Sunday, April 29, 2007

still counting?

Yeap! i'm still counting the hours til my bb's plane touch down at KLIA :) 1 hour 5 minutes to go.. hopefully there's no delay *praying*

Anyways, i slept about 4.30am.. was transferring songs from my CD collection to my ipod which my bb bought it for me.. i just realize that 80G is FREAKING big!! i mean HUGE!! i just only used 1G+ for songs and a few MB for my pictures.. so i've got like 78G to go..

I woke up at 10.10am and i just couldn't get back to sleep.. i'm reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally so EXCITED.. to know that my bb is on his way home.. last night i've ironed my dress which i'm gonna wear it later.. i've even thought of what to do when i meet my bb at KL Sentral.. i mean should i hug him first or kiss him or jump on him or just go stunned?? it has been 7 weeks since i last 'feel' my bb.. i can't wait to spend 6 weeks with him.. er.. actually i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.. hehe..

Okay, it's 11.20am now.. i gotta get ready to look 'pretty' for my bb :) so, i've to stop here now.. toodles~

Friday, April 27, 2007

what shall i do?

I'm currently counting the hours and days til my bb comes back into my arms again *yay!* he'd be flying home tonight (M'sia time) and only arrive here on sunday afternoon.. yeah, 2 days of travelling.. somemore my bb has to wait at the LA airport for 12 hours before he can board the plane to KL.. my poor bb~ :(

So, i have the whole night tonight, whole day tomorrow, whole night tomorrow AND half a day on sunday before i drive to KL Sentral to pick my bb up.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ i'm sooooooooooooooo sex-cited!!! hahaha....

Anways, i've made plans with tony and lovegoddess to meet up on the 30th april.. most probably would be at 1U as we could meet up justin as well :) anyone want to join us??

ps: what should i do at the meantime while waiting for my bb's arrival? any suggestions? maybe i should just watch dvds and transfer songs to my ipod BUT what should i do for the whole day tomorrow??

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Most of you guys would be thinking that i'd be flying off tomorrow to meet my bb BUT i'm not! :p check out my bb's post here to know why i'm NOT going to US of A :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

cute piggy?

I just came home after meeting with my long time ex-school friend, Adrienne Teh.. we've been friends for a long long time.. since primary school :) She recently went to China and she told me she got a lil gift for me.. she bought 10 of the gifts and she's giving one of it to me!! see it for yourself if it's cute :-

Yeap, it's a PIGGY!! it's made from glass..

The side profile *oink oink*

Adrienne is Miss Piggy.. she just absolutely adores cute lil piggy.. from her MSN pic to her fluffy piggy in her car.. here i'd like to thank you (if you're reading this) for the cute/kawaii piggy :)

ps: i'd remember to get you a gift too from my LA trip :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 years?

Yeap, i got a 10 years visa to US of A.. hehe.. don't believe? there :-

See, it expires in 2017 :p~ my pic seriously look ugly.. so, am not gonna show it

I was surprise too when i got my passport back.. my mum was thrilled.. she said 'it's even better than russ".. poor my bb.. hehe..

Munaks: how come you got 2 years? even for business, my bb got 5 years :) hmmmm...

Jason Ong: i got 10 years!!! wohooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I thought it's hard to get visa but it seems easy for me.. i heard many stories that they don't give 10 years or even some got rejected.. maybe i'm just lucky :)

So, right now i'm just waiting for my bb to tell me when he'd be arriving in LA.. i've already asked for the MAS airfare.. a return ticket cost RM3,590 including tax.. i can't wait to fly off to meet my bb :) i'm sooooooooooooooooooooo sex-cited.. oopsie.. i mean excited *blushing*

Monday, April 23, 2007

~ Am going to US of A!! ~

I'm going to the US!!! okay okay.. i don't know when but i ALREADY got my Visa.. collecting my passport tomorrow :) i just have to present this :-

I'm sooooooooooo happy!! :)

My interview just lasted about 5 minutes.. but before that i had to queue up for the visitor pass.. then the guards scanned me, my documents and my handbag.. i had to leave my car keys and my mobile phone with them.. after that, they scanned me for the second time and i had to take a number.. i had to queue again at counter 1 to pass the guy my form and the pink bank slip.. then i had to wait for my number, A048 to scan my index fingers..

