Saturday, January 31, 2009

new things?

Before i unveil my secretive post, i'd like to post some pictures of the things my bb got for me.. not too long ago.. probably about er... a month ago :P

We bought something for our bar when we were in pavilion shopping for my bag.. yeap.. another bag :P ok ok.. a smaller bag.. i'm not into bags but i can't resist the lil 'fella'..

Anyways, this is what we got :-

Moet & Chandon

Did i fool you into thinking that we bought the BIG bottle?? :P~ or er... maybe not =.=

Loukas Radley tote

Now i have a matching bag to go with my lil coin purse >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Besides shopping in malls, i like to shop online too BUT not every often as i'm scared of getting conned.. don't you? =.="

So when i ordered this, i took a chance.. a 50-50 chance..

"Bling H2O comes in a limited edition, corked, 750ml, reuseable frosted glass bottles, exquisitely handcrafted with swarovski crystals"

"Bling H2O is bottled at a source in Dandridge, Tennessee. Our award winning natural spring water has won the gold medal for best tasting at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival. We use a nine step purification process that includes ozone, ultraviolet and micro-filtration." from

I just love it coz it blings :P~ yea, i'm a dumb blonde.. what-ever.. *talk to the hand* anyways, i don't intend to open it up and drink it UNLESS someone can give me a long term supply of it.. hehehe..

Okies, that's all for now.. wait for my-very-exciting post ya? ;)

ps: i know all the pictures above are not new to the readers who are on my facebook as well.. coz you might have seen it all before on fb.. i'd try to post up the new post asap..

Fyi: i've made a wishlist and i'm checking it twice.. my bb has ALMOST fulfilled everything on the list.. hmmm.. should i add more???? hahaha...


Prince said...

The "bling" look so cool for it:) Maybe abit late here, anyway happy cny, will keep up ur's my-very-exciting-post. Cheers.

lovegoddess said... i kenot sleep ^_* what izzit lar.. d hush hush? a very mesmerizing wedding diamond ring ka? or something from d*ldo shop?

nyways, love the Moet :) so cute