Friday, April 16, 2010

try outs?

Recently i bought this :-

So, i've started to jot down all the places which i think MIGHT be interesting..

The first place which i picked from the list is Checkers @ Bkt Damansara

Went there with a friend for dinner last night.. and... oh, boy.. i ordered the wrong dish! since i've been on a search for the yummiest aglio olio pasta since years ago, so i ordered the shrimp aglio olio.. BAD choice..

The pasta tasted SO bland! the shrimp weren't really fresh.. it cost me rm21! o.O since i was freaking hungry yesterday as dinner was my 1st meal of the day, i finished the pasta =.=

My friend ordered the pork ribs and it taste yummy! argh!! next time i shall order anything besides the pasta..

Cas, if you're reading this.. well i know you are :p~ we both will be in a mission to visit all the restaurants which i've listed down ya.. hahaha..

And mimi, you too :p except for the non-halal ones ;)

ps: anyone wants to join? hehe


Anonymous said...

Porto Romano is nice :)

alice tmf

:: Nicole.W :: said...

alice: yup, tried that already but gonna go again :) wanna join me? hehe

lovegoddess said...

thanks for note about the pasta.

myself have experienced not fresh shrimp in pastas in some other eateries too

hhmm....don't they know how to keep the shrimp fresh being in the food industry??

hate the yucky not fresh taste when it hits the mouth

Mimi said...

Yup.. ok! I'm on.. As soon as my pantang time is over.. I like those pastas in Pizza Uno.. somehow they taste more authentic.. better than Italianies at least.

:: Nicole.W :: said...

mimi: pizza uno at centre point? tried twice.. not bad but portion is abit too small for me :p

Anonymous said...

of's time for us to catch up la after so long... :)

alice tmf

Cas said...

Haha now only I'm reading this :p I always check out Time Out KL online but I didnt know they came out with a special edition of restaurant guide. And YES let's check out all the restaurants, our mission is to find places with great pasta!

:: Nicole.W :: said...

alas u read my post.. haha.. now i can update a new one :p

it was my mission to find a good place for pasta but now it's OUR mission.. hehehe