Friday, October 21, 2011

the met?


I'm not too sure how many of you had came across The Met, but i was being told of this hair salon by my girl friend, Mei Sze.. she has been doing her hair there since she was in school, IF i'm not mistaken..

Anyway, Mei Sze is a doll.. she got us, MHB free hair cut + color BUT it was only for the weekdays :( so i had no choice but go during the weekends as i've to work weekdays.. i thought i had to pay full price for it BUT again, Mei Sze got us (whoever who can't make it on weekdays) a deal.. 50% off for haircut and 15% off for chemical services! yippie!

The Met is located at Parkroyal hotel, the one opposite Sg Wang.. it's just right smack at the front of the hotel

They only use Redken products

I know that i've not changed my bob hairstyle for a long time.. well, i think the hairstyle stuits me hence i decided to keep it.. my stylist did a brilliant job at cutting the bob and to make sure that everytime i wake up from my sleep, my hair will be perfectly in order.. no messy hair.. all i need to do after i wash my hair is to blow it dry and FYI, i've not comb my hair ever since i got my hair cut.. talk about minimal maintenance :P

Teng, the professional hair colorist did a superb job.. she bleached my hair for highlights and dyed my hair.. ash brown!

Here are some pictures for you to see the awesome job she did :-

A lady approached me while i was having dinner with my ex-collegemate and asked me which saloon i went.. she absolutely adore my hair color..

I already went back to The Met for a trim and color touch up.. also at the same time while i was there, i made my next appointment! :D

Check them out at :-

The Met Kuala Lumpur
9-10 Ground floor President House
Park Royal Hotel 
Jalan Sultan Ismail
20250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel + 603.2148.1111
Mon-Sat  11am – 8pm . Sun 11am – 7pm
 Facebook :
Website :

Sunday, October 09, 2011

kings & queen of comedy asia pt 2?

As some of you might remember that i attended the Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia last year october, 29th, well it's happening AGAIN this year!

Last year, the comedians line up was awesome! click here to read my post again..

Thanks to Fiona from The Comedy Club who informed me about this year pt 2 of the show, i've managed to persuade some of my friends to join me..

This year the comedians are as below :-

- Sugar Sammy from Canada
- Paul Ogata
- Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong
- Harith Iskander from Malaysia, and
- Joanne Kam will be the host

Here are the tickets which i got for myself and my friends.. altogether 6 tickets excluded 3 more which my friend hasn't buy yet..

I can't wait for the day to come.. to have a good laugh with my friends and to catch up with Cas and Mimi.. it has been awhile

*waiting patiently*

Monday, October 03, 2011

missing events?


I've missed 1 exclusive invite AND am gonna miss another one.. DAMMIT!!

Why is this happening to me?? i miss the time when my job has a flexible hour and day..

I hope there will be more events coming soon in store for me *fingers crossed*