Sunday, December 27, 2009

where's the z?

I know that many people are curious to what happened to the z.. fret not, we didn't sell it..

Anyway, 2 (two) months ago we sent the z to a paint shop.. it was supposed to be ready after a week BUT the shop was on fire..

At first i thought it was a joke/prank until i saw the shop with my own eyes o.O

The z was lucky that it was in a another shop and it didn't get burnt BUT unlucky that the parts (eg: headlights, rear lights, door panel, rubbers, windows, rear bonnet, spare tyre, side skirts and etc) are all gone :(

The owner promised that he'd get me back all the parts for me.. brand new ones.. so we waited... and waited... and waited.. until now..

Seeing the almost 'naked' z in the shop makes me sad.. i can't wait to have her back again.. i wish the shop owner could get all the parts for me asap :'(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~ merry christmas ~

I know that christmas is approaching and i bet most of you already done your shopping.. if you haven't, good luck doing your last minute shopping :p

Anyway, as usual my bb won't be here to celebrate with me and his family.. so i'd be seeing him next year :( just hope he'd be back in time for valentine's day..

As for me, i don't decorate our house.. no christmas tree or lights or turkey or presents.. since i don't have any decorations for our house, i decided to decorate my cafe instead! ;) so now, it looks like this :-

I am so proud of my cafe world.. altho my ranking dropped, but i am still happy.. i still have doubts whether to change my tables and chairs or not.. yea yea, i'm quite stingy with my coins :p as i am earning it the hard way =.= not by purchasing it online

Three (3) more days to come.. i'd like to wish all of you..


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Honestly i've always dislike my chinese name.. heck, i don't even know how to write it in chinese! :p hence when i started college, i introduced myself as nicole.. and it stuck there for 10 years now! haha..

Anyway, since long long time ago i secretly wish that i'd married to a caucasian.. coz i want beautiful kids!

My grandma told me that she had caucasian men going after her when she was younger.. she was a tea lady in unilever.. first she was a factory worker.. wrapping up soaps.. then she was promoted to tea lady as she can speak a lil tiny bit of english.. ok ok.. at least she understands, hot, cold, sugar, milk, coffee and tea.. haha..

So since she was the tea lady, she met alot of caucasian men.. she was in her early 20s.. around 50 years ago.. she always get them waiting at her doorstep to send her to work in their car.. BUT she always turn them down! i asked her why.. she said most of them are married!

Now, i am married to a... (hmmmm... 30%?) caucasian guy.. haha.. which makes him eurasian.. i saw my bb's family tree.. dated back year 1700.. his ancestors are from dudley, UK.. no wonder he felt like home when we were in UK :p

Besides getting an 'unique' name after married, i am sure that our kids will be pretty and good looking :)) i hope they will get his long curl lashes, high bridge pointy nose and height and MY fair skin genes! lol... as for him, he wish they will get my small eyes, small nose and my fair skin =.="

Now, people knows that i'm married to a westwood (mrs westwood).. but how i wish i could officially change my name to Nicole Westwood.. sigh~

When the first time my bb applied a supplementary credit card for me (before we were married), i asked him 'can i put nicole westwood on the card?'.. he thought for awhile.. he said 'you can BUT what if when the cashier sees the name and then they will think it's a stolen card? as nicole westwood sounds caucasian while you're PURE chinese' i hate to say it but he's right.. DAMMIT!

So, now i can only put my name as nicole westwood on those social network sites.. sigh~~

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

MIA for 10 days?

Warning : long post ahead with lots of mouth-watering pics ^_^

Well i'm sure by now to all of you who reads my blog, when i do not have any updates it will only mean 2 things.. either i'm not in town (traveling) OR i'm too busy with my hubby! :p

It has been 10 days since russ came back home and today he went off again.. he was not supposed to come back home as the job in indonesia hasn't finish yet.. BUT coz of the engine failure on the vessel he was on, he was sent home early.. now he's on another vessel and he'd be sailing back to indonesia to finish the job.. he'd be back in a month or so.. hopefully in time for his b'day *fingers crossed*

Anyway, since we still haven't gotten our car back, he rented a waja from the airport to get us around :) we went out practically almost everyday.. coz he knows that i stayed at home for too long and i deserve to be out shopping, watching movies and having nice dinners.. WITH him! :)

We went to 1U, cathay cineleisure, ikano, pavilion and not to forget.. window shopping at sunway industrial area! to those car enthusiasts, you know where i'm talking about.. yeah, that's right.. N1 racing, links, podium, JFA, racing fit, ST wangan and etc..

