Monday, January 20, 2014

a lil update of myself?

Oh wow, it has been 2 months since the last time i blogged.. well i guess no one really misses my entry :P

Anyways, here i'd like to wish everyone a belated Christmas, belated Happy New Year and for this coming Chinese New Year (for those who are celebrating) to those who aren't.. well.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

A lil update from my side.. i've been busy working.. work home work home.. the same usual routine.. sigh~ picked back up my workout.. been going to the gym after working.. trying to lose some weight..

And most importantly i did some soul searching.. i finally realise that i've missed out on so much when i was attached.. i've learnt to appreciate time being spent alone, also catching up with old friends whom i've not met for the longest time..

I have too, realise one thing.. which is.. i do not want to have kids.. not that i don't love / like kids.. just that it is a life time commitment.. i like the fact that i can go anywhere i want, just by a snap of a finger.. without worrying if i've pack the diapers, stroller, milk powder, hot water and etc..

I've been through more than what an average girl / woman does.. so i am not in a rush for a commitment OR a relationship which will lead to marriage and kids..

So, i am just taking my sweet time to enjoy the time that i have now.. IF so happens i find a guy that i could really click with and has the same thought of not having kids, then i am willing to take a risk and see how things will go.. for now, i don't believe in marriage.. as to me it is just a piece of paper.. what is important is the honesty and loyalty of the guy.. i don't want to bound anyone with a piece of paper..


mun said...

Hello Nicole, I check on your blog on and then to see whether you have made any new post. Glad to see that you have posted an update of your life so far and of your realisation.

Life can be just as fulfilling without children and a husband, I agree wholeheartedly.

Wishing you a very happy CNY!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

Hello mun! Thank you for checking on my updates every now and then :)

Happy CNY to you too!