Friday, March 16, 2012


What is nanablock?

Nanoblock first went on sale in Japan, October 2008 by Kawada, rapidly gaining success and a huge following through the toy and gift markets. Nanoblock now enjoys large dedicated display sections in the largest chains of Japan, such as Loft and Tokyo Hands, giving them excellent market presence. The manufacturer also creates licensed products, special edition and trend response sets, while constantly adding further new items to the Nanoblock catalogue.

If you could remember, i got a few sets of nanablock for Valentine's Day

Before i started building it, i went to Daiso to buy 4 display boxes.. to display my nanoblock, of course! :P before i go to sleep, i will at least build 3 sets.. well, sometimes 4.. hehe

Slowly, i fill in 1 display box at a time...

And now, i've filled up ALL 4!! i NEED more!!

Besides the cute animals, i got some micro buildings as well :)

 Micro Eiffel Tower

Am gonna get some new nanoblocks this weekend :D

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I love to play with nano block as well as shaping animals, so now I want to shape this with my nano Block Mini that I recently collected from at PIJ. This blog really superb one to me. Thanks for your great share.