Friday, August 31, 2007

where have we been/done?

Since my bb is back, we've been quite busy with stuff.. on the 1st day just right after his touched down at the KLIA airport, we went to Sunway to take his 'beast' :) but before that we went to Pyramid to have our lunch at Tony Roma's.. i managed to take pictures of our food :-

Tony Roma's menu

My grilled chicken breast :)

My bb's medium well steak

We finally took the 'beast' home without tuning coz the tuner is on holiday til monday.. so my bb is running-in the engine and he managed to do about 700km for the past 4 days! time for oil change soon.. heheh..

Anyway, the next day me and my bb were invited for korean bbq dinner at puchong.. we met up with jane, ariff, jensen, benny and ms khoo.. it was my 1st time going for korean bbq AND i only took a few pictures :(

Free flow of complimentary side dishes

For more pictures, proceed to here

But before the dinner, we went to the Curve for my bb's haircut :-

It was pack, but my bb managed to find a seat! haha

Finally it was my bb's turn

Last night was Merdeka eve, so me and my bb went to 1Utama to do some shopping.. we bought a 46inch Samsung LCD tv!! Huraah!!! gonna have it delivered to my place this monday.. i can't wait to watch movies on it :p~

As for lunch, we went to Sushi Groove.. the decor wa
s nice.. the lightings made it difficult for me to take pictures.. grrrrrrrrr... coz it was so dim *sigh* yea yea, my new phone doesn't has flash BUT somehow i managed to take 3 pictures :p~

Yup.. it was THAT dark.. can you see it's a menu?

Pointers eating @ Sushi Groove

The interior decor.. nice, huh?

About 4pm-ish, my bb drove to Klang to meet up with justin.. my bb's old schoolmate.. it's his b'day today but we celebrated it last night by having seafood with some of justin's friends.. after the dinner, we rushed to Sunway Lagoon for the Merdeka rave party with some of our friends and we met Tom from ZeroToHundred @ ZTH there.. we got some VIP tickets so we got a corner to ourselves and the BEST thing was we didn't even sweat!! :P we were chatting with Tom and told him that his forum is the place where me and my bb met :)

Here's only 2 pictures of the rave party which i have for now :-

We came home about 4am-ish and i fell asleep in the car..

ps: i'd bug ariff for more pictures of the rave party :p~

Monday, August 27, 2007


While i was driving just now, i heard a radio ad.. this time from FlyFm.. i thought i won't be updating my blog BUT i HAVE to blog about this radio commercial..

It's a commercial by iTalk Buddy.. it says that it's VERY popular to IM (Instant Message) someone, so most of the time we might convey our message wrongly.. we might sound rude even though we think it's not.. coz it's hard to express our feelings with words.. the other person might mis-interpret what we are saying..

SO, the solution is to add words like 'please' or to add emoticons OR..... add 'LAH' to the end of your sentence!!

WTF!! i mean why encourage others to use 'lah'? the word 'lah' doesn't exist in Oxford dictionary.. what if we chat with people abroad? will they understand?? the english standard in Malaysia is quite bad.. okay okay.. not as bad as other countries BUT still!!

Do you know how the younger generation now spell?

school = skull
tomorrow = tomolo
already = alredi
want = wan
didn't = din
the = de

*slap on my forehead*

Whatever LAH!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I know it's been awhile since i last updated my blog.. i've been busy these few days! heheh.. yea.. busy shopping, watching movie and waiting for my bb to come home..

Anyway here's a quick update of what i did for the past few days :-

23rd Aug
Drove all the way to the workshop with my aunty at sunway to pass the AeroCatch (hood lock to hold down the carbon fibre hood when my bb is doing high speed) to desmond for the
'beast'.. then we went to Jack's Place, 1Utama for our lunch.. here are some pics :-

The Menu

My aunty's fish & chips

My grilled kurau fish with
watercress sauce

For more pictures, please click here

24th Aug
Went to Times Square with my aunty demi to watch :-

Ratatouille: Rat-a-too-ee

25th Aug
Shopping with my aunty demi and grandma at Midvalley.. bought a top at Zara and i just love these from Zara as well (but it's too pricy) :-

Today, 26th Aug
Stayed at home and cooked dinner.. managed to cook up 2 dishes :)

Fried vege and...

