Wednesday, November 08, 2006

nice nails?

At last on 05th November 2006, i went for my 1st EVER manicure session.. thank you baby for pickign up the tab :) i was at Sunway Pyramid when i broke my pinky finger nail.. i've been waiting for my nails to grow long so i can go for a manicure.. so when my nail broke, i was devastated.. at once, i asked my baby to take me for a manicure.. of all the manicures, i chose a french manicure.. mostly all celebrities will go for this.. it gives a very natural look to the nails..

Below are some pictures which are taken by my baby :-

This is a nail cutter.. cool, eh?

Then the manicurist files my nails :) that swift movement.. whoa..

There she is! my manicurist.. so attentive.. i likeeeeeeeeee...

That's me!! first time my nails being pampered.. lol..

Now she's gently pushing back cuticles using a rubber hoof stick.. it's not painful BUT my baby said it looks painful to him.. silly baby *hugz*

After putting a layer of base coat, 2 layers of pinkish paint and another 2 layers of the white strip, she finally finished it off with a coat of translucent shell-pink polish over the entire nail to seal the whitened tip and complete the look :)

There! it's finished!! are my nails pretty? see the small lil fan? it's to blow dry my 6 layers of coat on my nails..

I was a very satisfied customer that day.. hehe..

The end product was VERY magnificent.. do you agree?

If anyone wants to do your own french manicure, click here

So, after the manicure my baby drove us home.. we packed as fast as we can and headed to Penang.. we spent 2 nights at Penang.. my baby took me back to his home to meet his BIG family :) i must admit that i was VERY nervous as i was meeting them for the 1st time.. but soon, i got comfortable with them as they're very nice people..

On 07th November 2006, my baby drove us home.. we arrived quite late at home.. my poor baby.. was driving the whole night but then you had 'fun', right? hehe.. on 10th November 2006 was our BIG day and it changed our lives :) i LOVE you, my baby..


Anonymous said...

Hi baby.. hmmm.. glad u like the nails.. too bad they're almost worn off now.. maybe u can a new manicure while Im away?