Thursday, September 14, 2006


Almost a month ago (18th August 2006), my baby took me to Tous @ Midvalley.. i fell in love with one of the items there.. does anyone know about Tous? Well, as far as i know they have 2 shops.. one at Midvalley, Center Court and another at 1U, Parkson.. they sell jewelleries and bags..

Yesterday i got a call from the shop assistant telling me that i can pick up my purchase.. i was like 'Thank God! at last... sigh.. after almost a month'.. so today i went to Midvalley and had lunch there.. after that i dropped by Tous and got my 'stuff' :)

Do you want to know what is it? hmmmmmm.... okay, here's some pictures of 'it'.. hehe..

Ta Dah! it's the whole package.. a paper bag, the warranty card (2 years) AND the ring!

A clos
e up of the ring.. can you see the teddy bear?

Can see now? cute right? the teddy bear is on both sides and a diamond in between! :)

Here's another angle of the ring :)

AND here's the warranty card.. see, my name is on it.. it proves that it's mine! muahahaha...

Here i'd like to thank my baby for buying me the ring.. i know it's kinda expensive and yet he bought it for me.. i'd wait for him to come back and wear it for me personally coz after all, it's a commitment ring.. it'd be more meaningful if he could wear it for me.. so at the meantime, it'd stay in the lil golden box.. once again, i LOVE you, baby!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi love, Russ here, hope you're happy with the ring.. looks like you are, so thats good.
Cant wait to get back & put it on your finger, but you can wear it now if you want, as long as you are happy... kisses...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

no baby, i'd wait for you to come back and wear it for me :)

Anonymous said...

aww.. wat a sweet couple! love da ring!! haha.. lucky gurl nic! :)


:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks! :) am lucky to have my baby

Scud said...

It's a nice ring.
I drop by just to ask bout the price.
Can u giv me a ranging price for a decent Tous ring?