Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bubba gump?

I bet ALMOST everyone has tried bubba gump, the curve.. do you know that it is based on the movie 'Forrest Gump'? DUH~~ which i've NOT watched yet =.=" i've always been pestering my bb to take me to try out the food at bubba gump.. so he took me there >.<

In this month ALONE.. *ahem* rephrase.. in this ONE WEEK alone, i've ate there THREE times already.. hahaha.. i'm a sucker for shrimp @ seafood :P~

1st time try out with my bb (12/10/08)

The menu

The deco & the cam whoring

Our food & drinks :-

Our cajun shrimp @ appetizer

My mango sparkler (lemonade + mango juice)

My bb's alabama sweet smoothie (peanut butter + chocolate + vanilla)

My "...... of course we have scampi" (shrimp sauteed with capers in lemon garlic butter)

My bb's bourbon street baramundi (charbroiled cajun spiced baramundi with bourbon street sauce)

2nd time try out with my bb (15/10/08)

This time we ordered different food BUT same appetizer and drinks! :P

My bb's "mama's southern fried chicken"

And my "bucket of boat trash" (deep fried shrimp, baramundi, lobster tail and fries)

3rd try out with evie, bernice, maegan and jade (19/10/08)

Basically they ordered mostly the same thing.. but i ordered a sandwich instead this time.. four of us and look! our table was FULL with food, drinks and a clam chowder :P~

I think i found heaven.. for shrimp!! hahahaha... anyone wants to go to bubba gump with me?? :D


Anonymous said...

I have yet to check this place out, although my girl has been telling me that we should go check it out :D I guess we probably should ;) cheers for the heads up.

baggie said...

the cajun one is good, the pasta was okay... erm the soup was okay.... ur sandwich mia shrimp is good but the bread abit =.= erm the thing bernice ordered wasnt my taste though wukakakaka.. I'll probably go back there to order the cajun shrimp and the pasta... the sandwich i'll probably think twice again.. :P cos the bread damn hard...

Anonymous said...

fuiyo Jackie also here :p

i've tried 2 times since earlier this year. first time it was good la...but after few months...the food turned out so-so only.

but i gotta admit the shrimps are good :)

Guru Pitka to Mini-me: "how do u do, shrimp?"


:: Nicole.F :: said...

jackie: be prepared to fork out about rm100+ for the meal :P

evie: u like the cajun shrimp? why didn't u eat more that day? too FULL??? hahahaha..

alkt: yeah the shrimps are good! *thumbs up*

farizio said...

shit...me and russ got same taste, i ordered the same drink and the same main course! hahaha

Be3^Be3 said...

Haiya... sudah lah evie... ask her to order a cup of soup ... order one bowl... sooo drink that full enought already ler... sheshhh... wakakakak....

Eu Jin said...

Weird experience for me. I tried it in Pier 39, San Francisco and I didn't know that The Curve have an outlet. Only found out when one of the waiter was wearing the Bubba Gump tee-shirt with the word "Malaysia" printed on it. LOL :D

Anonymous said...

I wanan visit ter when i go bk to PJ~!!! miss The curve so much... ^^ any other interesting dish to intro?? ^^

Anonymous said...

nicole, yeah i guess that's quite a norm price to pay for such food =/ i managed to get a glimpse of the menu from your pictures so i know what to expect :D

alkt, yeah bro.. am a regular reader here and those in the blogroll ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhaha... nice names for the food. Definitely gonna try there.


:: Nicole.F :: said...

fariz: same drink, same main course and don't forget.. u guys own the same car! but different color :P~

eu jin: so now u can try the one at the curve.. oh yea, yesterday i saw that bubba gump will be open in pyramid :) just right in front of the main entrance

diorcherie: i'd intro more dishes when i go there again! tee hee hee..

nat: can i tag along when u go there?? :P~