Fried prawns :)

My dinner with 2 of my fav dishes

I'm so excited that my bb is FINALLY on his way home!! no more having dinner alone, no more sleeping alone on my BIG bed, no more driving for me, no more taking shower alone and etc.. as i'm typing now, he's on a plane heading from LA to Hong Kong.. the journey is about 14 hours.. my poor bb.. hope he could get some rest :)

I gotta say that i won't be updating my blog as frequent.. hope you guys would understand :) and oh, dinner at dave's this week? how about this coming thursday?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

~ coming home ~

"I'm sorry my sweetheart.. you've got to leave.. you can't stay with me in my room.. my bb will be coming home soon.. my room and my bed are too small to accommodate both of you.. you had my attention and love for almost 2 months.. now it's time for me to return to my hubby.. it was nice to be able to sleep with you, wake up together with you in the morning and hearing your lil snores BUT i just can't have you here.. i love you too.. you know that, right? i've fallen for you ever since i laid my eyes on you.. i hope you'd understand my situation.. i'd try to see if i can have both of you in my room but if not, i hope i can have you back in my room when my bb goes back to work next time.. okay? it'd be a lil secret between you and me *muacks*"

Before you think i'm cheating on my bb, i'd like to say that the one i'm referring above is...... BOBOIE!! hahaha.. i guess you really thought i was cheating, huh? *eyes rolling*

!! my bb is FINALLY coming home.. he'd be flying off from trinidad in like 10 hours.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and he'd be back by saturday :) now, i hope the beast is ready to be driven.. i know i AM ready to 'ride'.. erm.. i mean to have a ride in the beast *blushing*

Anyway bb, i hope you'd have a safe and a pleasant journey back home.. i can't wait to see you on saturday and to kiss you.. do you know that the kisses that we had everytime when i come to pick you up, it's like our 1st kiss? at least to me :)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

ps: bb if you see any krispy kreme or bling H2O, please get it for me *muacks muacks* oh no!! would i have time to get ready myself?? gotta go on a crash diet and for a manicure

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

should i cut again?

When i went to cut my hair awhile back, the hairstylist asked me if i'd want the victoria beckham hairstyle.. but i said no coz i don't think i'd look good in it..

Now come to think of it, i'd want to change my hairstyle again.. yea.. something daring.. to make a BOLD statement.. i want to revamp myself.. new hairstyle and my not-so-fat body.. haha..

So what do you think of this :-

I REALLY like it but not too sure if i can pull it off.. will my face look big with it? i've never had my hair that short before.. so any comments, anyone??

how true?

Does anyone watch the Astro Channel WLT HK tv series at 8.30pm every weekdays? it really makes me wonder.. what about? about how true the tv series title ‘It’s not easy being a woman’..

Okay, let me tell you guys..

When we're young, we girls are often protected by our parents.. from what? from psycho guys @ rapist.. and when we reach teenagers stage, we're afraid of losing our virginity to the wrong guy and how guys take advantage of us..

Everyone of us had passed this stage before.. a stage where we trusted guys for what they say.. when they promise us the moon and the stars.. that they would take care of us no matter what.. that they'd marry us and live a happy life.. i'm not afraid to say that yes, i've been betrayed that trust.. my trust to my 2nd ex-bf.. that he'd be loyal.. but sadly, with all the mysterious phone calls and sms AND all the clubbing nights, made me have doubts..

Guys, do you really think that we, girls are THAT stupid? you think we d
o not know what's going on? we don't ask, it doesn't mean that we don't know.. yea, you might say we're silly for not confronting BUT in order to save a relationship, it's better to pretend that we don't know.. we also have a 'red' button.. once you pressed it, that's it.. we'd be out of your life.. that's what i did.. i walked out from my 2nd ex-bf's life when i caught him red-handed at home with another girl AND also when he asked me to leave before he calls the security guards..

When we're in our 20s, it's our prime time.. a time when we can
be proud of.. we'd have the body and looks to match.. we can wear anything or eat anything we want.. we can have guys on our feet! coz we have the youth.. but we still want to look younger and fairer by using those facial stuff, mask, exercise, diet and etc..

Okay, when we grow up we'd be more mature.. in office, we've to compete with guys in the corporate ladder.. and we got married, we've to juggle between career, family, kids and husband.. do you think it's an easy task? not to mention the 9 months pregnancy and the labour pain that we've to endure.. what about the countless times of waking in the wee hours to feed the baby? the cleaning and tutoring.. also the P
MS that we have to go through every month until menopause..

