Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2 years and counting...

I bought my 1st place in late 2012 and only moved in in 2013.. for 2 years i did not have any open house OR hardly any of my friends come visiting (except for a few ones).. coz it was still very messy and i was on a limited budget.. just had to reno whatever which was necessary..

Finally after 2 years, my place is a little tidier.. got some new storage cupboards, got some decors, painted a feature wall, got a bed for my guest room, done up my walk in wardrobe room and most importantly got a new sofa! no thanks to my mum..

I am very pleased with what i had done/achieved.. a place which i could live comfortably and call my own..

I have a few more items to get and do before i am really satisfied :P