Friday, November 06, 2015

its NOT easy..

It's going to be 2 weeks soon.. of me eating clean.. to be honest, it is REALLY hard for me to not fall for my cravings on junk food..

McDonalds fries is my weakness.. i do not have a sweet tooth hence no cravings for cakes, ice cream, chocolates or desserts.. BUT doesn't mean i have zero urges when i walked past baskin robbins or krispy kreme.. grocery shopping isn't as easy for me like it used to be.. i used to chuck things into my shopping cart with my fav junk food and drinks.. now i have to read the labels.. checking on the calories, fat, sugar and etc.. instead of buying chicken drumsticks, i have to opt for chicken breast now..

In the past 2 weeks, i do have urges to eat that instant noodle.. especially late night and my tummy is growling.. telling me to feed it.. but instead, i ate fruits and almonds.. i need to have a strong mind.. to overpower my lust for junk food.. and i am telling you.. its NO easy task to do so..

Besides eating clean, i have been working out.. well.. there's a slight change which i noticed hence no photos.. haha.. it really takes patience to get that well tone abs which i've always wanted..

So, 80% diet and 20% workout? we shall see in another 2 weeks.. if i could wear that tiny little bikini which i got from bangkok :P

ps: wish me luck!


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