Sunday, May 28, 2006

are WE a Dropout Nation too?

In America, a large number of young people do not graduate from high school. Too many of those who do graduate are leaving without the skills necessary to thrive in today's workforce.

A failing system destroys ambition. Even though 80% of students think they will attend college, many of them never go. Almost a third of them drop out before graduating from high school. Nearly half of African American and Hispanic high school students do not make it to graduation day.

From the statistic below, it shows how much percentage of Americans in different states who actually graduated. It's shocking to know this statistic.
1. New York - 58%
2. Ohio - 79%
3. Kansas - 76%
4. Texas - 69%
5. California - 65%
6. Washington - 69%
7. Florida - 61%
8. New Jersey - 88%
9. Nebraska - 84%

American opportunity depends on the abilities of its people. A great education system guarantees more than just the abilities of a student. It guarantees the success of their community and economy.

As i was watching Oprah Winfrey on the telly just now, i was shocked to know what's happening in America.. Bill Gates is concern and he said America is in a Crisis.. it's a silent epidemic coz no one REALLY knows about it except the teachers.. students drop out from school at an alarming rate AND at an alarming age, 16! at this age, they're still young and can't make a HUGE decision which will affect the rest of their lives.. the few reasons why students dropping out are:-
1. laziness to wake up in the morning for school
2. they can get a job at a factory earning USD 500 per month
3. on drugs
4. friends influence

From the show, i got to know that the schools at the suburbs AND also the city are some in terrible condition.. the education level too is different.. the education system in America had not changed since the 1950s..

I got the statistic from

As in Malaysia, i asked myself, are WE a dropout nation too? take a look around.. open your eyes and see.. although the students here don't drop out at the tender age of 16, we still have drop outs after high school! some even can't pass their final test in order for them to graduate.. i was born in 1981 so by the time i graduated high school, it was in 1998.. went to college straightaway.. i'm a very privileged child compare to some of my high school friends whom only managed to get to some local university..

After 8 years since my graduation, i keep track the numbers of the high school graduates by reading the newspaper.. the Education Ministry implemented some new subjects now BUT have you gone through the text books nowadays? it is SO different compare to years ago.. it's getting easier and easier.. for the past few years, the percentage of Malaysian graduates increases.. is the Government lowering the passing grade year by year? more and more students are getting straight As or even passing the finals.. is all this doing good for the students AND the Nation? i certainly DO NOT think so..

I think the dropouts in Malaysia isn't as alarming as what's going on in America but still.. most youngsters nowadays prefer to work after high school.. maybe they're not as privileged as me or anyone else but still they can choose to continue studying in one way or another.. but all they want is to earn money.. they're eager to get into the REAL world to work, earn money and buy the things they like/want.. this is not a concern but the main point is what can they do? how much can they earn? what does the future hold for them? who would want to play a role in bringing up this Nation? most of the youngsters now would end up in beauty saloon, car workshops, market, salesman and etc..

I've 2 younger cousins and from there, i could see what's going on now.. the eldest is 16 years old now while the youngest is 12 years old.. all they care now are either playing PS2 or watching MTVs or cartoons or spending time online playing games and chatting.. their grades are disasterous.. going for tuition is just wasting time and money.. all they care is to meet friends and to hang around at the mall.. just yesterday, my younger cousin who's 16, asked me about clubbing.. i was like WTF! he's totally underaged.. he told me his friends were talking about it and also his friends were talking about piercing their tongues! so he told me, my mom and my grandma when we were all at my uncle's house that he's gonna pierce his ear.. Come on! he's only 16 and still studying.. he even asked my mom if he could work part time now to earn some cash in order to buy a camera phone.. he's just not interested to study anymore as i could see..
he could remember 50cents & Eminem's lyrics but just couldn't remember or understand what the teacher had just taught him!

Sometimes it does concern me about my 2 cousins' future.. what can they do after high school? what's stopping them from not dropping out before graduating, is my mom.. she's making sure that at least they graduated.. WE ALL would be happy enough if both of them just barely pass.. the youngsters today are more matrialistic and immature.. they want this and that but they DO NOT have any slightest idea why education is important to them.. all they could see is NOW and not the FUTURE.. WHAT HAS THE YOUNGER GENERATION HAD BECOME?

