Saturday, December 29, 2007


When i say lobster, no it's not as BIG as this :-

Nor it's RED/cooked :-

It's more like this :-

Aren't they small tiny and cute? i got 4 of em'.. yea, i know it's kinda weird to keep them as erm.... pet? or food? muahahaha... anyhow, sooner or later they'd end up on my plate looking like this!

Just that i've to be patient and feed them well now.. hehehe... but then my mum said that i won't be able to kill, slaughter, baked and eat them.. aahhhhh~ we shall see about that...

ps: i got those lobsters FOC from my bb's mechanic :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

~ Happy B'day Jesz!! ~

We're back!!! from penang BUT we didn't do much there.. coz my bb was sick :( so i had to take care of my bb and we spent mostly of our time in the hotel room.. anyhow, we did manage to catch up with my bb's family members :)

Oh yea, i forgot to wish jesz, HAPPY B'DAY!!! i know.. i know.. it's waaaaaaaaaaaay too late already but hey, i came over to your paaarty, right?? hehehe..

And i stole a picture from jesz's facebook *nyek nyek nyek*

ps: i don't look fat in the pic, huh? i soooooooooooooo lurve your camera, jesz.. hahaha..

Friday, December 21, 2007


Yea.. i am DAMN sexcited excited that my bb is coming home!! :) wohoooooo! BUT right now, i'm missing him terribly :( *sigh* i still have to wait for more than 20 hours before i can hug and kiss him again..

Although he was just away for less than 3 weeks ONLY, it feels like a year or more to me.. how i longed for his touch and his kisses.. how i look forward to his return everytime after his trip..

Dear bb,

Do you know that each time when you fly i'd pray to God? i'd ask Him to make sure you'd arrive safely to your destination coz i just can't afford to lose you.. i could lose anything and everything BUT just NOT you..

I love you bb.. always and forever *MUACKS*

Thursday, December 20, 2007

christmas shopping?

I went out to midvalley with my aunty today to do some christmas shopping before my bb comes back :) and we spent more than 3 hours there! i got a black top from roxy and another 2 singlet top from MNG.. also i was searching high and low for the perfect lil christmas present for my bb.. luckily i wore my comfy crocs! :P~

Anyway here are some pics of the christmas decor at midvalley AND also the top i bought from roxy :-

After sending my aunty home about 8pm, i went home too.. i took a couple of pics to show you guys how the interior of the Z looks like at night :-

Okay, that's all for now.. i will try to update my blog again :) well as you guys know, my bb is coming home.. so we'd be spending lots of quality time together *wink*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

which Z do you prefer?

The gray OR the red??

*pointing a gun to your head*

So you prefer the gray Z right?? muahahahaha! *evil laugh*

ps: i'd soon post more about the Z's interior and also the Navi screen :) stay tune!!


Here are some short conversations

Conversation A
Ex-colleague : You're married?
Me : Yes..

Ex-colleague : But you're still young.. how old are you?
Me : 26

Ex-colleague : Oh, then it's the right age to be married

Response : *eyes rolling*

Conversation B

Guy : No date tonight?
Me : No..

Guy : Bf?
Me : I got no bf.. no one wants me now.. no market value anymore

Guy : Why do you say that?

Me : Well, it's the truth.. i'm married so i got no market value anymore
Guy : =_="

Response : GOTCHA!

Conversation C

Petrol guy : Where you going?

Me : Out for lunch

Petrol guy : New car?

Me : Yes

Petrol guy : Your friend's car?

Me : No, it's mine

Response : =_=

Conversation D
Friend : How are you?
Me : As usual.. still alive :P

Response : uh-uh

Conversation E
Credit card salesperson : Would you like to apply our credit card?
Me : I'm not working

Response : end of story

Conversation F
Credit card salesperson : Would you like to apply our credit card?
Me : I have it already
Credit card salesperson : Oh, so would you like us to upgrade it for you?
Me : It's platinum already

Response : too bad

Conversation G
Guy : So, what do you do? working or studying?
Me : Neither

Response : yea i know! i'm so lucky

Monday, December 17, 2007

tous freak?

Yeah yeah.. i'm a Tous freak.. there! i admitted that out loud :P

Even before my bb bought me my first Tous ring, i've been quite into this brand :) just love the lil teddy.. so today when i was shopping at 1Utama with my aunty, i bought this :-

It's my christmas present from my mum and it cost her RM223.. heheh.. yea.. just for a keychain.. yea yea *eyes rolling* i'm spoilt :P by my bb (mostly) my mum AND my whole family (grandma, aunty, uncle)!! guess there's an advantage of being the ONLY child in the family afterall.. muahahaha!

ps: bb, where's my christmas pressie?? hehehe *just joking*

Sunday, December 16, 2007

model or owner?

Today i told my bb that i want to be a car model while we were chatting on skype.. just like jesz and the rest of the girls.. but then i have to go for liposuction and fake boobies first! muahahaha!!

