Sunday, July 05, 2009

london shopping spree!

As you all know, we just came back from london not too long ago.. the weather was good.. cool and breezy.. the food was so-so.. fish and chips tasted almost the same as the ones we have here.. all i can say is the shopping was GOOD! XD

We went there with a medium luggage trolly bag and a small hand carry bag and came back the same too.. so, yeah i guess i'm NOT a shopaholic :p everywhere was having sales and it was like more than 50% off some of the items..

I ended up with a few things.. hehehe...

3 pair of heels

Rolando 120 crepe satin in grey

Bow T dorcet 100 crepe satin in shocking pink (bought this on our last day in london before we boarded the train to heathrow airport)

My christian louboutin collection (is GROWING!)

Besides the christian louboutin, i got another cheaper pair of heels which is made in brazil from selfridges.. altho it's cheaper than a louboutin but it still cost £85 =.=

Btw, have anyone came across NARS before? it's like MAC or bobbi brown.. it's not on our shores yet so i bought a blusher just for tryout :)

The lipstick and the bronzer aren't mine.. so, evie o evie.. when you wanna take your stuff??

On our 1st day in london, we went to harrods at knightsbridge.. there i bought this for like £2, IF i'm not mistaken :-

And before we left london, i did some last minute shopping at heathrow's duty free shop.. hehehe..

Victoria secret's lip gloss and lip plumper

DKNY perfume (£30)

And oh yea.. not forgetting the blu rays that we bought at HMV

The blu rays are so cheap! damn the taxes in malaysia =.="

Anyway, stay tune for more pictures of our london trip ;)


mizzvickz said...

real pretty shoes! love the pink pair with the bow!

however, i doubt i'd buy 'em for myself because i don't think i'd be able to balance myself in those killer heels. lol

The Mrs Blogs said...

Gorgeous hauls Nic - you really are the Queen of Shoes, hehe :) The NARS and VS cosmetics are soo pwettie - good selection. I have the same DKNY perfume too, love it. Can't wait to see the other pictures.

Nat said...

Ei ei... how much do the blu-ray cost there once converted to MYR?


:: Nicole.F :: said...

vic: russ doubt i'd wear the pink heels BUT i'd proof him wrong :p

cas: nah, i'm not the queen of shoes.. i still haven't have a walk in shoe closet like carrie.. hehehe

nat: multiply by 6, it's still cheaper than here in m'sia

QQAlice said...

OMG Nicole..everytime do u go out with those HEEELLLSSS????? they are nice shoes..i love those design also but i hate those heeelllssss...they could kill me !! actually they did.

Nat said...

So many lovely shoes! Is that walk in closet in the blue print phase already? =P~


sugarpurple said...

Hey, you got yourself the last season shoes! why didnt you get this season shoes since you were in Europe? You guys should have de-toured to Paris which is so close to London!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

qqalice: i don't wear them all the time.. i still prefer my comfy crocs slipper.. hehe..

nat: nah, don't tend to build that.. maybe i'd just convert a section of my wardrobe to put the heels tho :p

sugarpurple: well i don't mind if it's the last season or last year's season shoes as long as i like them :) for me a louboutin is timeless.. i'm looking for a mouche now which they don't make it anymore i think..

as for paris, well we thought about going there BUT at that time we thought of coming back to take our wedding pictures.. it's good also that we didn't make it to paris.. then i have a reason to go to london again when we go to paris :)

~* De' Genz *~ said...

i love dat selfridges. heel ~ OHHHHHHH sooooooo COOOOOOOL !!!!!!

FishNChipsFan said...

Please, please tell me where in KL that serves fish and chips like those in London. I really miss them now that I'm back here.

Val said...

My favourite pair is definitely the pink louboutins! I was contemplating to get a pair recently but went with a pair of Jimmy Choos instead! If only I had seen them first!

Sam Lee said...

don't tell me you bought your blu-ray from speedy @@

1st: way over price, ranging from double to triple from the real price. Get it from Amazon UK or US. Never made a purchase of more than RM500 per package or you will need to pay tax. It usually takes less than 2 weeks to reach your doorstep

2nd: those blu-ray sold in speedy are again, rip off. Some of them are come with lousier audio, as some are only with DTS, not DTS-MA and such :p

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks sam for the info :)

well, we got the blu rays at HMV in london.. it's quite cheap after conversion :)