Friday, March 30, 2012

influenza B?

Not everyone knows what is Influenza B.. not even me... UNTIL.... i got infected..

"Influenzavirus B is a genus in the virus family Orthomyxoviridae. The only species in this genus is called "Influenza B virus".

Influenza B viruses are only known to infect humans and seals, giving them influenza. This limited host range is apparently responsible for the lack of Influenzavirus B-caused influenza pandemics in contrast with those caused by the morphologically similar Influenzavirus A as both mutate by both genetic drift and reassortment.

Further diminishing the impact of this virus "in man, influenza B viruses evolve slower than A viruses and faster than C viruses". Influenzavirus B mutates at a rate 2 to 3 times lower than type A. However, influenza B mutates enough that lasting immunity is not possible. " from Wikipedia

Put it in a simpler way, Influenza B is a type of flu that is similar to influenza A, H1N1..

What are the symptoms?

Body symptoms
Well, first of all it was the fever.. my fever wasn't that high but it comes and goes.. panadol and ponstan didn't do the trick and my fever was prolonged for days.. 5 days exactly..

Respiratory symptoms
Then after a few days, i had the flu.. and slowly... coughing.. i've been coughing for days now and the cough syrup is doing no good for me :(

Stomach symptoms
Although i've lost my appetite to eat BUT... why am i NOT losing weight??? T_T

Anyway, i just want to share with you my encounter with the Influenza virus.. it creeps into you without you noticing it and attack your immune system and making you think that it's just a normal flu, fever, cough sickness BUT actually it isn't.. 

On that last fateful Saturday, i was out with my friends the whole day in town.. we went shopping, lunch, drinks and etc.. around mid-day when the sun was high up and the temperature was rising, as i was walking all of the sudden my head was in throbbing pain.. on top of my head and the side.. i ignore it and continue doing whatever i was doing.. i just thought that probably the sun was causing the pain..

And we went for lunch and my friend was doing her shopping, then my condition got worse.. the fever came.. it was quite mild.. i came back home, took 2 tablets of paracetamol and went out for dinner.. the pain didn't go away but the fever did.. i forced myself to sleep after dinner and when i woke up around 4am-ish, my fever came back.. 

The next day i took more paracetamol and even took ponstan.. the fever came and went away.. btu the head pain was still there.. my head felt like it's being stabbed multiple times.. in a rhythmic way.. i wasn't fit to go to work hence i texted my manager and told her that i'll be taking a day off to see doctor..

Finally on monday, i went to a GP.. told him my symptoms and he straight away said that i'm dehydrated.. all i need to do is to drink lots of water and i'll be fine the next day.. but that didn't explain why the head pain.. so i asked him and he said that oh, it's coz you're sick.. so, i took the meds and the MC home..

The next day, tuesday i felt like shit but i still went to work.. as i got some work to follow up.. but after lunch, i told my HR that i need to go to the hospital.. went to the hospital nearest to my house.. i was given a jab for my fever and headache, took a blood test and a nose swab.. doc gave me 2 days MC.. later the day when i was at home, the nurse called and told me blood test was fine, no dengue BUT however, my nose swab result came back and they detected the Influenza B virus.. she asked me to go back to the hospital to take the meds.. i didn't go =.= as i was really tired and sick..

On wednesday i was at home the whole day.. trying to rest but the head pain and fever were killing me.. wanted to take my meds but no one was available to send me.. sigh~

Yesterday, i went back to work.. again.. as my MC was until wednesday.. and again, in the afternoon i felt sick.. almost fainted.. my colleague sent me to the doc and alas, i can take my meds..

Now, i am recovering slowly at home.. hopefully my stuffy nose will go away soon so that i can have  a good night of sleep *fingers crossed*

So, to all of you out there.. DO NOT take it lightly when you have the flu and fever.. sometimes it's NOT a common cold or that you're dehydrated.. listen to your body.. go to the hospital when it's needed.. don't wait too long..



Elyssa said...

Oh are you now? I can only imagine the agony you went through. I am currently having a cough that cannot be solved with cough mixture and it is troubling me..sigh. I hate being sick :(. Take care gal!

Sherry said...

Scary.. Gt well soon