Monday, July 18, 2011

busy as a bee?

Ever since i've started this new job, i've been as busy as a bee.. no kidding..

This is my job title now

On my 3rd day of work, i had to go outstation.. went to KK and Kuching with my colleague to do setup at the airports.. then few days later, i had to attend meeting.. as for tomorrow i have another meetign to attend at 3.30pm and another one on thursday at 10am..

Every day after work at about 7pm, all i want to do is to take a shower, catch up with a few episodes of the HK chinese series and by 10.30pm or 11pm, i'll hit the bed.. THAT's my routine for now.. sigh~

And i'll be looking forward to every weekends.. that's the only time when i can have my quality time to myself and friends

Okies, i gotta go now.. lunch time is over.. TATA!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

new job?

YES! finally i got myself a job which pays me monthly.. started work on monday, 4th july.. the office isn't as far as my previous one BUT the jam going back home.. sigh~ is as bad..

Anyway, i'm working now with Spiral Integrated.. the company which handles the Hennessy Artistry.. although i'm not handling the account but i can get staff access! :D

My workspace now is pretty bare.. can't wait to decorate it.. hmmmm... what should i put? a digital photo frame? but whose pictures, besides my boboie? *thinking*

Ever since i started this job, i've been sleeping quite early.. latest by 11pm.. yes, seriously! not kidding.. by the time i finish work, caught in the jam for 1 hour.. i'll be too tired to even eat dinner.. but i still do.. not rice, mostly noodles..

I can't wait for weekends now.. to spend time at home, putting my legs up and watch tv the whole day :P