Wednesday, December 03, 2008

too much bling?

I know that i sounded bitter on my last post.. so here's a 'lighter' post for you to read :)

Like men would say, that they don't understand why women want/need so many pair of shoes, countless of bags, varieties of cosmetic products, so many 'bling bling' and etc.. same goes to some women, they would say that they do not know why men want/need so many cars and different woman every night..

For me, i do not splurge on cosmetic products or bags.. i only have a weakness for pretty shoes, shiny 'bling bling', cool sunglasses, nice watches AND fast cars.. hahaha...

Although my bb kept telling me that i do not need so many 'bling bling' coz i can't bring it to my grave BUT still that did not stop me from browsing and drooling on them! :P i mean how can anyone NOT drool or like this :-




To all the ladies who can 'feel' me, put your hands up!

ps: browsing nice bling bling can brighten up my DULL day ;)