Wednesday, March 20, 2013

still unpacking?

Sorry peeps, been abandoning my blog for quite awhile.. been super busy with my new place and yes, i am STILL un-packing.. didn't know i got so much 'junk' from my old place.. when i moved out from russ's place, all i had were some clothes and 3 boxes of my 'junk'

Now i had to hire a 3 tonne lorry for the move!

My place is such a MESS now :(

And it doesn't help it that i do not have Astro and internet now.. arrrrgh!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

the official moving in?

My mum told me that today is the auspicious day to move in for me.. and the time, 9am - 11am.. it was SUPER early for me =.=

Mom sprinkled some 'water' on every corner of the house, asked me to cook rice and etc.. also, we managed to sneak boboie in! :D

Anyways, below are the pictures how my curtains look like :-

Master room

Living room

Tomorrow my wardrobe will be in and final touch up on the walls and etc.. more pictures soon! :)

Stay tune~

Friday, March 08, 2013

a week of reno?

After a week of renovation, FINALLY i can clean my place tomorrow! today all the doors were painted, rubbish were thrown, and the master room walls were touched up

My new bathroom! no jacuzzi this time around.. only a rain and hand shower :P

Doors were painted (black frames + white doors)

So, what do you think??? :D

Hopefully my mum won't nag me, coz of the black and white theme.. as you know, most chinese they don't prefer this theme colour.. hehe..

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

4th and 5th day of reno?

FINALLY things are getting together.. i can finally clean the place by this week and move in on Sunday! YIPPIE!

Final touches were done on the chandelier, installation of the curtain tracks, painting of the walls and installation of the bathroom accessories today

Bathroom accessories

Hand spray bidet

Rain shower

Hand shower


Kitchen tap

That's all the pictures for now.. stay tune for the complete renovation of my place (which doesn't really cost a bomb) :D

Monday, March 04, 2013

3rd day of reno?

Looks like things are finally coming together.. the electrician got my chandelier, entrance light and lanai fan up :D

 The flower light bulb @ the entrance

Getting the fan up @ the lanai

Tomorrow the plaster ceiling will be done and the lights as well.. on Wednesday, bathroom accessories and curtain rails will be installed :)

Friday, March 01, 2013

2nd day of reno?

Today i just left my contractors alone to do up the plaster ceiling while i went to collect the down lights, paid deposit for the curtains and had a look at the bathroom accessories..

And guess what, without my supervision they forgot to open a hole on the ceiling for my chandelier! =.= i'll make sure on monday they rectify the issue

The living room

The kitchen

The master bedroom

By next week Tuesday, the plaster ceiling has to be ready for the curtain guy to come on Wednesday to install the curtain's rail.. hopefully i can move in by middle of this month *fingers crossed*

Got so much to do, so little time!