *eyes rolling*

Nope! i did not buy this top.. why? coz it freaking flatten out my *ahem* completely! oh well, as if i have er... a BIG *ahem* but it's REALLY tight.. maybe coz it's supposed to be like a corset.. i can hardly breathe in that top.. i was grasping for air.. oh man..

do you realize how much you means to me?

First of all, I'd like to dedicate this song to my baby.. i just want him to know that he's REALLY special to me and i LOVE him alot..

Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera

Do your thing honey!

(Verse: 1)
I could feel it from the start,
Couldn't stand to be apart.
Something ‘bout you caught my eye,
Something moved me deep inside
Don't know what you did boy but you had it and i've been hooked ever since.

I told my mother, my brother, my sister and my friends
Told the others, my lovers, both past and present tense.
That everytime I see you everything starts making sense.

Do your thing honey!

Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you (to you yeah)
Ain't no other man (ain't no other man) on the planet does what you do
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds(a girl finds) in a blue moon.
You got soul (soul), you got class (class).
You got style, you're a badass- yeah yeah yeah!
Ain't no other man it's true
Ain't no other man but you.

(Verse: 2)
Never thought I'd be alright. No, no, no!
‘Til you came and changed my life. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
What was cloudy now is clear! Yeah, yeah!

You’re the light that I needed.
You got what I want boy, and I want it!
So keep on givin' it up!

Tell your mother, your brother, your sister, and your friends.
Tell the others, your lovers, better not be present tense.
Cause I want everyone to know that you are mine and no one else's!

Ooooh,oh oh!

Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you (to you yeah)
Ain't no other man (ain't no other man) on the planet does what you do
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds(a girl finds) in a blue moon.
You got soul (soul), you got class (class).
You got style, you're a badass- yeah yeah yeah!
Ain't no other man it's true
Ain't no other man but you.

Break it down now!

Ain't no other, ain't, ain't no other, (other)!!
Ain't no other, ain't, ain't no other (LOVER)!
Ain't no other, I, I, I need no other!
Ain't no other man but you!
You are there when I’m a mess
Talked me down from every ledge
Gave me strength boy you’re the best
You’re the only one who’s ever passed every test

Ain't no other man (woo), can stand up next to you (next to you)
Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do. oh..
You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon.
You got soul (yeah), you got class (yeah)
You got style, you're a badass- oh yeah!
Ain't no other man it's true
Ain't no other man but you.

I hope you'd realize by now how much you means to me, baby.. and that i'd always love you *muacks muacks* with all my heart.. now and forever..