Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tom ford?

Does anyone know who is Tom Ford? probably he's not well-known to most of you..

Anyway, he's an American fashion designer and film director.. he gained international fame for his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house and the creation of the Tom Ford label..

From 1994 - 2004, Tom Ford was the creative director for Gucci and YSL.. he brought Gucci out from almost being bankrupt and when he left in 2004, Gucci Group was valued at $10billion..

In April 2005, Ford announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand.. in that same year, Ford announced his partnership with Marcolin Group to produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses as well as an alliance with Esteé Lauder to create the TOM FORD Beauty brand..

I was at Bangsar the other day do to some window shopping at the boutiques.. BUT i ended up shopping instead =.="

I was at Reliance Optical, looking at the sunnies.. there was a guy SA who kept bugging me to try on the glasses.. i pity him as he was really trying SO HARD to be helpful, hence i gave in and tried on a couple of glasses.. and oh boy, the glasses he chose for me.. it's either TOO big for my face or it's in purple color frame or green color and so forth..

I really wanted to just walked out as the guy didn't GIVE UP! indirectly he was chasing potential customers away..

My friend asked me to just sit down and other people will come to serve me.. true enough, i was presented with a few glasses to try on.. and within 10 mins, i found the perfect glasses.. i just bought it straightaway after negotiating the price! :D

Here it is! :-

I am truly happy with the service and price.. the girl SA suggested that i shouldn't wear a black frame glasses as it doesn't goes well with my hair color.. she knew i wanted Tom Ford hence she gave me this model which i fell in love with..

So what do you think? ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It seems like everyone is a blogger nowadays.. it's super easy to own a blog, just register yourself on blogger and VOILA! you're a blogger..

There are many types of bloggers out there.. some they just upload photos, some do vlog.. i started my blog way back in 2006 on blogger but earlier on i was blogging on friendster..

Anyway, i am NOT famous at all compare to some bloggers out there.. i just blog for fun, not for money or fame.. but of course if i do get extra income out of it, it'd be nice :D hehe..  honestly, i did get upset with some nasty comments and also when no one commented on my blog, buuuuut i'm over it ;)

I just had a conversation with a fellow blogger and he told me that there's too many unknown bloggers around.. and some, they really spoiled the reputation of a blogger.. Eg; some blogger just take advantages of being a blogger, they think that they have exclusivity.. that they can ask for free food, getting VIP invites to events or get sponsored..

I mean, it would be great IF some company or people approached you for sponsorship or invite you for an exclusive event BUT NOT the other way round where you go out and ask/beg for it.. and please don't think you could be a diva just coz you're a blogger =.="

These are just my 2 cents, sorry if i offended anyone

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Remember my previous post which i blogged about the 'Kings and Queen' comedy? Remember how excited i was to know that it's happening again this year? Went straight to RockCorner to purchase, not one, not two BUT 6 tickets which was rm128 each..

Now Groupon is selling the rm128 tickets for... rm78!! WTF right? me and my friends feel so cheated..

Should we boycott their event next year?

*remark: due to the quick response to my complaint email, i will attend the NEXT 'Kings & Queen'! :) hopefully they will bring back Kumar? :p

Thursday, November 10, 2011

new ipod touch?

This is my first time blogging via my new ipod touch! so i guess i got no excuses to NOT to blog.. haha

Anyway, i just got back from bytes@tropicana mall

Check my new 32G ipod touch with the engravement AND the Hello Kitty capsule speaker :-


I can't wait to find a nice cover for it.. Midvalley here i come! soon~ heheh

Friday, November 04, 2011

KLS in town?

Kimora Lee Simmons is in TOWN! YES! YES! YES! she's in KL..

For those who doesn't know who she is.... well, Kimora is an American fashion model, author, and former president and Creative Director for Phat Fashions..

I ABSOLUTELY adore her and she inspired me alot..

My KLIA supervisor surprised me today by sending me a picture of Kimora while she's in the aerotrain.. i WISHED i was in KLIA today!! T_T

I've been trying to win invites to her party at Rootz tomorrow, 5th Nov 2011 via twitter and sending her tweets hoping to get her attention BUT... SIGH~

I wonder will i EVER get to meet her in person T_T

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It’s the time of the year again. YES! For the BIGGEST Hennessy event.. the last time I attended the Hennessy Artistry as a blogger BUT this time, I’m attending the Hennessy HALO as an employee T_T

Anyway, as a blogger I had so many perks! I was being flown to Penang with a bunch of bloggers via MAS, stayed at a hotel suite, massages, partied 2 nights in a row, flew back to KL, stayed at Sunway hotel and attended the HA at Opera.. read back my previous post, here, here and here :)

Now since I joined my company, whenever there’s a Hennessy event I’ll be there as an employee.. this year, the event will be held at MIECC, Mines Resort City.. 

The line up artistes would be :-

Chris Willis

Landy Wen

DJ Goldfish and DJ Blink

Yolanda Be Cool

Park Jung Min (of Korean boyband SS501 fame)

Just like the previous HA, there are different zones for you to explore before the show :-
  1. Hennessy Mixing Bar – a bar where fans will be taught how to mix any of the four signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks (Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Apple, and Hennessy Soda)
  1. Hennessy Music Mix Synth — where revellers will be given the chance to create their own tunes by selectively choosing to place 15 circular cubes on a react table (each cube represents a different music element, i.e: guitar, drums, etc) to allow them to experience the true meaning of “The Global Art of Mixing” through the blending of their very own tunes.
  1. Hennessy iMix Challenge – an area where party-goers can try their hands at Hennessy’s newly developed iPad game which requires guests to slice up ingredients which are found in Hennessy V.S.O.P’s signature long drinks. The top 5 high scores screened on an LCD leaderboard will each take home a bottle of limited edition Hennessy V.S.O.P Helios.
  1. Hennessy Interactive Photowall – a green screen photography area where revellers can enhance their photos digitally by choosing and inserting different visual backgrounds and shout out phrases.
So, what are you waiting for?? 

Passes to the biggest H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ party of 2011 are by-invitation only. To stand a chance to be invited to these upcoming exclusive event, visit H-Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at to register. Registrations will be open till November 4.

Alternatively to receive updates about the upcoming parties follow H-Artistry on Twitter:

The upcoming H-Artistry party in MIECC, Mines Resort City is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only.  ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

More info on the Hennessy Artistry Facebook page