Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I bet some of you would like to know what my bb got for me.. for our 2nd year anniversary AND christmas.. no? oh well, too bad.. i'd still want to tell :P

First of all, he got me my dream watch.. a watch that i've always wanted since 2 years ago.. he ALMOST got it for me on our 1st few dates but he didn't.. not that he didn't want to, it's coz his credit card was stuck in an atm machine back in thailand while trying to withdraw money.. hence he got not much cash to buy the watch for me.. the watch costed rm6k+ at that time.. so i waited and waited and waited TIL a month ago :)

As we were window shopping, i spotted the watch! i was so happy coz most of the watch shop in m'sia do not sell this watch model anymore.. coz it's an old model by now.. i still love the watch and my bb said i can buy it! hooooray!!

Okay okay.. no more talking but more pictures.. hehehe..

Yup, it's none other than the Baume & Mercier's Vice Versa watch.. now it cost half the price ever since it launched 2 years ago.. good buy, huh? luckily we didn't buy it 2 years back.. hehehe..

Next would be my christmas present.. ever since my bb got his ps3, i've been complaining that there's hardly any girly games on ps3 for me to play.. so at last, i got my own game console now.. it's the nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!~~~ :)

We got it for rm1k+ from the Curve.. it comes with 10 games! no kidding =.= although it's not 10 original games but i'm quite happy with it.. now i can buy games for rm10 each XD oh oh, we bought another set of controller so i can play with my bb.. OR any of my friends who happens to come over ;)

I've already finished 1 game.. my arms are aching playing tennis, boxing, swimming, runnning and etc.. haih.. i need more sexercise *ahem* exercise i mean =.="

Now, i can't wait to see what i'd get for Valentine's Day and my b'day.. hehe.. no worries bb, i'd get you something on your b'day this month as well ;)

Stay tune for more updates folks.. tata for now~


evelynholic said...

=.= .... so the siok... next time i go ur house i go play your wii...

kennhyn said...

wii, is another kind of exercise...haha

Prince said...

Mn.... I'm not sure Wii got dancing pad or not.Try to have it, and you can shake ur hands and legs too hahaha:)