Sunday, February 01, 2015

rollin' with the vtec boys...

Every now and then, especially during friday or saturday nights i will text my car boys asking them what are their plans.. usually they are very spontaneous..

Just like tonight, 1st Feb.. i was sitting at home and was bored hence i texted Merlvyn from Mcclubz asking him what was the plan.. and boom! i ended up at this mamak in Glenmarie with a bunch of car guys/boys..

As usual i was the 'that one girl that always hangs out wit the boys coz its less drama' :P

We were catching up with each other.. i finally get to meet Remus from Motorsport Playground after some time.. he's really a busy man.. with his car wrapping business..

After a few hours of chatting, some of us decided to go for a drive.. as i've not sat in a vtec car before, i quickly jumped into a DC5R.. hehe.. it is a loud muthaf**ker! screaming all the way from LDP to penchala

Stopped at a petrol station and did more talking

No, the car isn't half black.. it's carbon fibre! from the bonnet to the fender to the bumper.. am lovin' it.. not sure about you

Look at the diffuser AND the canards! O.O

Carbon fibre wing, me likey <3 p="">

Overall, it was a fun night! can't be any better.. well.. IF only the boyfie was there with me :P