Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the Singapore trip?

Oh wow, it has been more than a month since i last blogged.. well, firstly i have been busy with my new place, job and secondly my new area doesn't have a FREAKING phone line! means there's no phone line, no UNIFI.. sigh! according from the Telco staff, this building is new hence there's no landline yet..

Anyways, i just came back from Singapore.. went there for a short trip, 4D3N.. as you all remember or read my posts before, i used to travel to SG quite often but not anymore as i can't afford the hotel and the food.. the exchange rate now is like what, SGD1 = RM2.5


This time around, my long time friend let me bunk with her as she was not flying.. yea, she's a SIA stewardess and we've been friends for 19 years :P

So, initially i wanted to drive to SG but when i checked the price of the airfare it wasn't so expensive.. less than rm300 so i decided to fly there instead.. furthermore it will be my FIRST time flying alone! no friends, no russ, no bf (er... of course, as i am single now) :P i was actually excited..

Took a cab to LCCT with just a small trolly luggage bag.. it is so nice to travel light.. my flight was at 7.55pm and the flight wasn't full.. i had the whole row to myself :D when i arrived in Changi, my friend was there waiting for me.. we had dinner in the airport before taking the MRT back to her place in Serangoon..

And then at the MRT, i realise there's new lines! now it has become too complicated for me T_T

The next day was Saturday, so we went to Orchard Rd.. well i wanted to go to Sentosa but according from ML, during the weekends Sentosa will be SUPER crowded..

Before heading to Orchard, we had lunch at McD.. coz we saw the new Red Peri Scorcher

Well, it was a disappointment.. oh well...

We then took the MRT to town and spent 7 hours walking around.. at the end of the day, my feet hurts :( we went home and ML invited her friend Sharon to join us for dinner.. 

Around 9pm, me and ML walked to The Cajun Kings while waiting for Sharon to come from Tampines..

There's outdoor and indoor area

The menu is quite limited but nevertheless, the place was quite packed even it was like 9pm and they close at 11pm..

We ordered 750g of prawns, 1 cob, 2 long sausages and chicken wings..

Before the food came, the waiter gave us some essential items :-

Some lime for us to wash our fingers, some salt and pepper AND a bib for each of us! just in case.. to protect our clothes..

The chicken wings

Prawns + cob + sausages

After 45mins

Sharon suggested desserts before paying the bill, so we went to Serangoon Garden.. we walked around hunting for a dessert place and came across Dessert Bowl

As we walked up the stairs and started to line up to get our table, there were some miniatures for us to gawk at.. seriously the miniatures looked so real and the details are SUPERB!

And our desserts

The cendol wasn't that nice as it lacks the gula melaka.. the strawberry was sour but i think the ice cream can make it up for the sourness.. the best was the durian mousse.. everyone at the place ordered it.. i had the privilege to finish it as while we were eating it, Sharon just remembered that she and ML shouldn't be eating it as they just had beer at The Cajun Kings..

After the dessert session, Sharon took the cab home while me and ML walked home.. it was a LONG walk from Serangoon Garden to Serangoon Ave 3 but it was a good walk :)

The next day, i spent almost a day in NEX mall with ML.. we had lunch at NEX's food court

While we walked around, we spotted a durian kiosk.. ML bought durian pancakes and i bought a cup of durian ice cream

Later Sharon came to join us and another SIA stewardess came too, her name is Priscilla.. we had coffee and chit chatted until 10pm.. another day well spent..

On Monday, i met up with Samantha.. i walked to the Serangoon MRT station and took the MRT to Orchard Rd.. initially i wanted to take the purple line but ended up with Circle line.. anyhow i managed to get to Orchard Rd.. just i had to go through more stops :P

We went to Paris Baguette which is at Wisma Atria for my late lunch.. 

Bacon, mushroom, wedges and salad

And Samantha had cake

After chit chatting for awhile, she had to make her way for a job interview and i was left alone.. hence i walked around Orchard Rd AGAIN.. but this time, i went to Taka's departmental store, Kinokuniya, and Zara..

By 7.45pm, Samantha came back to Orchard and we went for dinner.. we had japanese at Itacho Sushi, Ion Mall

After dinner, we walked to alley bar for a beer and continue to chit chat.. by 10pm, we made our way home..

Yesterday,i flew back to KL and it was the end of my trip.. i MUST say, this SG trip was good.. i get to meet my friends.. not all tho.. BUT there will be next time :D

Can't wait to go back to SG again.. to Sentosa and to meet up with Justin, Elaine, Natalie and Eugene :)

ps: stay tune to the next post to see what i bought in SG.. no no, not the designer's items..