While i was waiting, i spotted a nice asian lady who was doing all the interviews.. i noticed that she's friendly and she never rejects any applicants.. so i prayed hard that she would interview me.. my prayers were answered.. i got her to interview me!! :)

She thought i'm 28 *sigh* do i look that old?? so she proceed the Q & A session.. asking me how long i was married, when i got married, what wedding reception i had, what race my bb is (coz of his surname), what my bb is working as, my bb's company name and most importantly i showed her my bb's visa! i wanted to show her the marriage cert but she said it's okay.. she didn't even see any of my documents!! and i was busy compiling those up last night..

Anyways, i could collect my passport tomorrow between 2pm to 3pm.. i wonder how long they'd give me my visa for.. anyone knows??

ps: am going back to sleep now coz i woke up at 7am and i slept at almost 4am.. i need my sleep.. DESPERATELY....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

what the....?

OMIGOSH!! i didn't realize my arm is like this now :-

The blardy doctor!! T_T see the blue black on my arm? th
e doctor took 2 tubes of blood from me..

Yea i went for the medical check up *sigh* not today tho but on friday

Anyways, i was out with my mum again.. this time we went to sg wang.. actually i was hunting for more dresses! hehe.. we came across this place in sg wang 1st floor itself where the local designers sell their creations.. eg: Zang Toi, Melinda Looi and etc.. then i spotted a shop selling lots n lots of dresses.. the shop is called 'Donna C'.. instantly i s
potted a nice sexy dress.. plain color but what i like about it, is that instead of a zipper at the side of the dress, it has a row of buttons! :) i tried on it and it ALMOST fitted me nicely! okay okay.. i need a lil alteration..

Then my mum saw this dress :-

So i tried it on.. what do you think? the girl told me that they could make the neckline higher

For the fun of it, my mum also tried it.. she just absolutely love it BUT it's kinda pricey.. it's about RM600+ for that dress..

So after playing 'try on' clothes, i paid for my dress.. it's about RM159.. not too bad.. and i could only take it in 2 days time coz i need them to alter it :p~

how do i look in a dress?

It's been a long time since i went out with my mum.. i mean for shopping.. i really wanted to buy a dress.. for casual wear..

Anyways, i got a
call yesterday from a guy asking me to collect my laptop bag.. so i went there with my mum.. this is how my bag looks like :-

I just lurve the color of the bag.. it goes well with my black MacBook.. don't you think so?

So after collecting my bag, we went to... yeap.. most of you guys got it right.. we went to 1Utama!! we went to hunt for s
ome nice dresses.. i managed to try on a few :-

A brown dress from Zara.. i didn't buy it coz there's no M size! grrrrrr...

It's a red flowery dress from Wh.. i kinda like it but somehow i think my bb might not like it.. coz too flowery for him? hmmm...

And this is another flowery dress which my mum made me to try on.. not nice right?

But at last i did got myself a dress.. i won't upload the pic here coz i want to give a surprise to my bb :) hope he'd like it too *crossing my fingers*

Friday, April 20, 2007

heavy or fat?

OMIGOSH!!.. i can't believe it that i'm 126 pounds.. are my bones heavy or i'm just fat? i'm 57kg!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! think i've gained 2 pounds in the last couple of years..

Okay okay.. gotta go on crash diet soon before my bb comes home..

ps: darn, i'm fat

Thursday, April 19, 2007

~ for my bb ~

Even though my bb would be coming back home soon (might be end of the month), i know he misses me dearly.. and i miss him too.. but then it's not fair as he could see me on skype while i can't see him as he got no webcam!

