Monday, April 26, 2010


As most of you all know, i am a fan of Christian Louboutin.. and my bb bought me my very first pair back in last year feb.. as my valentine's day gift.. i kept it in the box for at least a couple of months before i finally have the heart to wear it.. i mean what's the use of buying it and not wearing it? right? furthermore, my bb said if i don't wear the shoes then no more CLs for me! :(

Anyway, i've been wearing my loubie quite frequent.. to a wedding, clubbing, dinners and shopping.. the red sole is wearing off! i thought of bringing it to a cobbler and sticking a new sole on it BUT i doubt that they have a red sole.. mostly are blacks..

Then i did some research on a forum on 'how to take care of your louboutin'.. yes, there's a forum for fashionista and a special thread dedicated to all Louboutin lovers.. i found out that besides sticking a new sole, i can just spray 'plasti dip' @ synthetic rubber coating to the sole! yay!

DIY session :-

My loubie

Worn ugly sole

After 2 layers of plasti dip

It looks like brand new! wohoo! but then again, i have to keep spraying it as the rubber coating will come off when i walk in those shoe.. i know it's not a good solution but hey, it works temporarily.. until i can find a cobbler in kl who sells red sole OR maybe i should bring all my loubies to the cobbler in paragon, singapore for a new red sole! ;)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I just came across this ad on facebook :-


Drink siti's juice
Feel the relieve and enjoyment. Drink,
be healthy and have a fat pocket.
Get a sample for today only.

Is it misleading for me only or for you guys as well? hmmm, maybe i have a dirty mind.. LOL!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is me and angeli, my sister in-law :-

Don't you think we have identical hairstyle? hahaha

Friday, April 16, 2010

try outs?

Recently i bought this :-

So, i've started to jot down all the places which i think MIGHT be interesting..

The first place which i picked from the list is Checkers @ Bkt Damansara

Went there with a friend for dinner last night.. and... oh, boy.. i ordered the wrong dish! since i've been on a search for the yummiest aglio olio pasta since years ago, so i ordered the shrimp aglio olio.. BAD choice..

The pasta tasted SO bland! the shrimp weren't really fresh.. it cost me rm21! o.O since i was freaking hungry yesterday as dinner was my 1st meal of the day, i finished the pasta =.=

My friend ordered the pork ribs and it taste yummy! argh!! next time i shall order anything besides the pasta..

Cas, if you're reading this.. well i know you are :p~ we both will be in a mission to visit all the restaurants which i've listed down ya.. hahaha..

And mimi, you too :p except for the non-halal ones ;)

ps: anyone wants to join? hehe

Monday, April 12, 2010

too many?

Sometimes it's not speeding which cause accidents

I reckon the driver can just take out his/her rear view mirror

Saturday, April 03, 2010

bloggers meet-up?

Ever thought that through blogs we could meet up nice amazing people? so far, i've met 10 bloggers ever since i started this blog.. and turns out everyone are SO niceeeee :D

This is eugene, whom i first met in singapore (18th aug 2008)..

I took this without him knowing! :p

And shantini @ cas whom i just met in person recently although we've known each other for quite some time on cyberspace

The soon-to-be hot mama and her loving hubby, anand..

So today, finally is the day when 3 of us met.. it was the first time for eugene to meet cas and my 2nd time meeting cas.. this hot mama is sizzling hot AND pretty :D

We had our lunch at WIP, bangsar shopping centre.. it was me, cas and anand's first time visiting BSC after the renovation.. the place is perfect with nice ambiance and good tasty food.. thanks cas for recommending this place AND also making the reservation *hugz*

I ordered an apple mint which everyone thought that it's a mojito.. haha.. i fooled ya, didn't i? :p

As usual i'd indulge myself with pasta.. no surprise there.. hehe

Coastal aglio olio (pan seared scallops, fish, calamari, prawns and vongole)

Since this is a rare opportunity for all of us to meet up, hence of course there's a group pic! ;)

Oh yea, besides the 3 of us bloggers and anand, 2 of eugene's friends came along as well :) marcus and rita whom me and russ met before while we were clubbing with eugene at zouk..

So there, that's how i spent my saturday afternoon :D

ps: jockey parking at bsc is freaking expensive! rm20 for 2 hours =.= damnz