Monday, December 13, 2010

this or that?

Remember previously that i posted that i'd own a Herve Leger one day? I DID IT!!

I was in singapore early in november and Herve Leger was on sale.. despite that and the exchange rate, it was still expensive for me.. sigh~

Then 5 days ago, i saw the Melium Group was on sale! they operate Aseana which carries Herve Leger..  i'm just SO lucky!! i quickly sms-ed the SA, cheryl who's working with Aseana and she told me that selected Herve will be on sale with a discount up to 50%!!

The next day, i dropped by KLCC to have a quick look at the dresses.. and i was really lucky to find a piece which i really really like and it was available in MY size... which is a size S :P

Without hesitation, i asked the SA to work out the 'after discount price' and i realize... hey, i can afford this! wheeeeee~

So, here's a picture of my 1st Herve :-

Yes, it's PINK!

And now, which Louboutin should i match it with?

The light pink Georgenita? or....

The shocking pink dorcet bow-T?

Decisions decisions decisions

ps: coming up will be a super duper long post with LOADS of pictures.. stay tune..


Victor Eian said...

light pink Georgenita for me... ^^

Bi Ying said...

Light pink Geogenita for me too... ;) nice dress, wonder when can i fit in to one of these... :S