As we reach our late 30s, we'd start to worry.. about our appearance.. we scared that our husband would look for a more prettier and younger girl.. we'd have competition! that's why we go for botox to smoothen out the wrinkles, to do face lift so that we'd look younger, to go on diet, exercise more, eat more healthy food and etc.. th
at's part of the reason why we'd do things, to keep our man!

So tell me, isn't it true that it's hard to be a woman? try to fill into our shoes.. do you still think that we don't know? those late night online, those phone calls and sms, those 'business' trips, those night 'meetings' and etc.. you better think again..

I may look like this now :-

But i'd grow old eventually.. i'd be more and more insecure about myself.. even i do trust my hubby completely, but i still can't trust girls out there.. some of them will be willing to anything to break up a relationship, a marriage or to just get a guy..

To me, it's just so hard to be a woman *sigh*

ps: am i watching too much tv series?? :p~

Sunday, August 19, 2007

car show?

Today, 18th Aug is my cousin's b'day.. i just want to wish him 'Happy B'day!!!' :)

Anyway, i was not there to celebrate with him as i was out.. heheh.. i had Carl's Jr. again BUT this time was with tony.. seriously, the burger and fries can last me for 1 whole day!! after eating, me and tony went to a charity car show at monash, sunway.. the entry was just RM5.. we arrived there quite early so there was not many cars..

But i managed to spot some familiar cars there.. and i also took some pics :-

Kenny putting a sticker to his precious 5 series

This belongs to a very young guy.. envy, huh?

A BMW with a RB
engine.. german car with a jap engine

Bling-bling! :) i want some too!!!!

Thanks tony, for picking me up, going to the car show with me and sending me back home.. not to mention the petrol you used :p~

ps: for more pictures, click here

Friday, August 17, 2007

~ the awakening ~

At last... after 10 months of waiting, finally the beast is ready to roll!! yeap! but too bad my bb isn't online today :( coz i want to tell him the good news *sigh*

Anyway, the beast have to be kept under 3,000 rpm for the run-in.. whoever who dares to smoke my bb after he gets his beast, i'm VERY sure he/she would regret later >.< only I, his wife can smoke the beast... with my spectra!! muahahaha!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


"A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Yet for many, friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them"

Ever since i was younger, i didn't have much friends.. maybe becoz i'm the only child, shy and reserved to myself only.. as time passes by, i've made friends with quite alot of people BUT only a few of them would be sincere and true.. even i've been betrayed by so-called friends, i still never learnt from it.. i'm just too naive and straight forward.. i trust people easily which makes me an easy target.. i'm often being used and i won't realize it til much much later.. and now, i only have a handful of friends.. REAL friends..

I'm very blessed that i still have my ex-schoolmates (alice, adrienne, ivy, mei leng, natalie).. we've been friends like forever.. also i have my new found friends.. thanks lovegoddess for calling me once awhile to check how i'm doing even i don't (i'm more to sms).. thanks tony for always helping me to re-install my windows on my macBook.. haha.. (hey, i'm using mac now to write this post).. AND many thanks to my readers who either read my post or comment on it.. i wish i could meet up with ALL of you guys..

Last but not least, i found my soulmate.. someone who would be there for me when i want to pour out my most inner feelings and thoughts.. thanks bb for being there for me when i need you *muacks* i know i can count on you and your shoulder will always be there for me when i want to cry :)

When i started this blog, i just want to write.. about stuff and also a place for me to rant/make fun/share things.. didn't know i'd make friends here.. i'm the type of person who doesn't judge people.. who would accept them for who they are.. who would be sincere with the friendships i have.. and afraid of losing friends.. coz good friends are hard to find..

I'm really blessed to have friends who doesn't judge me too.. i know they're really happy for me.. that i married a good guy, a good marriage, having a no-stress-life and etc.. i really appreciate it :) unlike some people, they'd be jealous and all..

For those who doesn't know me, i'm sure you'd be quick to judge me.. maybe you think that i'm such a snob, ditzy, arrogant, spoilt girl BUT i do not care!! i USED to care but i've realize that i can't go around trying to make people change their mind and to take to heart about all the negatives things that people say about me.. i'm tired of pleasing people.. i know that only my true friends and those who are sincere enough to know me with an open heart, they would know the REAL me..