BUT my bb asked me 'isn't it better to be a Z owner instead of just posing with nice cars which aren't even yours?' hmmmmm.. he got me thinking.. bb, i know you're just trying to make me feel better.. hehehe :P i appreciate that :) *muacks* anyway i don't think i'm good enough to be a model.. so i'd just stick to being my bb's personal model and him being my personal photographer!

Oh, regarding about my experience driving the Z.. mmmmmmm.... i got so much to say about it but just couldn't find the right/exact words to it.. for now, all i can say is that the experience is AMAZINGLY SUPERB AWESOME!!

So far, i've done about 400km just in less than a week!! yea, you read that right.. hehehe.. i've been driving the Z everywhere and everyday.. so far, RM100 petrol could give me about 310km.. IF i just tap my foot lightly on the accelerator (which it's a hard thing for me to do), it'd probably take me even more further :P

Yea yea, i've been a naughty girl.. going 170kmph on the NPE (New Pantai Expressway).. i can't go 180kmph as the speedcut will kick in! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......... and my bb will only remove it for me a year later or so.. at least until he thinks i'm ready to handle the power.. oh oh bb, 2007 is ending soon.. does that mean you'd remove the speedcut for me in jan 2008?? *praying hard*

Today i took the Z for a wash.. it cost me RM20 but it's all worth it.. the guys did a good job.. they even scrubbed the wheels nuts! only the BEST for the Z AND also the GTR :) oh oh.. and me too!!

The Z now is spanking clean and ready to go! vrooooooooooooom... we're ready to hit the streets once again tomorrow!! :) just me and the Z

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Take a look at the picture below and guess where was boobie at/in.. hehehe

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


DARN! it's 7am, i'm W I D E awake AND blogging! :P~

I finally got the Z yesterday.. at about 5pm ish.. man, the car is just SO wicked! from driving a 1.6litre to a 3.5litre now, is just so darn AMAZING! the Z is so perfect for me.. guess i've never made the wrong choice for drooling over the Z a few years back.. even before i actually test drove it :P

The first thing i did after getting the car out from the dealer's shop was to pump some petrol.. gotta feed the Z.. haha.. i know a full tank of petrol will cost me more than a hundred but then i just pumped RM100 for now..

The 2nd thing which i did after that was to take it to my friend's shop for some serious tint-ing! how can someone drive around in M'sia without any tint, right? this country is so blardy hot and i don't want to get a tan from driving around! my friend, han gave me a very special price for some security tint AND some extreme V-kool tint :) it took them almost 2 hours to put the tint up :-

See the pictures?? i REALLY got the Z!! i'm not lying to you guys.. how can i lie to my blog readers?? :P~

Anyway, i still feel so surreal.. my dream finally came true after all these years!! and i owe a BIG BIG thank you to my loving hubby *muacks muacks muacks*

I LOVE YOU bb!!!!

ps: i can't wait to drive the Z again today!! *wink*

Monday, December 10, 2007

what do you think?

I found something REALLY interesting on the newspaper today..

Click here to read more

How ridiculous can those government people could be??

At last, someone took notice..

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Since i'll be upgrading my car from a korean car to a japanese car, i might as well upgrade myself too! so that i can match up with the sexy Z!

The first thing which i've to do, is to make-up!! i don't really want to put heavy make-up everytime i go out.. coz it'd take ages! and i bet my bb would be rolling his eyes.. 1 of the reason why my bb adores me is that i don't wear make-up and he likes natural beauty.. so i don't want to change now and always putting heavy make-up everytime we go out and make him wait for half an hour or so :P

I just want to be as simple as i can! so i only want to do the basics.. oh yea, this is what i bought to get me started!

Skin Food - Bronze Vitamin Shadow

Lancôme - Waterproof Mascara

The box set comes with an eye cream AND make-up remover! :)

So bb, next time i'd take a lil bit longer to get ready.. so be patient, yah? *muacks*

does looks really matters?

I've just finished watching THS: Supermodels 'Beyond the deep skin' on E!.. and i'm inspired to write this..

Do you know that even the supermodels have insecurities? they are ALWAYS trying to look prettier and thinner.. some even turned to cocaine so that they'd go on all day without eating in order to loose a few pounds.. and some would pull out their back tooth so that they'd have nicer jawline also some took it to the extreme where they would remove a rib bone in order to make their waist smaller! i mean, they are SUPERMODELS, someone who's supposed to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL girl in the world and yet they have insecurities.. maybe i should blame it on the modeling industry but i guess no matter how much confidence you have in yourself, somehow you'd feel insecure as long as you are a GIRL!

No guys would understand us, girls.. it's hard for them to put themselves in our shoes.. they don't know why we would make a fuss when they look at other girls.. to them, it's just looking.. they think it's alright to compliment on other girls, browse on girl's pictures online, and etc.. some guys even believe that it's okay to have some harmless flirt with other girls..