Friday, May 26, 2006

why ALL guys are PERVERTS?

This question has been in my mind for years.. why guys are like wolves? i bet when you (guys) see the insert picture of heidi klum, you've be drooling.. drooling about what? isn't that obvious, girls? that is coz of the BOOBS!

Guys just can't be help at all.. their eyes would stray and would almost pop out if they see some cleavage bearing big boob girl walking pass them EVEN when they're with their gfs! why? and why do guys watch Baywatch? what else? the girls running in slow motion with their big boobs bouncing up & down..

Guys, do you know why women tend to go for boob enlargement? why would they go through, suffer the pain & egony for that? it's coz of YOU! yeah.. coz of Y-O-U GUYS.. would any guys stare/admire/drool over a flat with no boobies girl? hell no.. would the mags be so over-whelmed with response if there's no big boobs girls in there?

All this is just giving the negative impact on a normal girl.. they'd feel un-wanted and un-appreciated.. coz guys only go ga-ga over some big boobies girls.. they'd feel that no one would ever notice their existance at all.. thus all this will make a girl lose her confidence level.. so in order to boost up her confidence, she'd opt for the "operation" which is costly.. just imagine, hearing the one you love the most talking about other girls.. it hurts ALOT.. women are just so fragile and vulnerable.. they think that in order to keep her man, she must live up to his dream..

Why is it that guys are so superficial? does apperance really does matter to you? what's the use if a girl is a C-cup / D-cup but with no brains? she won't be forever looking like that.. she'd grow old and eventually her BOOBS will sag (it only apply to the natural ones, i think so)

To me, i just think that it's just so unfair to most of the girls, including ME!

"It's funny how a man only thinks about the...
You got a real big heart, but I'm looking your...
You got real big brains, but I'm looking at your...
Girl, there ain't no pain in me looking at your..."

From the PCD feat_Will.I.Am (Beep!)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

am I a spoiled brat?

Am i? am i one? for those who knows me, do you think i am one? it's just weird when you tell someone for the first time that you're the only child in the family, immediately ppl would think that you're a spoiled brat..

From young, i do get what i wanted.. did i? hmmmm.. it's been too long to remember that.. i just remember that my dentist was at SS2, PJ and my tailor was at PJ too.. so my dad always had to drive me there.. hehe.. as for my clothes, my mom would go to The Mall which is just next to the Legend Hotel to buy those imported dresses for me..

That scenario didn't last long.. haha.. of course coz i grew up and went to school.. my mom got me a home tutor to teach me for that 6 years when i was in primary school.. my mom expected good grades from me.. in return i'd get my first Gameboy.. haha.. i had to work hard to earn that, mind you..

Fast forward, when i was 18, i got to enter LimKokWing college.. my mom bought me a car.. a local car, Proton Iswara which was like RM48k++ at that time.. i got my very first cellphone too.. my mom shopped with me to buy new clothes and shoes.. everything during college time was expensive.. then i got my 1st ever Mac.. a G4 which costed my mom RM10k+.. now it's still at home which i plan to sell it and get a Mac laptop..

Sometimes i do wonder if i'm really a spoiled brat.. my mom would buy clothes from Zara or U2 or G2000 for me while she shops at Reject Shop or FOS or Jaya Jusco.. when i started working, my mom changed my Proton to a Kia Spectra.. she knows how i drive.. i love to speed and she's concern about my safety so she got me a better car.. a more stable car.. she paid cash for it and i'm lucky that i DO NOT have to pay any installment.. just that i've to pay for the road tax and insurance every year AND also petrol..

I've never pay my mom nor given my mom money after i started working.. no.. it's not coz i'm an ASS, it's coz my salary is barely enough for me alone! at one point i was earning RM2k per month, my mom would insist that i save it and take some money to buy more clothes as my job requires me to meet clients.. on one occassion, i was given a diamond bracelet which is like RM2k+ from my mom.. well, she sold my old jewellery and top up some money to get me that bracelet..