Thank you for the friendship y'all :) i love you all

ps: to whoever who wants to criticize me, i'm letting you do it now.. speak now OR forever hold your peace! TQ

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

one year?

It's NEVER too late to start thinking of what to post next on my blog BUT this time, it's NOT hard at all.. i know it's abit too early to start typing out my next post coz it's only 15th Aug 07, 12.55am here..

Exactly one (1) year ago, at about 9.30pm, 15th Aug 06.. i was sitting at home waiting for a 'guy' to come over to my place to take me out for dinner.. 'he' drove ALL the way from Penang to KL to meet me for the very first time.. i could recall back how i felt at that particular night..

I was watching tv then with my mum.. the 'guy' called and told me he's at Avenue K which is just opposite KLCC.. i quickly got ready.. i changed to my pink-ish shorts and a dark brown tank top.. when the 'guy' finally arrived, i wore my slipper, took my mobile, my cash, my Identity Card (IC) and my hair clip..

When i got into 'his' car, 'he' introduced 'himself' and shook my hand.. it was quite dark SO i didn't get to take a good look at 'him'.. 'he' asked me where do i want to have dinner and i told 'him' it's up to 'him'.. 'he' also asked me if there's any petrol station nearby my place AND i showed him to the nearest Esso station.. 'he' got out from the car AND finally i had a good look at 'him'! :) my heart skipped a beat and 'OMG! he's freaking good looking'.. that was what went in my lil head..

We went to Out of Africa and we had our dinner there.. after 'he' parked his car, we walked to the restaurant.. i was walking in front of 'him' AND i swear i know that 'he' must be checking out my arse.. haha.. overall, we had a nice dinner.. but we can't finished the food as we were OVER hungry OR maybe coz butterflies were in my tummy *blushing* throughout the dinner, 'he' told me how beautiful i am AND i kept on blushing *blushing*

As we walked out from the restaurant, i ONLY noticed how tall 'he' is! i felt like a midget.. haha.. after dinner, 'he' took me for a ride in his car.. after that 'he' sent me home.. 'he' told me he got something for me and 'he' popped open his boot.. 'he' gave me some car mags to read and also a small lil candle gift 'he' got for me from Thailand.. 'he' apologize of the small cheapo gift BUT i told 'him', 'it's the thought that counts' :)

We said goodbye and good night.. before 'he' left, 'he' bent down and gave me a kiss on my cheek!! :) i was in heaven.. i didn't wanted the night to end BUT i know it had to :( but in like half an hour later, i got a call from 'him'!! 'he' was looking for a place to stay and 'he' had tried so many hotels BUT all of it were FULLY booked.. i knew at that time 'he' was interested in me :)

Finally 'he' settled for a place at Flamingo Hotel which is only 10mins away from my place.. haha.. we continued to chat after 'he' took a shower.. then at 6.23am, i got a sms which i'd NEVER EVER forget.. yeap, the confession.. it says "I think i'm falling in love with u. Crazy huh?"

*speechless + tossing and turning on my bed + waiting for the next day to come for the 2nd date*

ps: happy 1st year anniversary :) of us meeting for the 1st time a year ago.. you know who you are :) and i love you so much.. i'd never forget our 1st dinner date *muacks*

Monday, August 13, 2007

why 'the' pose?

First of all.. i'm NOT a mean person BUT i seriously would want to know why girls nowadays would pose like a kid in their pictures? i got nothing to do online, so i browsed through my cousin's friendster profile.. he has 921 friends!!! WTF!! are they REALLY friends?

One thing which caught my attention was.. girls at the age between 13 til maybe about 18, they tend to ACT cute *eyes rolling* one thing which i can't stand, is that.. acting all cute.. it makes my hair on my body stand up *yikes!*

Here are some of them with their 'cutesy' pose on pictures :-

Overdose of 'cute-ness' YET?? there's another famous pose among the youngsters nowadays.. guys and girls would do this most of the time :-

Yes, the peace sign *sigh* the peace sign pose is soooooooooooooooooooooooo long gone/outdated/old fashion/history.. don't they know? i can safely say that i've NEVER pose in that peace sign before..

ps: it's really up to them how they want to pose in pictures but i guess it's trendy now to pout your lips, to stick out your tongue, to poke a finger to your cheek and etc.. basically to act childish..


