Friday, June 07, 2013


I was SUPER excited when Victoria Secret landed in Malaysia.. BUT to my disappointment, they don't sell BRA! argh!!

Anyways, i absolutely love their lacey panties and yes.. now you know i wear em'! :P

My ex SIL loves Victoria Secret's body mist.. i bought her her first bottle and now she's wants the second bottle after she finished hers..

I used to buy her perfumes.. whenever i traveled to SG especially coz i get it from the duty free shop (DFS) at Scott's Rd..

So, she asked me to help her buy as there's no Victoria Secret in Penang (according to her).. i went a lil overboard :P

I know she will love the set i got her :-

The set comes with a body lotion (100ml) + body wash (100ml) + body mist (100ml) in a bright pink clutch

And i added another extra 250ml body mist..

I, myself love the clutch.. love the bright pink colour.. the SA said they don't sell it separately :((

Too bad for me...