Anyway, here's a picture of me which i took in my room for u, bb :) i love you and can't wait for you to come home soon and we'd be reunited!! *yay!*

Stop drooling, bb.. i'm NOT naked.. LOL :p~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

~ mouth watering pasta ~

Currently i'm at dave's, 1Utama having my lunch ALONE.. thought of meeting tony here BUT last minute he said changed of plans.. i just wanted him to install a game for my laptop.. so i can indulge myself in that..

Anyways, here is what i'm eating and drinking :-

My usuals @ dave's, 1Utama.. which are linguini ham & turkey aglio olio AND my esprit raspberry.. the wine is complimentary

My yummy pasta.. i'm LOVIN' it!!

Me drinking the complimentary glass of white wine.. hehe.
. and i don't even like wain :p~

Me! eating my yummy pasta *burp* heehee..

Btw, did i say that dave's has a 50% discount on ALL pasta on every weekdays from 12pm til 5pm with a complimentary glass of white wain? hey, it's worth it, ya know :) now the waiter and waitress recognize me already.. hehe.. hmmmm.. i wonder if they have a VIP card :p

ps: sorry for the blur pics again.. my macBook camera isn't that good, eh?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

~ Happy 46th Birthday!! ~

Today is my aunty's 46th birthday so we had dinner together at a seafood restaurant along Jalan Cheras.. this is how the restaurant looks like :-

This is the restaurant's menu.. yeap, 'Unique Fisherman' is its name

See how many aquariums they have for the fishies, abalone, crabs, prawns, clams and etc..

We had a 6 course dinner which is included a fish, prawns, tau foo, 'kai lan' (veggie), clams and fried rice.. surprisingly it's NOT pricey and the seafood were fresh! :) it was less than RM200 for 4 person.. good deal, eh?

But before we had dinner, me, my aunty and me did some shopping.. as usual i did MY thang in the fitting room :p~

It's sexxxxxxxxxxxxy right? hehe..

But i got no boob-ies :'(

It's nice BUT too pricey for the thin material *sigh*

ps: sorry for my blur pictures :( lousy camera phone.. only 1.3MP *sigh*

Monday, April 16, 2007

what's my rating?

Judging from the picture below:-

What do you think? it's fettuccine seafood aligo olio.. doesn't it look yummy? hehe..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

how much is that doggie?

"It's RM900+ including accessories" the pet shop owner told me..

Okay, i was out with alice today.. first we had KFC then we went to Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC) to meet tony.. i had problems installing a game which i bought when i was with russ in penang..

Anyway, me and alice ended up at tony's work place for a couple of hours.. he's just sooooooooo excited about organizing a trip to penang.. he told me where i can find the best nasi lemak, curry noodles, fried kuey teow and etc.. i told him we could go when my bb is back.. anyone interested? just take a few days off for a holiday :p don't worry about transportation as am sure tony will be willing to be your driver.. hehe.. right?

So after we left BSC about 4pm ish, we went to Ikano.. initially i wanted to check out the game shop there BUT i ended up paying deposit for a laptop bag.. since i brought my macBook out today, it was kinda inconvenient for me.. i had to hug it with my 2 hands and i can't leave it in my car as my car could get broken into.. i just can't afford to lose my mcBook as my bb bought it for me..

At about 6pm, i drove alice back to KL to collect her doggie at the pet shop.. there i saw 3 shih tzu.. i was like OMG!!! they're just soooooooooooooooo cute AND adorable.. they were born on 24 Feb 2007 so they're just less than 2 months old! :) am just wondering if my bb will buy it for me or not.. at least the doggie could keep me company at home.. i mean IF i get it now and train it, it'd be easier for me to sneak it to our new condo as it won't bark and had gotten familiar with us.. shih tzu doesn't need much exercise so basically i could keep it in the condo all the time unlike a golden retriever or a siberian husky.. ok ok, i know i wanted a jack russell but the pet shop owner told me that jack russell is very active and it's barking could be quite loud..

I want a doggie BUT a doggie which needs minimum of exercise, small and cute.. the perfect match to that description would be a shih tzu.. well, i used to think i'd never want a shih tzu coz of a 'personal' reason..

But i just can't say no to this cute sweet lil adorable thing.. awwwwwwwww.... so, bb.. can i have it??

