Wednesday, March 21, 2012

an awesome holiday? (misc post)

Okay, here's the 2nd part of my blog post on my AWESOME holiday in Hadyai.. probably you won't be interested on the pictures, but wait.. there are more interesting pictures if you scroll down! :D

I thought Boots are only available in UK but i was so wrong!

FCUK products

Cute lil' Miss Piggy

These are NOT real guns, ya

Cute lil' doggie

Besides beer, Chang has drinking water too

Were in a tuk-tuk going to.......

That's right! Haytai Shooting Range

Each gun only cost us about 1,500baht = RM150 for 50 bullets which we can share among ourselves

Last but not least, of course i did buy some things from Thailand :-

It's only RM8.90 and it's really GOOD!

Bird's nest

For my colleague, 20 packets for 110baht = RM11 o.O

No nudity and waste my money =..= plus it's ALL in thai

Got these from duty free zone

When we drove home, we saw rainbow.. NOT only 1 BUT 2 rainbows! double rainbow