Saturday, July 04, 2009

ooh la la?

Darn, i hate to admit it but i think... i think daniel henny is GORGEOUS!! he's eurasian just like my bb :) and bb, if you're reading this, well.. you are gorgeous to me too :) *muacks muacks*

Ok, back to daniel henny.. i saw him appearing on 'the duke' show on astro and i was smitten by his good looks and nice body.. aaaahhhhh.... a lil info about him.. AND most importantly.... PICTURES!!

Does he look familiar to you? coz you just watched the movie he was acting in it! which one? the recent one.. no, not the transformer or terminator.. it's x-men origins: wolverine! he portrayed as agent zero..

Anyway, i hope my son will be as good looking as daniel ;)

ps: i'm still editing my pictures.. darn, it's gonna take me ages.. why am i so lazy? oh yea, coz my bb took hundreds of it! =.="


QQAlice said...

i have to admit that he is absolutely gorgeous. I remember i saw him from the korean drama that watched ages ago. "My Name is Kim Sam Soo" something like that.

Nat said...

haha. there's an old saying that, if a pregnant lady looks at beautiful people all the time, the child will also absorb that 'beauty' into his/her look.

So, you haf gotta watch wolverine (Agent zero's scenes) over and over again yea. ahahha.

Make sure not to look at wolvie's scene though, or that's gonna be one hairy baby. ahaha. ;-P


:: Nicole :: said...

nat: ok.. i keep that in mind.. when i'm pregnant, i'd look more on those beautiful ppl's pictures! :)