Thursday, October 29, 2009

the mansion?

For the past 3 years, i've followed my bb back to penang whenever he's back from work.. to spend at least a week or more with his family (my in-laws).. most of the time we'd either eat at the hawker stalls (which what penang is famous for) or fast food.. so one day, i told my bb that i want to try fine dining in penang..

Before we headed back to KL, we stopped by at 'the Mansion'.. like it's name, it is really a mansion.. it is own by russ's ex-boss.. well like i said before, russ started out earning small bucks..

Anyway, here are some pictures :-

The food was good *thumbs up*

The interior is tastefully decorated

And the environment is superb.. the al fresco area is just by the sea! :D

For those who is planning to have a wedding reception or just a romantic dinner for 2, should check this place out ;)

ps: btw, according to my sister in-law, the lasagna is the best she has ever eaten

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know.. i'm guilty.. so guilty for not updating my blog.. been leaving it un-attended for so long.. well, actually after the london trip, we made 2 other trips.. 1 was down south and the other was up north.. so it was quite fun BUT tiring :p even though i wasn't the driver.. hehe..

So, first of all.. here are some pictures we took while in singapore..

We stayed at Royal Plaza, Scotts Rd

We checked in at 12pm and went out later for lunch.. we walked out and...

I present you.... the newest mall in town! ION mall! this is how it looks like in the daytime... if you think it looks awesome, wait til you see it during night time.. so, just scroll down! ;)

This is the underground MRT station

We decided to check out the new mall hence we ate there.. we had chinese :) and after that we did a lil shopping

Our prawn dumpling soup

My seafood crispy noodle

Our roast duck

My bb's roast chicken & pork rice

This is how inside of ION mall looks like

And this is outside

Night time the mall looks even more impressive.. with the gigantic screen and lots of LEDs

The next day we went to takashimaya to meet up with my ex-schoolmate for lunch

My friend did a lil shopping and then coffee time at delicious, paragon

By night, we went to Killiney Post Office (KPO) for drinks

The next day while my bb was sleeping in the afternoon, i went next door of our hotel.. the DFS (Duty Free Shop) to get a wedding gift for ryan (russ's brother) & angeli..

When my bb woke up, we went to McCaf (in front of Shaw House) for cake and coffee

The next day as we were hanging out at orchard rd...

We spotted this!

Anyway, i'd be going back there soon ;) can't wait!