Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tag Your Love?

When it comes to champagne, i've to admit that i'm spoilt.. in a sense where i'm falling in love with Moet..

Since my company's client is MHD (Moet & Chandon Diego), i get to drink Hennessy and Moet most of the time :D

A few days back, i saw this on my FB wall.. posted by my friends and i went o.O

I knew something was coming

Ta dah!

The Moet & Chandon Rose Valentine Day edition! i instantly fell in love with the bottle and the concept.. it's the perfect gift for anyone..

But for me, i'm not waiting or asking people to buy it for me.. i just went to Pavilion and got a bottle for myself :D

Everyone who bought the Rose were entitled for a glass of Rose champagne..

My 2nd PINK bottle!

And besides the bottle, there was a trinket too inside the box!

My 1st bottle of Moet in 2009

Can't wait for my next bottle..... :D