Sunday, October 09, 2011

kings & queen of comedy asia pt 2?

As some of you might remember that i attended the Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia last year october, 29th, well it's happening AGAIN this year!

Last year, the comedians line up was awesome! click here to read my post again..

Thanks to Fiona from The Comedy Club who informed me about this year pt 2 of the show, i've managed to persuade some of my friends to join me..

This year the comedians are as below :-

- Sugar Sammy from Canada
- Paul Ogata
- Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong
- Harith Iskander from Malaysia, and
- Joanne Kam will be the host

Here are the tickets which i got for myself and my friends.. altogether 6 tickets excluded 3 more which my friend hasn't buy yet..

I can't wait for the day to come.. to have a good laugh with my friends and to catch up with Cas and Mimi.. it has been awhile

*waiting patiently*


The Mrs Blogs said...

Hahaha awesome awesome, thanks for the head's up! See you then!! Can't wait either.

Elyssa said...

Just saw your post on this..hehe. See you there! :). I did not know you went last year...I heard Kumar was amazingly funny. And btw, last year was on 23rd Oct, not 29th...I remember VERY clearly because it was my wedding dinner night. Was so tempted to skip my dinner for the show instead...haha.

Reznoe said...

Yeah, last year was on the 23rd October. This year, with Sugar Sammy, it will be super awesome. Very excited!!