Wednesday, February 19, 2014

how was your Valentines?

This year my Valentine's Day was... LEGEND... waitforit... ARY! haha..

As what my previous post stated, i spent the special day with my BFF of 15 years and counting.. we actually planned this trip in January.. we took a short drive of 1.5 hours up North to reach our destination!

Can you guess where? hehe..

Well.. we went to The LOST WORLD of TAMBUN!!!

We were really excited about this trip as it was the 1st trip just the both of us for 2014 :)

We prep ourselves before we hit off to Ipoh..

Our first stop was to B & L (Ben & Lynette)

Creme brûlée - i had better ones
Pizza - ok, not awesome
Pasta - sauce not too rich and creamy (which i like) BUT the spaghetti wasn't al dente 

After our lunch, we headed straight to the LOST WORLD.. room wasn't ready YET at 1pm and we had to wait for another 2 hours so we walked across to the theme park

While waiting for tiger show.. *ahem* correction.. tiger FEEDING show at 3pm..

The tiger cooling himself off in the water

After the tiger FEEDING show, we went back to the hotel to check in and quickly changed to our bikini! :)

Headed back out to the 'beach'

After taking some photos, we went to rent a locker and stuffed everything inside.. we went for the water slides.. 

When we were done, it was time to cam-whore!

Took a selfie with my bff but she was busy taking a selfie too

At night, we went back again to the water park.. this time was for the hot spring..

The moon on Valentine's day was particularly round and bright

The next day, we checked out by 12.30pm and headed out for dim sum!

Next stop was for 'tau foo fan' @ bean curd jelly.. it was a drive thru.. the guy will come to our car to take orders, we ate in the car, return the bowl and drive off

We also bought the famous curry chicken in bread

Overall i had an AWESOME Vday.. who says we need a bf? :P hahaha

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well Valentine's day is just around the corner.. and so does 'Chap Goh Mei'

For this year, it will be something different for me.. no husband/bf/lover to celebrate with.. just my bff and me.. we are going to somewhere far far far away.. ok ok.. not TOO far away, still within Malaysia..

This time we gonna celebrate our 15 years of friendship in 'style'.. haha..

So stay tune on this blog.. to see where we went :D

Before i pen off, i'd like to wish everyone