Saturday, April 14, 2007

why some girls are biatches?

I'm not too sure if i've written about this topic before but.. WTH!

Today i went out to (you won't believe what i'm about to say)....... MIDVALLEY! yea yea, me, my grandma and aunty went to midvalley.. why i went there despite what i said in my previous post? i had NO other reason to escape NOT going to midvalley.. not too long ago, i bought a necklace, a pendent and a pair of earrings at Tous, midvalley.. my necklace snapped and broke into 2! i took it back to the shop to repair AND after 5 months of waiting, finally i got a call from them on monday asking me to collect it.. so i HAD to go to midvalley.. furthermore my grandma could do some grocery shopping at carrefour..

urprisingly, it was so EASY to get parking today.. i just couldn't believe it.. i guess people are just not so keen to go there since they increased the parking rate.. even some people didn't know that the rates changed!

Anyways, to cut my story short.. after collecting my necklace, we went to carrefour.. i took the trolley and my grandma and aunty walked behind me chatting away.. at one point, i know there was 2 girls walked right up behind me.. less than a minute, those girls went another way.. instantly my aunty walked to me and told me something.. something which i've got SO used to it ever since i was in high school.. my aunty told me that those 2 girls were talking about me.. my aunty heard them saying that i'm fat.. she also saw them pointing at me and snickering to themselves..

At first, i was really blardy PISSED OFF! but then, those 2 are just one of the many pathetic biatches around in this world.. i feel sorry for them.. why? coz i'm happily MARRIED! while they may be single or just clinging on to their bad/abusive/ugly/fat/playboy bf/husband, i HAVE the perfect guy with me who loves me dearly.. i am being well taken care of by my hubby as well..

To me, those 2 girls are just shallow biatches.. who likes to judge people by their appearance.. they think they're the prettiest girls around and normally they're just stewpid and has a rotten heart.. i absolutely HATE people who judges other people.. i mean NO ONE has the right to do that..

This is not the 1st time this thing happened.. once at 1Utama, my aunty also heard a girl telling her bf that i'm fat after they walked past me.. i mean who the HELL are you to judge me like this?! for all she knows, i'm a fat plain jane BUT i could be a millionaire or something.. right?

Normally i don't click with girls well despite i was from an all girls school.. BUT along the way, i did find back my old school friends and some new friends who doesn't judge me at all :) i do appreciate that so much..

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much-ie!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

shall we?

I'm thinking of having a gathering for ALL blog readers AND bloggers!! feeling excited? i mean, we know each other on the blogsphere BUT not in person.. it'd be great for a meet up, chit chat, introductions AND cam-whoring!!! BUT BUT... have to wait for my bb, russ to come home first :p~ can't have him left out on this, right? hehehehe..

So, i'd like to know your opinions and comments about this :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

does it makes sense?

Today i went to 1Utama with my grandma and my aunty.. we had lunch at dave's and i treated them pasta! my aunty's b'day is on the 17th April so it was an early treat :) furthermore ALL pasta are 50% off except for mine.. hehe..

So after sending both of them home, as usual i drove home passing by Maluri, Jaya Jusco.. then i saw a police car! uh uh.. BUT i really regret for not having a camera with me.. why? coz the policeman who was driving DID NOT wear his SEATBELT!!! i should've snap that picture and send it to the Star newpaper.. the worst thing was NOT that.. it was when the policeman stopped a driver.. i mean the policeman himself was COMMITTING an offense and some more he can stop other people for committing an offense.. WTF??!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

why midvalley?

It had been a loooooooooooooooooong time since i went to Midvalley.. so after chatting with my bb on skype, i drove to Midvalley and met Tony at 'the Manhattan Fish Market' for lunch.. well eating fish is better than eating fast food, right? trying to cut down my carbs.. don't want my bb to say i gain weight when he's away :p~

Anyways, after lunch we walked around and stopped by at the Sony concept store.. saw a few nice looking video cams.. hmmmm.. bb, think we need one? for our holiday OR er... our 'quality' time.. hehe.. the cams are quite small and light.. but it's up to my bb entirely whether to buy or not..

