Thursday, January 31, 2013

the Z gathering?

I've been driving my car for the past 5 years or more and i've only attended a few of the car gatherings.. mostly, i used to follow russ to HIS car club gathering instead :P

Anyways, on Sunday i went to the Z gathering.. usually i'll avoid it as there's no other girl owners.. BUT this time i'm lucky.. i got to know Celine from the group and we hit it off instantly on... FB!

At 10am, some of the guys were already at Pappa Rich, Citta Mall

I reached by 10.30am and was the only lady owner there @_@ then slowly everyone came, one by one..

After the photoshoot, we drove to Bkt Tinggi.. it was a good drive.. IF there were lesser cars, it woild be even BETTER

We all followed the lead of the 370Z

We stopped for awhile before heading up to the hill.. the guys had a ciggie break

We reached and parked all of our cars side by side..

It was my first time up at Bkt Tinggi.. it was like a French Village, minus the French  =.=

By 4pm ish, i drove back home.. it was a good weekend for me! :D

ps: photos credited to the boys from the Z group!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

grand harbour restaurant, Fahrenheit88?

Thanks to Keith, i was being introduced to this new restaurant in town.. it has only been operating for 2 months now BUT the food is SUPER yummy!

Apparently the head chef @ owner was the head chef for Tai Thong group.. so imagine, the food would be top notch quality..

Here are some mouth watering food pictures :-

I've been having lunch and dinner at this place like 2 days in a row! for this coming CNY, i will book a table for me and my mum.. AND also my boboie :D

For those who are interested to try out this place, here's the address :-

Grand Harbour
Fahrenheit 88 (opposite Pavilion, beside Starhill)
LG2-01 (01-02), Lower Ground,
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

aseana cafe, KLCC?

Yesterday, i was at KLCC and decided to try Aseana Cafe.. it was a BAD idea..

I won't condem the place nor the waiter or waitress BUT this is my experience :-

First of all, the white napkin had some lipstick stain on it..

Secondly, the curry puffs which i ordered.. well.. i took 3 bites to it and the filling was cold.. so i told the waitress and she took the puffs to reheat.. when the puffs came back, they returned back my half eaten puff! i mean, can't they just replace that 1 particular puff OR just throw it away?

Thirdly, they forgot my order! AND they gave me the bill..


The ONLY thing i like about this place is the yellow chrysanthemum.. it really stood out from the white table setting..

Summary : it will my 1st and last time visiting this cafe.. although the manager made an effort to apologise by giving me free ice cream

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a rescued lil kitten?

Today as usual when i was driving to work, i spotted a brown little thing on the road.. the road leading to the NKVE.. i stopped by the road waiting for 'it' to crawl to the side for safety BUT 'it' was just stunned.. another car stopped too, but the driver didn't do anything.. so i HAD to just get down from the car and rescued 'it'..

I know that if i leave 'it', 'it' will be another roadkill and i WILL regret for the rest of my life of not rescuing it..

I took 'it' into my car and placed it on the passenger's floor mat

It is just SO adorable.. look at the eyes!! as i was driving to work, it managed to find a hole and crawled up to it.. and i had to stop my car at the petrol station to take it out.. then i drove to work with 1 hand carrying the cute lil thing..

When i arrived at the office, everyone went 'awwwww... so cuteeeee' Mimi got a box for the kitty and we put milk for it.. we think it's a female..

Anyway, i managed to ask around and fortunately someone is willing to adopt her! :D yay!

I wanted to keep it BUT i know i won't be able to have time to take care of her.. my heart feels heavy to see her given away but i know it's for the BEST..

Hopefully she'll be in good hands

*fingers crossed*

I feel so GOOD today!! :D

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Recently i've just purchased an Iphone 5 and yes, it is so much better than my old BlackBerry.. especially the camera and apps! :)

I've just registered myself on Instagram and started using Line Camera as well.. 

Okay, here are some photos which i've posted

If you're interested, you can follow me on Instagram.. find me at nicolefoong81 :)