Friday, November 06, 2015

its NOT easy..

It's going to be 2 weeks soon.. of me eating clean.. to be honest, it is REALLY hard for me to not fall for my cravings on junk food..

McDonalds fries is my weakness.. i do not have a sweet tooth hence no cravings for cakes, ice cream, chocolates or desserts.. BUT doesn't mean i have zero urges when i walked past baskin robbins or krispy kreme.. grocery shopping isn't as easy for me like it used to be.. i used to chuck things into my shopping cart with my fav junk food and drinks.. now i have to read the labels.. checking on the calories, fat, sugar and etc.. instead of buying chicken drumsticks, i have to opt for chicken breast now..

In the past 2 weeks, i do have urges to eat that instant noodle.. especially late night and my tummy is growling.. telling me to feed it.. but instead, i ate fruits and almonds.. i need to have a strong mind.. to overpower my lust for junk food.. and i am telling you.. its NO easy task to do so..

Besides eating clean, i have been working out.. well.. there's a slight change which i noticed hence no photos.. haha.. it really takes patience to get that well tone abs which i've always wanted..

So, 80% diet and 20% workout? we shall see in another 2 weeks.. if i could wear that tiny little bikini which i got from bangkok :P

ps: wish me luck!

Monday, November 02, 2015

eating clean?

I've always wanted to eat clean for the longest time.. BUT this time, with my strong determination and will i started my 'eating clean' journey..

I started last week; by doing up my diet plan and doing grocery shopping at Empire Subang

My diet plan consists lots of chicken breast, salmon, cod fish, vegetables, eggs and also herbs

My meals now are mostly either baked, boiled, steamed or eaten raw

It has been almost a week since i started this and been exercising.. hopefully i can achieve those toned up abs soon by March, when i turn 35 :P