On the 2nd day when my bb was back, we went to pavilion.. as usual i told him that i wanted to shop but at the end, didn't get to buy anything.. but we did had THE MOST fulfilling delicious mouth watering yummiest best-est (oh well, you get the idea) lunch.. it was our 2nd time eating at 'Italian On Sixth'..

It's on the upper most floor in pavilion.. to be honest, it's a fine dining restaurant and it's quite pricey..

Look at the pictures and you'd know why it's worth every cent!

The kitchen

Our soups (mushroom & seafood spicy tomato)

Prawn appetizer

Our main course

My seafood aglio olio

My bb's medium rare tenderloin + goose liver

I am NOT a steak person.. in fact, coz of my religion i can't eat beef.. but f*ck it.. this tenderloin is f*cking awesome!! it just melted in my mouth.. it's SO soft and tender.. you might ask, how much is it? well... it's about RM100.. yea i know, it's expensive BUT trust me.. this is THE steak that you would not regret paying for!

So, the total damage for lunch was... RM250+.. or was it lesser? hmmmm....

For those who is still skeptical of forking out that much money just for a steak, here are some reviews on this restaurant :) besides good tenderloin, good service, it'd be a good place for a romantic dinner for two.. bet they serve good quality wines too ;)

Next shopping mall which we went was 1Utama.. they already has the christmas decor up :-

My bb was too busy trying to get online with my phone

Okay, besides eating italian (which is my fav) we had jap (which is my bb's fav) too.. before watching new moon, we had our dinner at 'Sushi Zanmai'.. it was our 2nd time eating at sushi zanmai.. the 1st time was at sunway pyramid together with nezuka-san and remus (after nezuka did some tuning on the road with the beast)..

Anyways, japanese isn't my fav actually.. coz the first time i had sushi was years ago.. my aunt bought it from jusco.. i hate the vinegar in the rice.. BUT this time, it's super duper niceeeeee! i wouldn't mind going for jap again! :)

When i suggested jap, my bb was supeeeeeeeeeer happy.. as he hasn't eaten jap for a long time.. since.. since we came back from london (which is months ago).. we had jap in london and it was expensive.. due to the exchange rate =.="

We were lucky not to have to queue up for a table at sushi zanmai.. most of the time, the queue will be damn long.. maybe coz we were there early :p hehe..

When we opened the menu, we were like 'whoa! i want that.. and that.. and that and that'.. we ended up ordering at least 6 dishes from the menu.. NOT including the sushi that my bb had..

Baby octopus (my bb's fav)

Sushi with soft shell crab (ended up having 2 plates)

Look at the people queuing up at the background

Scallops in teriyaki sauce

Cod fish

Terriyaki skewed chicken

Lobster teppanyaki

Soft shell crab with egg

Besides having nice good expensive food, we had McD, KFC, wan tan mee, chicken rice, keoy teow soup, steam boat, old town and etc..

I asked my bb the other day when we were in pavilion.. if he took any of his ex-gfs/ girls he dated for fine dining.. he said no.. he told me that he didn't have much money last time and when he ate, it's just to fill his stomach.. he have never enjoy food before..

Due to his job and being on a vessel, there's not much choice when it comes to food.. he has to eat whatever it's cooked by the chef onboard.. and he doesn't have much time to sit down and eat his meal properly.. most of the time, he'd run to the galley and take away his food so that he can eat at his work station.. as he doesn't have anyone to relieve him when he eats.. even there is, he doesn't like to be away for too long.. as he's always worried about the divers..

So, when he's back we'd always go out to eat.. and we'd go grocery shopping so that i can cook and make half boil eggs for him everyday.. with coffee.. he's easy to please when it comes to food.. i don't have to be a very good chef.. he'd eat anything i cooked but as long as it's not vege.. i can fried a pot of rice and he'd eat it all day! :) he's not fussy at all.. don't have to cook 3 dishes and make soup.. i'm so lucky, huh? hahaha...