Okay, JUST to annoy you guys.. i'd show you my just-took-cute-pose pictures.. you won't find any of these pictures of me elsewhere besides here..

So enjoy it while you can :-

There! did you spilled your coffee on the keyboard? or burst out laughing? or almost choke while drinking water? hey, gimme some credit.. it's hard to act cute, you know? :p~

Bb, don't divorce me ya for acting 'cute'.. muahahahaha! i'm still your sexy lovable cute pretty beeBee after all :)

ps: okay, can somebody put a gun to my head and shoot me now?

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This will be my 2nd attempt to plan dinner for bloggers and readers.. me and joe have decided on the venue.. it's none other than Dave's at 1Utama.. we just haven't decide on the date yet.. yea.. again *sigh* joe can't make it on wednesday and hopefully my bb will b back soon by next week..

Attendance confirmation :-

1) Joe @ lotsofcravings
2) Me
3) Russell @ ofloveandcarbonfibre
4) Ringo @ cheeserland
5) Zewt @ zewt - have to sms him later

So, anyone care to join? lovegoddess? jane? adrianneK? alice? i'd love to meet with hedo, hor ny ang moh, jason, purple~mushroom, alvin BUT all of you guys aren't in kl :(

I hope we can all agree to a date *praying*


We left the 'beast' into Desmond's hands in Nov 06.. hmmm.. was it before we got married or after?? yea, it has been THAT long.. yesterday my bb asked me to check 'it' out so i drove all the way to Sunway with my mum and boboie to take some pictures..

Along the way, this is what boboie did while i was driving :-

Anyway, this is how 'it' looks like now :-

You just have no idea how happy i felt when i saw most of the things are already in the engine bay.. wohooooooooooooooo! finally it's time for the 'awakening'... muahahaha!

BEWARE waja-lution, wira-lution and even evolution!! move to aside to let the King of the Road pass when you spotted it on the road.. LOL!!!!

ps: pardon me.. i'm just a lil teeny weeny over excited :p~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

negaraku a ripped off?

Since it's gonna be our 50th Independence Day on 31st August 2007, I'd like to tell you guys that our national anthem is a ripped off from a song with the title Mamula Moon..

Don't believe? check out the video below :-

ps: Malaysia Boleh!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

carl's jr in m'sia?

There's only one Carl's Jr outlet in Malaysia which is in 1Utama.. today was my 1st time trying the infamous burger with alice for dinner.. yea, i know there's an outlet at Vivo City, Singapore but i didn't try it back then i was there with my bb..

Me and alice placed our order at the counter and they gave us 2 cups for our drinks (self-service) and a number

We ordered 2 regular sets.. which we regretted later on.. and 2 sets of meals cost us RM48++.. i had the criss-cut while alice had the normal fries.. our meals came a few mins later..

Alice ordered the Charbroiled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich (charbroiled chicken breast, melted american cheese, mild green chile, crisp lettuce and spicy sante fe sauce on a honey wheat bun)

And i ordered the Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich (crispy chicken fillet, melted swiss cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch sauce on a seeded bun)

Well, all i got to say is that if you want your burger/sandwich to worth your money, then head over to Carl's Jr, 1Utama.. and oh, i've to say that Carl's Jr is just SOOOOOOOOOO generous in at least 3 ways..

First of all, look at the chili and tomato sauce they give! it's from Heinz!! it's not some unknown brand or some 'ayamas' brand

Secondly, they just put a box of serviettes on top of each table so that customers can take as many as they want.. don't you just hate it when you have to go to the counter to ask for serviettes when the sauce or drinks are dripping down on your chin or something? especially Burger King.. if they see there's only 2 person, they'd give 2 serviettes ONLY.. sigh...

Lastly, it's FREE re-fills for drinks!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! yea, you heard me right.. it's F-R-E-E.. no, it's not that you have to go to the counter to ask them to re-fill for you.. you can actually re-fill as many times as you want and how you want to mix your drinks.. hehe.. i mixed F&N grape with Sprite! :)

I'd give 2 thumbs up for the service that i got from Carl's Jr.. so what you waiting for? come on.. let's go! *burp!*

ps: check out their info/menu here