Tony was sweet enough to accompany me, aunty to do some grocery shopping.. haha.. i AM older than him PLUS i'm married.. lol.. bought some seafood, lettuce, some seasoning and RiBENA! tony and me parked at the same floor and same place so he helped me to carry my things to the car park.. before goign to the car, as usual we have to pay for parking.. so i casually asked tony if he paid and he told me that now Midvalley is charging per hour! WTF! i asked 'since when?' and he told me since march.. SO, that proves how long i've been to Midvalley..

Actually i still remember the last time i was at Midvalley, i was stuck in a jam.. i sms-ed my bb and told him that i HATE Midvalley and he replied 'now only you hate it?' *me, eyes rolling* like my bb, i should've hate it long long time ago COZ :-
- in order to enter the parking, we've to at least make 1 round AROUND the shopping mall
- to get out from the parking AND to exit the Midvalley area to either KL or PJ, we've to make almost 1 round too
- weekends would be IMPOSSIBLE to find a parking
- it'd be jam when it's raining, after office hour, weekends AND after movie before midnight
- the queue to the cinema would be DAMN long
- toilets would be crowded during weekends
- basically the shops in Midvalley, you could find it in 1Utama or anywhere else

I'm still wondering if the condos next to Midvalley is FULLY occupied or not.. as the people staying there would be stuck in the jam coming back from the office during office hour and will be stuck at home during weekends.. it IS IMPOSSIBLE for them to drive out.. they could be stuck in the jam for an hour or so..

Worst scenario : would be when you finally drove 1 round to the parking, then suddenly the entrance of the parking is closed! o.O am sure you'd swear all the way to another parking entrance.. i just DO NOT know why people keep coming back.. AND now, they've change the parking rates *gosh* tony couldn't agree more that 1Utama has the BEST parking rate and spacious parking space..

Why would they change the parking rates? is it becoz they realize that people would spend the whole day at Midvalley and it's a waste for not charging more? is it coz they need more money for their next project. Midvalley 2? *sigh*

Sunday, April 08, 2007

me cooking?

Most of my friends would be SHOCK to know that i actually can cook! LOL.. it's TRUE.. i can cook! on previous post i did mention that i was at 1Utama to buy some cooking ingredients, right? and now, VOILA! feast your eyes on this mouth-watering pasta i made :-

This is my lemon and herbs fettuccine :) ingredients :-
- fettuccine
- chicken ham
- grey oyster mushrooms
- fresh basil leaves
- olive oil
- garlic
- grind black pepper
- lemon and herbs sauce (hehehe)

I told my mum that if it turns out not nice, she'd have to finish it for me BUT then she said nice! wohoooooo! she gave me 85% for my 1st attempt to cook pasta :p~ anyways, she did say that the fettuccine is a lil too hard and i think the sauce is too sour.. hmmm.... nevertheless, i FINISHED all of it!! muahahahaha...

Now bb, if only you are here then you could be my lil' white mice! hehehehehe...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

what are those?

Today (07/04/07) i went out with alice again.. for ALMOST the whole day.. hehe.. first of all we went to have our brunch.. we had 'dim sum'! it's been quite some time since i had it.. the last time was with my family AND also my bb at concorde hotel :)

After that we went to the driving school as alice wanted to learn to drive :) the whole thing including the test and the driving cost only RM789.. i think.. not too bad.. so she registered for it.. then we went to 1Utama.. yea yea.. my 2nd home :p~ we spent a few hours shopping.. ok bb, i did spend a lil more money as usual.. i went to Parkson and i bought a frying pan, went to Giant Supermarket and bought some cooking ingredients plus this is what i bought too :-

This is my shampoo.. it purifies the scalp and removed the dandruff adhered to the hair roots.. it helps normalize the secretion of sebum.. it contains mineral, seaweed and salt!

And this is the photo-etched parts set for my 350z which i've bought it earlier on.. it's a detail-up parts series.. hehe..

