Thursday, January 29, 2015

reflecting the past year...

My first post in 2015

It's 2.23am and i am sitting in front of my lappie, unable to sleep as there's just too much things going on in my head.. reflecting back to almost a year ago since i blogged, so many things had happened.. i went through joy, laughters, heartache, tears, disappointment, love, breakup and etc.. so much pain inflicted to my fragile heart.. BUT i don't wish that all these never happened coz whatever that happened, made me who i am today..

For the past year, i've gained some new friends and lost an old friend.. i found love but lost it after 6 months.. maybe we're just not meant to be.. it really shattered my fragile heart.. for the past 1 month i lost weight and dropped a dress size.. either i wasn't eating right OR not eating at all.. friends were concerned/worried.. cried to sleep almost everyday.. but eventually i snapped out from it with the help of my friends and mum.. i was hitting the gym almost everyday, dieting and started to take care of myself.. i got my confident back and picking up the pieces.. started to plan an online business.. doing research and etc.. found someone who would be interested to be my partner..

I got involved once again in motorsports.. attending car events, car clubs gathering and organising gathering for my own Fairlady Z club.. i met new people and soon we became friends.. i am the 'that one girl that always hangs out with the boys coz its less drama'.. the boys accepted me well in their group even i don't drive the same car as them :P oh well.. perhaps coz i am a girl! the perks of being the fairer sex.. haha

Then i met 'someone' during one of the car gathering.. that someone made me smile again.. not the normal smile, but the silly smile that i thought had once long gone.. things happened very naturally and i begin having butterflies in my tummy each time we met.. as i got to know him better, i realise our path crossed many times.. fate perhaps?

Soon it will be new year, the year of goat and i will be getting older by another year.. another year, wiser me? i do hope so..

*fingers crossed*