Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been wanting to dine at meatWorks for the longest time.. i thought of waiting for russ to come back so that we both can dine there together.. but then since it's my friend's b'day today, we decided to try the food at meatWorks @ solaris, mont kiara..

First of all, when we entered the restaurant, there was no one there to greet us or to show us our table.. it was NOT packed so i wondered where the heck were the waiters!

Secondly, i had to take the menu myself from the table next to us as we weren't given one..

Third, the ventilation is bad.. we can smell what the chef was cooking! i mean, we came out from the restaurant smelling like steak! =.="

Forth, the food is NOT up to the standard.. we ordered a mushroom soup, garlic bread, sirloin, pan fried baramundi, orange juice and ice lemon tea.. the bill came up to a total of rm170.. well, we wouldn't mind the price IF the food and service is good but let me tell you..

- the mushroom soup tasted weird.. sour-ish actually
- the sirloin was cold
- baramundi had the fishy taste
- scallops were cold (came with the baramundi)
- salad had no dressing (came with the baramundi)
- orange juice was bland (no orange taste)

Fifth, my friend had to go to the cashier himself to ask for the bill as the waiter was nowhere to be found! and then he had to go back to the cashier to sign the bill as he paid by credit card..

I just don't see why people still flock to this place.. and before we left, i saw a caucasian guy leaving the restaurant shaking his head.. i guess he's not happy with the place too..

So, if you still want to take the chance and try out meatWorks, don't say that i didn't warn you.. you'd regret BIG time.. sigh~

Sunday, June 27, 2010


For the past 5 days (monday - friday), i've been working.. yeah, you heard me right.. i was working.. i had to wake up everyday at 6am, drive to monash, sunway and clock in by 7.45am..

My job was to assist the exam invigilators..
 - post up the seat allocation sheet outside the exam venue,
- outlay the exam paper and materials,
- accompany candidates who may leave the exam venue for toilet trips,
- have on hand a supply of extra script books for candidates
- collect submitted materials and arrange script books
- bag the answer scripts

Everyday my routine will start from 7.45am to 11.45am, lunch break til 12.30pm and continue to 4.55pm.. it's not my permanent job, just helping my friend out.. the job doesn't pay much but i've gained some experience from it ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~ happy 80th b'day nana!! ~

I was back in penang for a few days to attend nana's 80th birthday at rasa sayang.. family members flew in from near and far.. i drove there.. nana is russ's grandma from his dad side..

I had a good time there, all dressed up and meeting up with almost all of the relatives.. too bad russ wasn't there

Friday, June 04, 2010


Today as i came out from the lift, something caught my eye.. something too familiar in fact.. the first thing which came to my mind was, am i dreaming? has someone finally came to their senses and return 'it' back to us? BUT i quickly snapped out of it.. i know that it will NEVER happen..

When i saw 'it','it' brought back memories.. i was overwhelmed.. in fact, i felt like crying.. there's no words for me to describe how i felt.. my heart was pounding and i kept telling myself 'don't cry'..

Wanna know what i saw?

This is it :-

Don't this photo brings back memories? i kept staring and looking at this car hoping that it's our car but i know, it isn't.. the side mirror, paint color, exhaust, bodykit, diffuser, seats are all different..

How i wish one day someone would really return our car back but i know it's just wishful thinking :'(

ps: there will be always sadness in me which just won't go away for as long as i live.. the 'beast' is not just a car.. it is not