At about 8pm ish, me and alice decided to have our dinner.. so after dinner, as we wanted to leave 1Utama, i heard some loud music somewhere.. being curious, we searched for the place where the music originated from.. and VOILA! we found this :-

The LARGEST modified cars showcase in SOUTH EAST ASIA..
venue at Bkt Jalil..

Besides we were given the leaflet, behold! this are the cars we saw there :-

Our Proton Gen 2.. it's on FIRE!!

And another Gen 2..

This is our Proton Savvy.. "built tougher than you think"..

As er.. for this.. i have no IDEA what car is it BUT judging from the side mirror, i think.. i think it's a Perodua MyVi.. and did you notice something on the dashboard? lemme zoom in for you..

Yeah, it's a MINI FAN!! i guess with ALL the mods the owner spent on, he/she is trying to save on fuel.. that's some typical people way of thinking.. no air-cond.. just use fan.. muahahahahha! *rofl*

This is the back view of the car.. it looks like a mutated transformer.. don't you think so? see those lights? skyline wannabe? *lmao*

Anyways, beside all the local *ahem* vehicles, they also displayed some cars.. real cars.. such as Toyota Supra, Mazda RX 7 and RX 8, and a Mitsubishi Evo 6.. so it was not so bad.. haha..

ps: pictures ALL were taken with alice's camera phone.. sorry if it's blur.. but it's better than my phone :p~ bb, i need a better camera phone..

Friday, April 06, 2007

what the heck?

Am sure most people would know what's satellite television.. here in Malaysia, we have 'Astro'.. Astro is the region’s leading cross-media operator with direct-to-home satellite television services in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.. our subscription TV service, currently broadcasts 55 channels to more than 1.93 million subscribers, or some 35% of television homes.. it's 1.93M users, you know and this is what happen every time it rains :-

'Service currently not available' *sigh*

I mean if it's raining cats and dogs or even a storm, i'd understand BUT why would the service be interrupted when there's even no rain at my place?! or is it, it's raining at the Astro HQ so that explains why the transmission is down?

Astro is trying to sell one of their new product (Astro MAX) which is quite similar as the TiVo.. it's basically a decoder with a powderful digital recorder inside and it's ONLY RM549.. if you would to choose, which one would you get? i'd choose TiVo!! IF only we have TiVo here.......

Thursday, April 05, 2007

are you kidding me?

Before all of you read what i've to say, let me introduce the ever 'famous' (famous in the sense that it's been trashed by the ever famous Jeremy Clarkson) Kelisa by Perodua :-

I didn't know that it comes with Bluetooth technology now

According to an article i've read on The Star dated 5th May 2007 which is today, the Deputy Minister in the PM's Department stated that our 2nd national car, the Perodua Kelisa is NOT the worst car in the world as claimed by the critic Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear.. he also added that it's just a personal view.. instead the Kelisa scored the highest points in quality in the JD Power Asia Pacific customer satisfaction survey..

As quoted by the Deputy Minister, from 2001 to 2007, Perodua exported more than 2,400 units.. let ME say it again.. it's 2,400 (TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED) units of Kelisa to the United Kingdom and the sole distributor had never received any negative response.. he also added that Clarkson is just like a football commentator who does not play football but he knows the game..

So, what he was trying to say is that Kelisa is not the worst car and hey, in 6 years we sold 2,400 units already.. yahoo! lemme count.. 6 years sold 2,400 units so 1 year sold 400 units and 1 month managed to sell 33 cars ALL over UK! THAT is a BIG achievement.. MALAYSIA BOLEH, man! *applause*

Oh yea, anyone does car business here? how many cars do you have to sell to meet your sales target per month? btw, isn't UK a bigger country than us? population wise? and yet only 2,400 units sold..

psssssssssst... wanna watch the clip where Jeremy Clarkson trashed the Kelisa?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

should i?

I had enough.. just enough.. this blog is simply too pathetic.. i could see the number of visitors i'm getting is increasing BUT to those who care enough to leave a comment, let's see.. i could count with my 5 fingers on my hand.. one hand.. not hands.. regulars would be my bb, tony, alice and zewt.. the rest is just once awhile..