I would like to think that i'm NOT a spoiled brat.. my mom just doesn't get me things easily like a snap of a finger.. she would plan it carefully and when i least expected it, she'd get it for me! now, i'd get things i want with my money.. i mod my car with my own money and i bought 3 new cellphones throughout the past few years with MY money..

To all my friends, do you think i'm a spoiled brat? how do you define a spoiled brat? i DON'T have a credit card to swipe with nor a maid for me to order around.. i know that one day i'd repay my mom.. but sometimes i do feel that i've this love & hate relationship with her.. don't you ALL feel that too? hehe..

So, what do you think? am i one? *wink*

p/s: thanks to someone, saying that i'm a spoiled brat coz my mom got me a car which was fully paid.. that made me think & wonder

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a Hit or a Flop?

The synopsis from GSC : The murder of a renowned French curator sent the entire French state into panic, and the only man who can help investigate the crime is none other than Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks). Langdon is a Harvard symbologist, is dedicated to revealing the mysteries of ancient codes. Who would have guessed that Leonardo Da Vinci's legendary painting of Mona Lisa hides the secrets to Christianity that has never been revealed to the world before? With the help of stunning Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), estranged granddaughter of the murdered curator, Langdon helps to find the murderer and make the French policemen's lives easier, by putting his life on the line.

I went to watch this movie yesterday at GSC, 1Utama last night.. had read many reviews on this movie saying that it's a flop but then i still want to watch it and judge for myself.. i haven't read the book yet so i can't make any comparison.. the movie started at 9.15pm finally, after waited for like 15mins of Cinema Ads.. i was starting to get tired and sleepy.. haha.. hey, after all before that i had my dinner.. you know, after eating it makes you feeling sleepy and all :P

anyway, the movie is rated as 18PL which means there's some violence in it.. hmmm... i wonder which part? it's quite a long and draggie movie.. the running time for this movie is 2hours and 33mins.. by the time it finished, it was like 11.45pm.. oh well, it's all worth it..
so, what can i say about the movie except that it's draggie? it's a pretty good movie i could say but ppl say it's not as good as the book though.. well, i wouldn't know that coz i haven't read the book yet AND i don't think so i will.. haha..

the movie was released on 18th May and it's been fully booked AND FULL house ever since.. could only managed to get some tickets yesterday and it seems like it was FULL house too last night.. if any of you are interested to check this movie out, visit the website OR watch the trailer


pssst.. i'm not a good reviewer, am i? haha..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


A goddess is a female deity, in contrast with a male deity known as "god". A great many cultures have goddesses, sometimes alone, but more often as part of a larger pantheon that includes both of the conventional genders and in some cases even hermaphroditic (or gender neutral) deities.

As the concept of monotheism and polytheism can be relativistic, so the related concepts can be culturally misunderstood. The concept of gender as applied to a god and goddess, may connote deeper tendencies of patriarchy and matriarchy, which may have equivalence to the rift between monotheism and polytheism. The
Goddess concept is advocated by modern matriarchs and pantheists as a female version of, or analogue to God, (i.e. the Abrahamic god) who in feminist and other circles is perceived as being rooted in patriarchal concept of dominance— much to the exclusion of feminine concepts.

Use of parallel language such as "patriarchy" and "matriarchy" to indicate gender tendencies can add to the misunderstanding of the social organizational preferences of women and men, as evidenced in archaeological and cultural anthropological findings.

The feminine-masculine relationship between deifications is sometimes rooted in monism, ("One-ism") rather than through a definitive and rigid concept of monotheism versus polytheism, wherein the Goddess and God are seen as the genders of one transcendental monad.

Let's try this test out and see which Greek Goddess are you... (this is a test strictly for
girls only)
click here ... i took the test and this is MY result!

i'm a Goddess! Goddess of LOVE..
L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E

Monday, May 22, 2006


hey, i got a new blog! wohoooooooooo! i'm still a newbie with this blogspot as i'm used to posting on Friendster.. the diskspace on Friendster is just too small for me.. haha.. coz i LOVE to blog!

at first i thought of exporting all of my previous posts out from Friendster to here but seems like i can't do it.. sigh.. WTF! but anyhow, if my blog is getting boring or UN-interesting.. just bear for it for a lil while til i got free time to customize it.. OR maybe, just don't read at all! muahahahha...