Wednesday, September 06, 2006

agree or disagree?

What A Girl Wants But Most Guys Won't Give/Do...

As what the topic says, my baby did most of it and... some, it haven't happen yet.. but am sure he'd do it no matter what.. when the time is right :)

Here's the list :~

1. Leave her cute text messages (not yet)
2. Kiss her in front of your friends (while clubbing @ Zouk)
3. Trust her over everyone else (YES he does!)
4. Tell her she looks beautiful (everyday, every morning, every night and ALL the time!)
5. Look her into her eyes when you talk to
her (Yup he does)
6. Tell her stupid jokes to make her laugh (errrrrr.... think he did)
7. Let her mess with your hair (when we were on bed especially *wink*)
8. Mess with her hair (not messing but smelling it after me washing it)
9. Just walk around with her (at the KLCC park)
10. Include her in all the things you do (yeah, including shower.. hehe..)
11. When she crys do whatever it takes to make her smile (kissing my tears away)
12. Forgive her for her mistakes (think it was once or twice only i made mistakes :p)
13. Look at her like she's the only girl you see (ALL the time)
14. Tickle her even she says stop (yeah yeah)
15. Hold her hand even when you ar
e around your friends (most of the time)
16. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her
(never did that & won't do that)
17. Let her fall asleep in your arms (every night)
18. Get her mad, then kiss her (don't think he'd do that)
19. Tease her & let her tease you back (rarely)
20. Stay up with her all night when she's sick (did not happen yet)
21. Watch her favourite movie (on our 2nd date)
22. Kiss her forehead (
most of the time)
23. Giver her the world (he IS pampering me)
24. Write her letters (does email count?)
25. Let her wear your clothes (not yet :p)
26. When she's sad, hang out with her (i'm rarely sad when hes' around!)
27. Let her know she's important (EVERYTIME)
28. Let her take all the photos of you she wants (especially in the car)
29. Kiss her in the rain (haven't done yet)
30. Call her every night (without fail)

Yup, my baby is the pur-fect guy.. at least to me! and i LOVE him with ALL my heart *muacks*

At last, my baby and his precious ride.. in 6 weeks, he'd be reunited with his precious baby, GTR AND ME! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi baby, its me agin.. russ...

Nice little topic u got there, but just wanna add a few comments..

20. Stay up with her all night when she's sick (did not happen yet)
Well, I remember giving u some decongestant & lozenges when u had the sniffles & sore throat, give u warm water and hug u to sleep... And I do remember u taking care of me, even ur mom made me soup... Im so lucky.

25. Let her wear your clothes (not yet :p)
When u were in uncomfortable jeans, I do remember offering u to wear my shorts, but they were too big, so I offered my boxers, but you would wanna wear them... choosy...

Thanks for thinking that Im perfect baby, but the truth is, Im far from it. I have a short temper sometimes, & can be impatient. But I do love you a lot and want to change for the better, for you.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

well, i know.. no one is perfect so that is why i don't ask for much.. i love u for who u are.. and thanks for wanting to change for the better :) love ya lots!

ps: your pants n boxers are way too big for me.. how can i wear it? :p but i don't mind wearing your shirts though.. just that ONLY *wink*

'`*~.,Beautiful*Nightmare,.~*`' said...

Fuyoh... *goosebumps*

Damn sweet la you guys... Hehe worse than me & PocRoc. ;p Keep it up!!!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

haha.. sorry ya for giving u goosebumps.. muahahaha...

'`*~.,Beautiful*Nightmare,.~*`' said...

Hehehe nah ler.. kacau you only ;p

:: Nicole.F :: said...

3 more weeks to go! wohooo!
"reunited and it feels so good"

Justin Andre said...

yea...i remember that song...till it lasted