At first i wanted to put ads on my blog BUT after thinking thoroughly, i asked myself 'What for?' those people who are reading doesn't even bother to leave a comment or just to say hi.. so i doubt they would click on my ads! furthermore i just want this blog to be ALL me.. not expecting it to make money for myself and i don't want to tie down that i HAVE to post at least a post every day.. and to write some reviews about some service / products so that i could get paid.. i guess i'm just plain stupid..

*sigh* It really breaks my heart.. should i just delete EVERYTHING and never blog again or just continue yakking away ALL to myself only?

linkin park?

I'm a BIG HUGE fan of Linkin Park ever since they first launched their 1st album (Hybrid Theory) in 2000.. then after 3 years which was in 2003, they released their 2nd album (Meteora).. and NOW, 2007 they gonna release their new and upcoming 3rd album!! wohooooo! and it's called 'Minutes to Midnight'..

Here are their albums' cover :-

Their first album

Their 2nd album

AND now their upcoming 3rd album!!

Click here to listen to their new single 'What I've Done'.. let it load first and don't press enter

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

have you watched?

Currently DiGi commercials are my FAVOURITE commercials right now.. they really came up with a BRILLIANT idea.. DiGi really got the right guy for the right job :) *thumbs up* i just got the 'yellow' fever..

Check them out :-

Monday, April 02, 2007

how fragile is a relationship?

Today i woke up quite early.. think about 10am.. yeah, it's consider early as almost everyday, i'd wake up only when the sun is directly under my head.. hehe.. went out with my mum and had lunch with her.. while i was with my mum, my friend, han called me.. he asked me if i'm interested to check out some cars with him as he's planning to get another car.. so i agreed..

I've known my friend, han for about 2 years now.. think he's older than me a year or 2.. he's one of the share holders for a car accessories workshop which is just nearby my place.. i've worked with him before.. i was just a cashier.. hehe.. at that time it was just a part time job for me til i find another job.. anyways, han is a good friend of mine.. even after i stopped working there, i'd some times drop by his place to say hi or i'd intro some customers to him.. i helped him to advertise his viper alarm on zth forum where i met my hubby.. i've even brought my hubby to his shop before to install a strobe light and han tested my hubby's 'monster'.. hehe..

So, han came over to pick me up at about 1.45pm.. today is his off day.. i asked him which car he's planning to get.. he told me he got few choices.. it's either a Honda City or a Honda Jazz or even an old Nissan Sentra 1.8L.. we went to Ampang as it's the nearest from my place for the Honda showroom.. Honda is having some promotion now.. i left han and the sales person to talk about the purchase while i talked to my hubby on the phone..

After that, han drove to cheras.. to take a look at the 2nd hand cars.. we stopped by a few car dealers shop but there were no nice cars.. we went to selayang then.. still no cars that he likes.. the Sentra were all 1.6L *sigh*.. we stopped by for a meal at some mamak and we spent some time chatting.. i just found out that he broke up recently.. i was SHOCK! it was like a 4 years relationship.. how fragile could it be? he told me his ex gf broke it up as she said she doesn't have anymore feelings for him.. but still they're friends.. why friends? coz according to him, it's none of anyone's fault.. it's both sides.. no one is right or wrong in a relationship.. that IS sooooooooooo true.. er... right? he doesn't have much time for his ex gf due to his work and i think his ex gf must've been complaining as well.. of course he was heartbroken but what can he do? he can't asked his ex gf to stay as she might stay for the relationship sake but her heart won't be with him.. so he told me might as well they break up and take some time off.. he said if it's meant to be, they'd be back together again.. i agree.. all he'd be doing now is to focus on his career and have a stable good income..