Guys, let me tell you this.. we girls DO HAVE insecurities.. especially when you compliment about other girls right in front of our face or not.. i know that some girls would say that they're VERY confident in themselves.. but i think most of the girls, do feel insecure.. we'd constantly make ourselves beautiful by applying make-up, plastic surgery, diet and etc.. we DO NOT want to look like an old rag!

There are SO many beautiful girls out there.. it's like every girl is competing and outdo-ing each other.. if you say you're beautiful but there will ALWAYS be someone more beautiful than you.. one thing which we girls HATE the MOST is getting old (ageing)! skin sagging, boobs sagging, wrinkles, gray hair.. this is how we'd look in our 50's, 60's and throughout our life!

So guys, you could have a beautiful gf/trophy wife BUT just bear in mind that that pretty face won't last FOREVER.. what are you gonna do when they age? divorce them? ditched them? for a younger and prettier girl?

ps: or maybe it's just me feeling insecure? hmmmmmmmm...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

the surprise....?

YES.. i am EXPECTING.........

A 2005 dark gray 3.5 litre Nissan Fairlady 350Z to be delivered to my doorstep tomorrow or next monday! :) FINALLY i'm getting my dream car.. my bb got it for me, to be exact.. hehehe.. if it's not for my bb, the Z will always remain as my dream car.. i love my bb..

The timing was perfect.. i found the car a couple of weeks before my bb was supposed to be home.. my bb called the bank and then they approved our loan.. just 5 days ago, my bb signed the loan documents.. AND now, we're waiting for the number plate AND the sexy Z will be MINE!! muahahahaha...

I bet you guys wanna see the pictures, eh?

Isn't 'she' sexy? this Touring version comes fully loaded with a Bose sound system (player and woofer), LED tail lights, 2005 new facelift, brembo brakes, electronic and leather seats, reverse camera and etc.. oh yea, it comes with a navigation screen which it's ALL in japanese! arghhhh!! i need help to translate it OR i might just have to take up a japanese course now :P~

Did i say it's auto? heheh.. well, it's for me to drive around town so i better get an auto.. IF i want to drive a manual car, i could always take the 'monster' for a spin! :P am i lucky or what...

Anyway, when my bb was back for a couple of days.. we went to collect the GTR from the workshop.. AND i took a picture without my bb's knowledge :P~

I took this upstairs from my balcony after my bb finished cleaning his car (as usual) :)

And before my bb left on tuesday to catch his flight to trinidad (KL-SG-London-Miami-Port of Spain), he gave me :-

YEAP! it's 'the key'.. the heavy key.. muahahaha!!! my bb left the key to me now!! don't be jealous, ya? :P~

I might be excited that our condo is almost ready for us to move in and i'd be getting my Z soon, but i am sad as well coz my bb isn't here with me.. we won't be celebrating christmas and new year together 2 years in a row.. i know my bb has to work.. need to earn more money for our renovation.. it's already costing my bb RM100k for it..

So i've to look at the bright side, be strong for my bb and wait patiently for his return.. at least we spent 4 days 3 nights together :) better than nothing.. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? ;) *wink*


ps: i should've post this entry on my other blog BUT i guess no one is interested on it SO i post it here! :) oh yea, some of you guys are REALLY smart to be able to guess what was my surprise.. kudos!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

FJ Benjamin?

I was cordially invited to a preview special of the FJ Benjamin's warehouse clearance on 30th Nov at Parkroyal :) wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It says additional 10% discount for HSBC credit cardholders.. here i come!!

So when i arrived there with my aunty at 9.45am, this is what i saw (a long queue in front of us) :-

And later (within minutes) a long queue behind us :-

The door of the ballroom opened exactly at 10am and we were all following the queue to enter AND there were 2 women who didn't even bother about the queue and just cut into it just in front of the girls who were before me.. then they were stopped by the FJ Benjamin staffs coz they didn't wrapped up their handbags in plastic bags as bags and handbags were NOT allowed into the sale premise! serve them right! hahahaha...

When i entered, the people were ALL over everywhere! they created such a havoc! i managed to snapped some pictures in between while i was doing my shopping grabbing, pushing and finding my way :-

An hour after that, me and my aunty were at the check out counter.. we managed to grabbed some stuff.. i would DEFINITELY would feel sorry for myself IF i didn't buy anything.. not after all the pushing, grabbing, shoving, yelling and etc..

This is what i bought :-

MY first pair of Guess stilettos (RM 80)

MY first Guess skirt (RM 90)

MY first La Senza's mug (RM 20)

MY first set of La Senza's nightie (RM 50)

I'm SO proud of myself that i managed to get at least a few things out from the warehouse clearance.. my FIRST warehouse clearance experience.. hahaha.. i'd do it all over again IF there's a warehouse clearance which is worth to go! :)