He told me also that most of his relationships went wrong after 3 years.. so i suggested to him to get married after 2 years of dating! lol! i told him it's not the matter of time.. it's a matter if you've found the right one or not.. your true soulmate.. like how i found mine :) i took the opportunity to ask him what he thinks of my hubby.. he said he likes my bb! heehee.. not as in like like.. my friend isn't gay, ok? :p he likes my bb coz my bb is friendly and nice.. yea, my bb is *grinning*

I got home quite late.. i think about 5pm ish or maybe 6pm.. it was cloudy and i could hear the thunder even in the afternoon.. it's been a rainy season lately.. could've been the ghost festival is coming soon.. that's what us, chinese believe.. stuck in a jam and was raining.. i just got out from the shower and feeling a lil hungry as i didn't finish my food earlier on with my friend..

I gotta go now and grab a bite.. then i'd head to bed.. so sleepy..

ps: don't take your relationship for granted.. try to spice up your love life and don't make it a routine.. if not, it'd be bad eventually..

Sunday, April 01, 2007

my own 350z?

With ALL the excitement of getting the GTR back home after the major modding, makes me start to think about MY future ride :p~ to plan out what to do to make it a show car.. haha!

At first i couldn't believe it when my hubby said 'i'll get you the 350z'.. i was like 'OMIGOSH!!!! are you for real?'.. 'not the tamiya model set, you know?'.. 'it's the one i could drive in it?'.. ever since Nissan launc
hed the 5th generation of the Z, i just fell immediately in love with it.. and i'm STILL in love with it after all these years.. it IS truly a beauty..

Don't you think so?

The Z is using 2 types of engines.. first when they launched it (2003 - 2006), it was using the 3.5L VQ35DE V6 engine which can
produce 287hp and in 2007, they moderately revised it and the VQ35DE V6 was replaced with a new 3.5L VQ35HR V6 which can produce 306hp @ 6800rpm.. it comes with 5-speed auto and 6-speed manual.. Top Gear voted the Z as "Car of The Year" in 2004.. it was driven around the test track in a time of 1:31.8 putting it level to the BMW M3 and Mazda RX8..

The Z comes with 4 different type of specs.. the 350Z, enthusiast, touring and grand touring.. click here for the specifications on those 4 types which i just mentioned.. not long ago, Nissan just released the roadster version.. which i don't like coz it's soft top instead of a hard top..

Anyways, even though the Z seems like the
perfect car BUT to a car freak like me and my hubby.. we think that there's room for improvement.. haha.. we've decided to add a bodykit (either a Nismo or a Veilside), get a carbon fibre hood, do some graphics, re-paint the whole car and of course, change the rims and tires..

As for me, i've always like the speed.. yea, although it has a 3.5L engine i still want it to be faster.. my hubby knows about that and he suggested that i should get used to the 'power' first before upgrading it coz right now i'm just driving around with a 1.6L engine car :p~ i'd want to turbo charged it or just super charged
it.. hmmmm.. what do you think, bb? or maybe just changed the air filter and ECU.. hehe.. better air intake?

Besides being fast, the suspension and braking system are equally important as well.. most people say that the Z's suspension is good enough, so i thought of changing the coils only.. to the Tein super flex coilovers.. bring the car down for an inch maybe.. for the braking system, only the grand touring is fitted with a Brembo® braking system.. sigh.. it
comes with a 4-piston caliper with 12.8" x 1.18" vented front discs and 2-piston caliper with 12.7" x 0.87" vented rear discs.. hopefully i could change to Brembo® brakes.. hehe..

As for the ICE (In Car Entertainment), i think with the Bose
® system is enough for me.. for the interior, i think i'd just leave it stock standard.. haha.. hopefully my dream car would be more or less looking something this! :-

Not exactly the same.. duh~ i'd want a vector graphic like that! :)

So, for the time being i'd just wait patiently for the time to arrive when my hubby do actually get me the car.. can't wait to do it up and take it for competitions.. haha! oh oh, my hubby's GTR is still my fav car as he first picked me up for our first dinner in that 'monster' :)

~ Happy April Fools' Day ~

Today is indeed 1st of April.. no.. it's not a joke.. haha.. *lame* anyways, i'd like to wish EVERYBODY Happy April Fools' Day!! did you just get pranked? haha!

Have a good day! :)